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A Note from Dawn Daniels who adopted Louie #15 from Labs4Rescue
On February 19, 2015 our home became a happier place because of the addition of Louie #15. We lost our boxer/rottie on 11/22/14 and couldn't stand the emptiness of the house without a pooch. We decided that we wanted to be parents to a different breed and chose a lab due to their general good-naturedness. We spotted Louie #15 on the website and was love at first site. Ann was great and Donnamarie was a fantastic foster mom who kept us in the loop constantly. We have nothing but praises for the organization. Louie was named correctly because he is truly King Louie #15 and we're all his loyal subjects. Kudos to the program--keep up the good work!!!! Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Claire and Brad Hathaway who adopted Maggie #43 (now Nala) from Labs4Rescue
In the early morning of October 24, 2010, the Rescue Roadtrips truck arrived. My husband and I were greeted by a friendly, affectionate little black lab "Maggie 43" who we named Naladhu after the island where we had just been on our honeymoon. Nala had traveled over 1,300 miles from Louisiana to join us in her new home, which was located in New York City. From rural outdoor romping to cramped apartment living, Nala adjusted to her new habitat quickly, letting us know that having her family near is all that she wanted in life. Her daily activities had also changed drastically; she was now the only dog in the family after coming from a foster home with ten other dogs, she was always walked on leash which she found very annoying, there were these peculiar boxes that traveled up and down between floors (the elevator) and she was asked to take bathroom breaks on the concrete sidewalk - that was a big change! No matter what the ask, Nala put her best paw forward and tried her hardest to make us happy. Over the next few months, Nala became more relaxed and in sync with her new routine. She loved having a couch to sit on, a family to scratch her ears and a bowl that never went empty. One morning, after my husband and I took her for a walk in Central Park, Nala ran to the top of the stairs, looked back at us and let out an enormous howl - as if she was saying "thank you for adopting me, you are my family!" Nala has grown into being a fantastic New York City dog. These days, Nala runs the show. Every doorman in the neighborhood knows her by name and has a stash of treats ready for her. She has doggy friends both large and small who she plays with in the park daily and she's convinced that when we have friends over that they are only coming to see her! Labs4Rescue not only saved Nala but gave her to us and for that we're forever thankful. Everyday she brings joy to our lives and smiles to everyone, even strangers on the street. Her smiling personality and extreme doggy happiness speak volumes and remind us to live each moment to the fullest, as she does every day. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Patti Ralph who adopted Coal from Labs4Rescue
We adopted Coal in Dec 2011. We saw him on the site and contacted Jennifer Wright. She was so helpful in telling us how to introduce him to our other dog - Taylor - who we also adopted through Labs. Coal was a bit reticent to go on the leash and scared to go out at night. I started with an Obedience 1 class. He sat behind me for the entire class. Eventually he progressed to sitting next to me, but still faced the wall. By the time he graduated Obedience 2 he was facing the circle. He was quite good in the "nosing" class, but I noticed that he was particularly good with our disabled neighbor, so I decided to take him to the Pet Therapy/Canine Good Citizen class. He is now a fully certified pet therapy dog. We visit a retired Christian Brothers nursing home and participate in a children's reading program. Someone who saw him there contacted me about bringing him to the school district's special needs program. He is still a little reticent around some other dogs, and we will start working with a trainer at the end if this month to see if we can get him more comfortable. There's just so much more he could do! I really have to credit Jennifer Wright for rescuing Coal and giving him a fresh start. He has touched so many peoples lives. The only drawback is that people love him so much he's getting used to all the attention! Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Kate Stout who adopted Cajun from Labs4Rescue
I think our Labs4Rescue canine is a Super Star you should know about. I would like to introduce you to Cajun, a working Ambassador of Joy. Today is the fifth anniversary of Cajun's arrival at her forever home, so a big day for us. She came up from Lafayette, LA, where she was found tied to a tree as a puppy. After she grew up and learned the ropes, she began work as a therapy dog for two regional non-profits in the greater Boston area. She is a pioneer at Emerson Hospital here in Concord, MA, the third dog (and only second handler) invited to visit patients in their rooms, even on their beds! For the last year and a half, she has visited the hospital every week replacing suffering, sadness and worry with snuggles and wags. She also volunteers for another group that sends dogs to visit many different places, and Cajun has done them all - hospice, children in rehab, adults in rehab, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, children in lockdown and special needs classes in various schools. I cannot thank Labs4Rescue enough for the second chance Cajun had at a good life. You should know she makes not just our lives joyful every day but those of countless other people less fortunate than we. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Joy and Jack Dickin who adopted Holden from Labs4Rescue
We adopted "Holden" from Labs4Rescue on Sept. 21, 2013. He has become the light of our lives & has made a wonderful transition into our home. We are most appreciative to all the people who helped to make his journey to us possible. Everyone was so caring & from our initial contact with Labs4Rescue, our phone conversations with his foster mom & with the person who made the home visit we always felt that everyone cared about us & "Holden." We never asked a question that wasn't answered in the most informative way - what a terrific group of people! Thank you to a truly caring, giving & sensitive organization. We believe that "Holden" is as happy with us as we are with him - a great dog - we love him!!!!!!!!!! Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Yong and Kristin Lee who adopted River (now Cooper) from Labs4Rescue
Hi there! We adopted Cooper (formerly known as River) in 2007 and just wanted to keep you up to date on what he's been up to. Cooper has adjusted to his life in New York City very well and has become a true city dog now. Although we have many dogs in our building, he is everyone's (secret) favorite! He still gets plenty of walks and exercise daily and he loves the busy streets full of people and dogs. He has also become a model dog for Milk-bone and you can find a picture of Cooper and me in various magazines and bus stops everywhere. And if you visit now, you will see his big smile on the front page! He's come a long way since being found on the streets of Louisiana all hungry with his ribs showing. Thanks to you guys, he now has a loving home full of family and friends. Oh and he is also weighing in at a healthy 75lbs now :) Thank you guys so much for bringing him into our lives and doing the same for many other dogs and families around the country! Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Matthew Stillman who adopted Lucky #8 from Labs4Rescue
We love our "Lucky!" We looked for our second dog and decided to adopt through Labs4Rescue. We saw him on Petfinder and called the adoption service. We have been in love with him since he walked off the transport. We've since gotten a purebred as another dog (after we lost our first), but we'll have a special place in our for the big ball of "fluff" that we first saw on Petfinder. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Alaina Kimberly who adopted Slater (now Tank) from Labs4Rescue
Since before we were married, my husband has wanted a black lab. We've had two cats for several years and, as far as I was concerned, we never needed a dog. I'll never know why, but I was looking on Petfinder one day and came across a picture of the sweetest little lab face I had ever seen. Up until then, I was a firm believer that every black lab looked the same. There was something about this puppy's eyes that spoke to me, so I emailed Labs4rescue that minute to get more information. It turned out that this little boy had some serious fear issues, but after a lot of deliberation we decided to adopt him. 6 months later and it hasn't been an easy road, but we love our little Tank, and he is our forever pup! He's already gone from hiding in his crate to playing tug of war and wagging his whole back end when we get up in the morning. He still has a long way to go, but we know we can do it together! Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Dianne Beutel who adopted Bella #39 (now Gracie) from Labs4Rescue
Today is July 7, 2013 and it's one year ago today, that I picked up my Gracie, aka Bella from your foster family, Jim Lyons in Connecticut. I saw a bumper sticker on someone's car recently that sums it up totally, "MY RESCUE DOG RESCUED ME." My Gracie makes my day every day! She is the BEST and I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all your hard work for these beautiful animals. My sister also adopted your Cameron, now called "Marty," and they play and walk together and are healthy and happy. We are going to have a little play date for them later, so again, thank you Labs4Rescue. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Mike and Diana Miller who adopted Blackie (now Buddy) from Labs4Rescue
We adopted Buddy in February 2013 and he is amazing. The moment we saw him exit the carrier the connection with him was instant! His eyes were full of love, fear and relief that maybe this time he would have a forever home. I can't express in words the love and devotion he displays each day. He is adjusting well to the cold weather, family members and recently felt comfortable enough to hop on the bed and snuggle with my husband. In the end I believe he rescued "us" and we are forever grateful for the work, Labs4rescue does to provide these beautiful deserving dogs a forever home. THANK YOU so much. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Rory Zengou who adopted Robin Hood (now Loxley) from Labs4Rescue

I was going through my e-mail and came across our e-mails back and forth when I adopted Loxley (AFKA Robin Hood)! I can't believe it's been 5 years, but felt the need to e-mail you. He is the best possible dog in the world and can't be loved anymore than he already is. Our friends that meet him decide to adopt a dog because of him. You can't help but fall in love with him. He goes everywhere with us and is basically our child. I just wanted to send you an update and some pics. Thank you you so much for responding to my e-mail 5 years ago because it was one of the best things that ever happened to us. I remember you guys had lost power and even though you had plenty of e-mails from people trying to adopt him, you opened my e-mail first, meaning it was most likely e-mailed way after other inquiries. Thank you so much for opening that e-mail. It's a match made in heaven. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Karen and Mark Trinkle who adopted Tizzie (now Gracie) from Labs4Rescue
We adopted Gracie when she was a puppy in 2006, just about a year and half old. Tomorrow she will celebrate what we think will be her 8th birthday. She has and continues to be an amazing addition to our family. We just wanted to thank Labs4Rescue, and her foster family that saved her life just over 6 years ago, Kim and Ingrid in Louisiana. Gracie continues to be playful and loving and the only change is a little bit of gray on her face. Gracie enjoys swimming of course, loves to play in the snow, and loves to take jogs with me. She shows show much love and I simply could not imagine our lives without her. Again, thank you for allowing us to share our lives with Gracie. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Gail and Pete Calandro who adopted Vito (now Cody) from Labs4Rescue
We adopted Vito (now named Cody) 1 week ago today, and we wanted to thank everyone for everything you did to help us through the process, especially Deb. It has been 1 week, but feels like we have loved him forever. Cody is a wonderful puppy, very kind and lovable, absolutely great and respectful of our 4 grandchildren and very smart. He has already been "potty" trained, and knows basic commands. I forgot how wonderful it is to come home to a puppy/dog who brings so much unonditional love and companionship to our home. We are truly blessed to have him as part of our family. Thank you so much to everyone who is a part of this wonderful organization! Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Grace Peterson who adopted Hobbes from Labs4Rescue
I would like to thank you very much for a wonderful person who is a part of your agency. I do not know her last name, my apologies, but I would like to thank Deb for all her help with our dog. She has gone above and beyond to make sure we have a happy healthy dog. Deb has taken her own time and explained and taught me many things about a heartworm issue we are having. She has reassured me that everyhting will be ok and is truly an amazing person for doing so. We love our dog and we are so thankful for the outstanding people, specifically Deb, you have at Labs4Rescue. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Bob Spencer who adopted Carson #7 (now Barrington) from Labs4Rescue
Barrington has decided to adopt us, and we are all very happy about it, especially my boys! He is bigger than we envisioned, very strong but gentle with the kids and has proven to be great in the car and on leash (and even at the office for a while yesterday!). What is most exciting is that he seems happy and is adjusting well, so I'm very confident that this match is a terrific fit. Overall my impression of Labs4rescue and the care with which they handled the process is very inspiring and I've already recommended the organization to friends. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Kim Baker who adopted Montana #5 (now Brady) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

Thought you would appreciate a picture of Brady in his new home! He has adjusted quite well and the children adore him! Thanks again for all the love you gave to him. We are trying to live up to his start in the world with you!

Kim, Jay, Ryan and Emily Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Diane Iglesias who adopted Sandy from Labs4Rescue
We adopted our girl Sandy from Labs4rescue about 7 months ago. We just wanted to let you know that we are so blessed to have her in our lives. Sandy is a beautiful dog and we couldn't have asked for a better behaved dog. She is obedient, great with kids and other dogs and was true to her description. Friends who meet her can't believe what a great dog she is. Many folks think that rescue dogs are nothing but problems but I can tell you your group does a tremendous job at help these animals find loving homes. We are still trying to get settled in with the cat but that will work out in time. Thank you for doing the work you all do and for bringing us Sandy. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Marie Kenny who adopted Rowdy from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

You were not kidding when you talked about how sweet he is! He is an absolute bundle of love. Our kids have fallen head over heels for him and he seems to be adjusting really well. The vet wanted me to compliment you on the level of care he received from you. She said they don't often see that when they meet other rescues. He's put on a little more weight and she said he's nice and athletic, but she'd like to see even 1 or 2 more pounds on him. We'll work on that.

He likes walking to the beach with us and has made a few new friends he can wrestle with. I honestly don't know if I've ever met a dog with a better disposition. He is such a sweetie!

Thank you for taking such good care of him! We love him!

Marie Kenny Back to top Back to top.

A Note from The Cataldo's who adopted Blue and Autumn from Labs4Rescue
We want to thank all of Labs4resues volunteers! But most of all want to thank you Ann Hilchey for all of your hard work, compassion, love for the dogs and all your time that you have given to us and many other adopters. Five years ago we found ourselves heartbroken by the loss of our golden and you changed our lives by placing Blue our black Lab with us! At that time, I never dreamed that once again 5 years later we would be blessed with you touching our lives again by placing Autumn our chocolate lab with us this past month. Thank you Ann for allowing us to adopt two wonderful dogs and for being part of all our lives. Blue (10) and Autumn (3) are doing fantastic. Even though it has only been a month since we adopted Autumn it seems like she has been here forever. She even smiles when we take pictures of her. Ann we can't thank you enough!

The Cataldo's Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Mary Cannon who adopted Mason from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

Mason is doing fantastic! We are so happy to have him as a part of our family! He is doing so well with the kitties too! My big orange diabetic cat, who I thought would have the most difficult time (since he is the king of our house) is actually doing the best around Mason! He seems to be enjoying the rual suburbs of hartford. Last night, my husband and I took Mason on his first hike and he loved it! He even decided to get his feet wet in the small river that ran next to our hiking trail! In addition, we have a Lab mix next door and two Goldens that live across the street who he was able to meet last night for a short play date. Last night was a little difficult getting him tucked into bed (he seems to already be so attached to me), but once he settled down he slept for 6 hours without a peep :) This morning my husband had to go into work so we went to a state park 5 minutes from our home and went on a 3 mile hike before the day had a chance to get too hot. He is a great hiking partner! Thanks so much for all of your help throughout the adoption process!

All the best,
Mary and Mason Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Wendy Dubrow who adopted Starsky (now Hudson) from Labs4Rescue

I wanted to send some updates about Hudson...that is what we named him. We live along the Hudson in Manhattan and since we are moving to upstate NY in 2 weeks we figured an ode to our neighborhood would be an appropriate puppy name!

He is the most amazing puppy!! Everyone loves him and he can't get enough of all of the attention. Even as he grows we can't walk more than a block without someone wanting to stop and talk with him. He has lots of dog friends in our building but 2 are his best friends, Lodi an 8 mo. old golden retriever, and Maggie, a 1 year old mixed dog about 70lbs. He LOVES to wrestle with them!! They take turns pinning one another despite Hudson being much smaller.

He enjoys swimming. We took him to Fire Island Beach for the day. He was scared of the waves but enjoyed playing fetch in the sand.

Thank you again for everything. We can't imagine life without Hudson. And we are confident he has a pretty charming life as well.

All my best,
Wendy Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Sarita Pfahl who adopted Schrimp from Labs4Rescue
Dear Jennifer Wright,

I just wanted to let you know how much we love Schrimp!! He is the absolutely best dog we have ever had. We cherish every day with this very special boy. He has gained lots of weight and is really healthy and happy in his home and is very secure in how much my husband and I love him!! We will definitely return to Labs4rescue for another addition to our family in the future! Thank you so much for the great job you guys do helping these animals and especially for Schrimp!

Sarita Pfahl Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Wendy Dubrow who adopted Starsky (now Hudson) from Labs4Rescue
I wanted to write and update you both on how well Hudson, his new name :), is doing!! It took him a day to figure out that NYC sidewalks were "outside" and otherwise has had only 1 accident in the apartment. He has already made a zillion friends and everyone adores him!! Our building is a very dog friendly building and he has 2 best friends in particular, Lodi - a 6 mo. old golden retrieved and Maggie - a 1 year old Sheppard/Rottweiler mix. They love playing and wresting around together.

Some of the neighborhood dog walkers we've chatted with suspect that he is a black lab border collie mix. We are looking forward to see what he looks like as he grows. Yesterday we took him to Dan's parents house on LI for Fathers Day. They have a swimming pool so Dan took him in the pool. He initially held him and his tail, then just his tail, and then he was swimming!! He got out of the pool and within a minute jumped right in and swam back to the steps. I don't think he fully realized what he was getting himself into with that jump as he was reluctant to go in the rest of the day but we carried him in to make sure he got used to the water.

He is just the sweetest dog! Everyone is surprised how calm he is for a puppy, us included. He has already lost 5 teeth. When we took him to the vet a week ago they said everything looks good!

Needless to say, we are completely in love with him! Our entire schedule revolves around him so he has a pretty fabulous life!! Now is truly the perfect time for us to have a puppy since we are both not working.

I just wanted to share how well he has adjusted to his new life! Thank you again for everything.

Wendy Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Ellen Saccoia-Smith, a Labs4Rescue supporter
To all the members, workers, and volunteers at Labs4rescue,

It is my pleasure to support your wonderful program and efforts to save these beautiful creatures through the CFC. I am a lab lover and feel passionately about giving them a chance to bring happiness and love to another family. Thank God for people and organizations like yours who help us achieve our goals, even if all we can do is simply donate. You all do the real work - I wish I could do more.

Keep up the excellent work and I will continue to support you through the CFC. God bless you all.

Ellen Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Eileen Bridge who adopted Chloe from Labs4Rescue
Hi, We adopted Chloe about five years ago. She's a beautiful light chocolate Lab mix, and we're pretty sure she's part Chesapeake. She has been doing wonderfully. She has a sister Lab named Sheba who we adopted when some folks were giving her up, and after a little initial scrutiny by Sheba, they have become buddies. Sheba is older so it's very clear who is boss. Chloe is the snuggliest labs ever and takes naps with everyone in the family, including our now 13 year old girl and 8 year old girl. Just wanted to let everyone know how well it worked out over the years. Chloe was a bit energetic at first because she was only eight months, but she was soooo happy to have a real family, and in much less than a year we did not even need a crate. We love her. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Joni and Brad Skinner who adopted Abby #30 (now Winona) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

I just wanted to say thank you for placing Abby (aka Winona) with us! It was just one week ago that we learned we were her chosen family and we spent last week getting ready for her arrival with much anticipation.

We picked her up yesterday and Greg told us that we were going to love her because she is sweetheart! You were both right...she is a love! She is doing really well so far and it is clear that her foster care was great for her because she is sitting nicely, walking on a leash beautifully and catching on quickly with lots of positive reinforcement!

Our friends and family can't wait to meet her but we are going to take it slow so as to not overwhelm her! She was the cutest puppy on the bike path yesterday (everyone said so) and is currently napping in her crate with the door open (got to love it)! :)

I thought you might like to see a couple of photos but mostly wanted to be sure that you know how grateful we are to you, everyone you work with and for the difference you are making for so many dogs and families!

Joni and Brad Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Mary Beth Ditoro who adopted Romeo #6 (now Sal) from Labs4Rescue
It is hard to believe it has only been a year since we picked Sal up in Newport. It feels like he has been with us forever. He is a love. He really likes to snuggle and hug. I think he is trying to make up for the first two years of his life when he was on the run. All the kids love him and he is so great with them. He weighs 65 pounds which the Vet says should be the max for him.

I love the newsletter we get from Labs4Rescue. And I saw the 2011 calendar and will definitely buy it. I always get a black lab calendar at the mall. I'd rather give the money to Labs4Rescue.

Our best to you. Please know we feel so grateful to you for taking such good care of Sal until we were ready to bring a new dog into our lives. He is definitely the right dog for us and I believe we are the right people for him.

Mary Beth Ditoro Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Nancy de Gruchy who adopted Judy #5 (now Layla) from Labs4Rescue
We adopted Judy #5 (now Layla) 3 months ago in July 2010. Our yellow male lab, Jimi,is smitten with her. The day we adopted her, she walked into the house and was so comfortable as if she were saying "Hi ,I'm home." The 2 labs are basically the same age and are inseparable. Thanks for giving us a beautiful well behaved new member of our family. We adore her. What a perfect match for all involved. Can't say enough good things about your wonderful organization to all who ask where we got such a sweet pup. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Tara Scagnoli who adopted Flint from Labs4Rescue
Thank you. I am glad that he got to do some playing at your house before the transport! What a journey he has been on! He is unbelievable! I could go on for a long time about how everything has happened and about how well-adjusted he is...but from the moment he came off of the truck (greeted us with LOVE and jubilation) we loved him. He settled in so quickly and naturally here at home! Initially I had him on a leash around the house, and we had blocked off a couple of rooms. But the leash in the house didn't last long because he just sort of found his place and new bed and that was that! His manners are impeccable! He has been amazing with the girls (5 and 21 months). He is so affectionate and we love his kisses, lap-sitting and tail whipping!

I cannot thank you and all involved in rescue/transport for all of the work that you do. It is so difficult to imagine that this beautiful friend and family member would have been tossed away had it not been for your good deeds. Thanks again and please keep up your most needed and good work.

Tara Scagnoli Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Joan Mullen who adopted Beans (now Daisy) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

I wanted to give you an update on Beans, since she has been with me for a week. I renamed her Daisy. She is a love and very calm. I know that may change as she settles in, but it seems to be her personality. I will send some pictures. At this point, she walks towards me when I sit on the floor to take her picture. (She is still working on the stay command.) Thank you again for saving Daisy's life and sending her to me. What you and the other volunteers at Labs4rescue do is incredible. I have already recommended your group to a coworker who is looking for a lab.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
Joan Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Trudy Phillips who adopted Dharma from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri: It has been awhile, but I wanted to let you know how Dharma is doing. She is the happiest dog I have met. She is very calm and reserved until it is time to play and boy can she run - I tease that she is a gray hound and not a lab. I have attached a few pictures. I want to thank you for all your help to get her, while you were in the middle of a storm and did not even know what you would be coming home to at the time. It will be 2 years this September that Dharma arrived at her new home and we have enjoyed every second with her. Thank you for doing such great work for the Labs and I wish you all the best... I will again send you pictures so that you may still be a part of Dharma's history, because without you she would not have a history... thank you, thank you, thank you. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Kate Kennedy who adopted Nilla (now Annie) from Labs4Rescue

Nilla (now called Annie) is doing fantastic!!! We can't believe how great she is doing with us. Whoever was taking care of her before must have been doing a wonderful job, giving her lots of love, because it really shows in her great disposition. She is playful, but not nippy at all. My two daughters are getting along good with her, she has really made us all happy and we are so grateful to have her. I took her to the vet yesterday for her first check, and she is doing fine health wise. Now we are working on a little refresher house training and leash walking, and she is picking up the training really good. I never expected she would be doing so good, so fast, I thought we would have a longer adjustment period, but I guess she is happy to be home. Thank you and all at Labs4Rescue for getting us this awesome and beautiful dog.

Kate Kennedy Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Carolyn Williams who adopted Sammie #7 (now Sulley) from Labs4Rescue
I adopted Sammie #7 (now Sulley) a couple of weeks ago. His Labs4rescue foster mom was Glenda Campbell and I can't begin to tell you how wonderful she was/is to work with. It is clear that Sulley had been well-loved for the short time Glenda had him. She continues to advise me whenever I need assistance, smoothing Sulley's transition to our family even further. She is a wonderful representative of what your organization stands for. On behalf of Sulley and his human family, thank you Glenda and Labs4Rescue for the good work that you do. Thanks, Glenda, for being Sulley's hero! Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Mary Ellen Price who adopted Bentley #9 from Labs4Rescue
Dear Labs4Rescue,

On April 5, 2010 we will have our black lab Bentley for two years. On April 2nd, he will be three or four years old.

In Oct of 2007 we had to make a very hard decision to put down our Lab Tyler. By March of 2008 we decided to get another, we found Labs4rescue on the computer and started picking different pics of labs. We fell in love with Bentley # 9 and proceeded with the adoption. I picked him up April 5th. He was extremely active at first but with some patience we were able to train him.H e is the best puppy anyone can ask for not to mention how handsome he is.

If anyone is thinking of adopting, just have a little patience with these dogs and they will become your best friend. I must say Bentley got very lucky with his new home, he has three acres to run and fetch his balls and most of all we love him very much.

Mary Ellen Price from New Jersey Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Linda Stabile who adopted Janet #3 (now Bella) from Labs4Rescue
I would just like to say the process of adopting my 5 year old lab was stressful, but worth every minute. I adopted "Bella" and picked her up on February 5th from the transport. She is heaven sent! After the passing of my lab, last May, I didn't think I would find another wonderful lab, but here she is! I would just like to extend my sincere appreciation to all of the volunteers that work at the Labs4Rescue. Bella was a heartworm positive girl that was cared for and nursed back to health. She was dropped off to a shelter by a breeder, and probably did not have such a great beginning, but she is a princess now! Her foster mom did a terrific job and may she be blessed for all she does! I think it is great that the websites are updated and helping these dogs find homes.

Heartfelt thanks for our new baby....Linda from Long Island Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Eric Kelley who adopted Lou Anne (now Sugar) from Labs4Rescue
We adopted a lab 5 years ago. She came to us as Lou Anne but after the continual and spontaneous greeting, "She is so sweet." (which continues to this day) we named her Sugar. Sugar has several acres of private property and her own beach to roam on the northern coast of Maine. A good friend of ours says that when he dies he wants to come back as Sugar. When I think about her start in life it still brings tears to my eyes. We knew we could give (Lou Anne) Sugar a new life but the new life she has given us is by far a blessing beyond compare.

Thanks for your good work,
Eric Kelley Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Keith Guinta who adopted Java #5 from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

Just a quick note to say hello, and thank you once again for our gorgeous little Java. She had her first year check-up and the vet said, and I quote, "I wish every dog came into my office this healthy and in shape." I'm a runner, and little did we know how perfectly matched Java would be for our family! She LOVES when I bring her on one of my runs. Granted, she thinks she is on a hunt for squirrels - but she is running nonetheless. She has been pure joy for our family. Sweet, affectionate, playful - if she has a flaw, it's that she is too friendly, if that is even possible. Thank you and we continue to point people to your website.

Keith Back to top Back to top.

A Note from the Glidden Family who adopted CoCo #5 from Labs4Rescue

We just wanted to say "Thank you" for arranging transport for CoCo. She is SUCH a sweetie and a welcome new addition to our family. CoCo and our 2 boys have been wearing each other out! They are awesome together! Thanks again, for all your help in getting our girl to us. She has breathed new life into our household. There is never a dull moment!:O)

Thanks again!

The Glidden Family
Tracy, Jeff, Jawuan and Justice Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Tony Vigliotti who adopted Cherokee #4 from Labs4Rescue
Hello Keri,

Cherokee is doing fine and is I think, very happy with his new home. He has gained 10 lbs since I got him and the vet says that he is a very healthy boy. He is also very handsome and sweet and is loved by all in my (and his) life. I should have named him Shadow as he never leaves my side. He gets very upset when I leave work on errands and the people here say that he runs from door to door looking for me to return. When I do, he goes crazy with excitement. The vet says I have to ignore him when he does that but that is so very hard to do. He plays very well with his brothers at work and is exhausted in the evening because of the activity during the day. He takes me for a walk every evening as well.

He is a pleasure and I love him. This weekend he goes with me up our mountain home in Ashland, N.Y. That is a special place for him and me. He is very good company for me and he loves the outdoors. There he can run free and he is learning to be a dog after all. That is something that he didn't know how to do till he was allowed to be one.

Thanks ever so much for arranging this adoption. You are an angel and will certainly go to heaven. You have made Cherokee and I very happy.

Tony Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Barbara Nurenberg who adopted Gulliver from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

I decided to send you one more update about a dog you probably never got to see: Gulliver, out of his shell.

After a month's worth of love and security in his new home, he is both more relaxed and more energetic. The confused, if not frightened look, is largely gone. He panted for the first time yesterday, as if allowing himself to relax his jaws. He sleeps, at times, more stretched out, less huddled in an almost a fetal position. The best is when he goes in the backyard--as he does several times a day--literally leaping and frolicking as he runs around our sizable wooded fenced-in yard, chasing a squirrel, sniffing the ground, doing his ":business.": He is an absolute delight to watch.

A couple of days I left him at ":Pet Camp,": when I had to go to Manhattan. They send dogs home each day with a report card. They said what a sweet dog Gulliver is. He adapted well, following around the counselor (of course) but also wrestling with a sheepdog Monster and playing with a rottweiler mix, Eli. He also has made friends with neighborhood dogs on his daily walks.

Bottom line: he is very happy and he has given us more joy than we could have ever imagined, after the loss of our beloved dog Beau last year. Know that all of this would not have been possible without your help.

All the best,
Barbara, Jeffry and Gulliver Nurenberg Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Alison Noyce who adopted Jonesie from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

I just wanted to tell you that Jonesie is a LOVE!! We are all thrilled, he has been here less than 24 hours and it as though he has always been ours. He is perfect. Thank you!!!

Alison Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Lori McDonald who adopted Sally #14 (now Chelsea) from Labs4Rescue
Cathy, I wanted to write this to you so you could understand how greatly appreciated Labs4rescue is. This was such a wonderful experience for my husband and myself. My husband has been stating for over 8 years how much he has always wanted a yellow lab. I listened to him discuss this over and over again. I attempted to get him to look at puppies last year at a PETCO event that was over an hour away from our house. When we got there, we waited for over 6 hours outside in the cold to view the puppies they had left. All the ones my husband was interested in had been adopted by the time we were able to view anything. Then again, my husband takes quite awhile to make up his mind on something. To no avail, we went home empty handed. My husband then decided it really wasn't the right time to adopt. Well, this Christmas, we had our family over and he again started to discuss how much he wanted a yellow lab. I went on line and told him I was going to look. I attempted to look at the Humane Society here in CT first but they had nothing. There was a link to the side that said Petfinders. I clicked on that and lo and behold, I had many options for looking.

When I saw all the puppies/dogs for yellow labs under Labs4rescue, I was just amazed and decided I needed to find one that would fit our household. I will be honest, Chelsea was my third choice. Sue, who is absolutely wonderful, called me within 10 minutes of submitting my application on line. Shocked me with that!!! She said she could tell me out of the five I had chosen, two were definitely taken, one being my first choice. She talked to me in length and advised me Chelsea (Sally) was available. It was almost as if she new Chelsea would be the best fit for me. I asked her how this worked and she explained. Sue also advised me that I could meet Chelsea as she was going up to the adoption event in CT. I spoke to my husband and we decided we would go to see her. My husband was very reluctant about this whole thing thinking you cannot pick a dog from the Internet as it just doesn't work that way. I knew I had my hands full with trying to get him to understand the process. He still didn't think this was truly going to happen.

Chelsea sounded like everything I wanted and knew my husband would want. By the way, the video is what sold me on her!! I think that is an excellent way to show people the interactions of these dogs.

Sue advised me that I needed a home visit set up and that I should contact my vet and advise my vet of someone calling them to check on information about my cat. Sue set up the home visit within a few days of my phone call to her. Shana came out to my house to do the home visit. She is also wonderful!! I'm not sure how each person finds the time and energy to put into what they do as I am exhausted just listening to everything. Shana came out and went through the house. Met my cat (who is scared of everything). My cat really loved Shana though! Shana advised us that the transport stops in Rocky Hill. My husband and I looked at each other and decided that we would be better off "looking" (my husband didn't know I already made up my mind) at Chelsea in Rocky Hill. Now I was very excited as that meant within 3 days, we would have our beloved Chelsea!!! My husband was excited as well.

My husband and I went on Thursday to get all the things we needed for the puppy!! He bought the crate, food, snacks, leash, toys, etc. On our way home from the store, my husband said, can we look at the pictures again and video when we get home. I of course agreed. When we got home, my husband looked at the pictures and started to panic a little. He was trying to give excuses why we needed to be careful when we saw her as she might not fit (which I knew he would do but also knew if he just saw her, he would melt). Friday, all I could talk about was getting everything ready for Chelsea. My husband helped get the house organized as well. We wanted to make sure everything was just so.

It was now the big day! Saturday!! My son called and said he wanted to come with us. Everyone was excited. My husband was still a little concerned. We were pulling into the parking lot and saw the truck. I started to cry. My husband was getting nervous as he knew it was a done deal. My son was very excited. Shana was there. She explained how this worked and put us in line. We gave the leash to Greg. Waited for the door to open.............. and there she was!!!! Everything we thought she would be and more!!! My husband melted just as I knew he would. My son fell in love with her. And Chelsea, was just happy to have people to love her.

We brought her home and just couldn't stop petting her and loving her. My husband wants to take her to work with him as he doesn't want to spend time away from her. She is just the perfect puppy for our family!!!

I can't thank Labs4rescue enough for filling that space in our hearts and home with such a precious little baby to love and take care of. She is definitely in her FOREVER HOME!!!

Please keep up the great work as it has made a huge difference in our lives. Everyone who helps should be recognized for the support and love that you provide in finding the perfect homes for this animals. Thank you! Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Alicia Whitehead who adopted Sable #5 from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

I just wanted to update you on Sable's progress. She has been doing really well being with us and we've found a nice groove. She's comfortable in the house and we've had people stop by to keep up her socialization. She has been more confident and loves to shower our friends with kisses! We took her to our vet last week and she passed with flying colors! He said we have a really good dog and we feel that way too! Sable has been very gentle with our daughter, and because Sable is small, she isn't dangerous when she gets frisky! She's learning to play with a ball and a Frisbee and we both enjoy our early morning and afternoon walks. Sable did pull a bit on the leash but does much better with a small pinch collar. Right now she's relaxing on the couch wih Eric and her Kong. Sable does really well in her kennel and hasn't had an accident in the house to date. We've been giving her a little more freedom to walk around the house but we do need to watch her. We continue to work on her puppy manners! She has learned to let us go out the door first, to sit before eating and will sit when we give her a treat. Sable also had her first playdate over the weekend. She was submissive at first, but then played really nicely with her friend Bella. So, I just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work and I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

Alicia W. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Susan Oleanik who adopted Bonnie #11 from Labs4Rescue
I want to thank you for everything you have done for my family. After losing our previous lab to heart disease we didn't think we would be able to have another dog. Our previous lab, Bonnie, was the sweetest dog ever. We have 4 children, and we also live with my father-in-law. And Bonnie loved all of us so much, with all her heart. Unfortunately she had a heart condition which couldn't be cured but we tried to control it with medication. She also had a thyroid condition which was controlled with medication. But her heart muscle was too big for her chest. We told the kids that it was because she loved us so much that her heart was so big. She passed peacefully in her sleep, which was the only comfort we had at the time. We were all crushed, devastated when she was gone. It was extremely painful for the children. She was truly a member of the family, she was our family; we weren't the same without her. It took us a long time to even consider having another dog, we just couldn't bring ourselves to do it. And its not like we weren't busy, with 4 kids and an elderly person in the house. Also we have 3 sick cats: one (almost 16 years old) with kidney failure and anemia, the second (also almost 16) with kidney failure, anemia and diabetes, and the third (3 years old) has FLUTD; so its not like we weren't busy, but its not the same. So, once we are finally ready we looked online, fell in love with one of the labs up for adoption (Zack), filled out the application, contacted Jennifer Wright, and he was already spoken for. Although we were happy for the family who got him, in a small way it was like losing Bonnie all over again. We finally found the place in our heart to open up for a new dog, and he was taken from us again. So Jennifer tried really hard to find us another lab but nothing worked out. So, determined not to go through this again, my husband and I spent hours and hours late one night, looking at the labs available online, and came up with a list of 4-5 labs that we would want to adopt. I sent emails to all the adoption coordinators, and Keri Toth was the first to respond regarding Bonnie. Bonnie was a chocolate lab, and we have always wanted a chocolate lab. And we thought the fact that she had the same name as our previous lab, was a sign that we needed to adopt this dog! Bonnie seemed perfect, she was 2-3 years old, housebroken, in need of a family but we were still so nervous about going through this process again and losing her. We explained our situation to Keri and she was extremely helpful in helping us to adopt Bonnie. Everyone was very helpful, the foster mom Kate was great in explaining everything about Bonnie and answering all of our questions. And Giovanna, who did the home visit, was also extremely flexible about fitting us in, meanwhile she works full time and has her own children to worry about. Everyone was amazing. So now, the big day, we are on our way to pick up our new Bonnie! Kate (foster mom) calls to confirm the exact meeting spot (at a dog park in upstate NY). As we pull up, my husband says "Wow she is beautiful!" We meet Kate in person and she is just as wonderful in person as through her emails. Kate says goodbye to Bonnie, she is crying, I am crying, it was a very emotional but amazing moment. We get Bonnie into the car, after about 5 minutes she sits on my lap (all 65 pounds of her) and that was that. True love! The trip home was very easy, Bonnie was great in the car. Then we finally get home and we show Bonnie her new forever home and she is very excited! We have a big house and over an acre of property and my husband showed her the whole thing, including where to go to the bathroom, which she has done perfectly since that first day. Then my husband brought Bonnie into the house where she met Allison, who is 21. Bonnie and Allison bonded immediately. Within 30 minutes, Allison taught Bonnie to sit! Next Caitlin (14) came home from school and Bonnie went right to her, to greet her! Then Bonnie met Matt (20) and they hit it off right away. Lastly, Carolyn, 13, came home from school and Bonnie went right to her and Carolyn pet her as if she has known her for years. It couldn't have been more perfect. It was like the missing puzzle piece of our family is now in place. Bonnie is very loving and cuddly and she very quickly cuddled her way into all of our hearts. She loves us and we love her.

We can't thank you enough for what you have done for our family. We forgot what a great feeling it is to have a dog in the house. We are finally able to open that place in our hearts that was closed for so long. Your organization is doing a wonderful thing for the dogs and for the people who adopt them. Several of our friends are now also looking to adopt a dog from your organization. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Colleen Bonde who adopted Carly from Labs4Rescue
Carly is doing great! She has really settled in nicely. The first few days she seemed sad and kept going around looking for her people, which was heartbreaking. She has since attached herself to Allen and follows him everywhere! The kids adore her; she is very gentle, kind and well behaved. She is supposed to sleep in our family room on the sofa but usually comes to find the kids during the nite. One nite she came into our room and insisted that Allen go downstairs with her. As it was 2:00 AM he was not enthusiastic! She was very persistent however; Allen then discovered that the smoke alarm was beeping on the lower level because of a low battery. Carly would not settle down until the battery was replaced! She is the perfect dog for our family at this point in our lives. She goes on walks with the kids and is old enough to get completely tuckered out after them! No crazy puppy stage. Please let her previous owners know that we are taking good care of her . They did a great job with her, its easy to see she was well-trained and very loved.

Happy Holidays
Colleen Bonde Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Melissa Manikas who adopted Melissa Manikas from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

Mandy is WONDERFUL!!! We had a great ride home. She slept alot with the kids. She is wound up now and playing with Dixie our yellow lab from Labs4rescue. She is truly a love! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Melissa Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Leah Dow who adopted Griff from Labs4Rescue

Griff is not the dog we brought home. I was not sure when he got here. I knew he was staying when he kissed Soph the second night till she stopped crying, but the dog we have now is AWESOME! He is amazing and I tell everyone: get a rescue dog. It is an amazing feeling. Even his attitude has changed. I thought after a few months he felt happy here, but this past month, he has just changed. He truly is now happy. He doesn't remember his old name at all. He is a total part of the family. We let him be, but HE has now let himself be one too. So if anyone ever doubts that their dog isn't truly happy with them, tell them it totally can change and gets much better!!

He LOVES to play ball now. Not only does he run to get it, but he knows how to retireve, bring it back and drop it at your feet. I did not teach him this. He can play for over twenty minutes. But still, remember he could only walk out there once before!! TWENTY MINUTES!!!!

I honestly believe he had two previous families. He is so well trained to heal, sit, and retrieve. I just can't imagine someone training him so well and then letting him get so unhealthy. I truly am grateful that you had him come here. He is our baby, our confidant, Soph's friend, Emma's buddy, and truly now Griffen Wilfork Dow. (Yes, don't laugh, all our babies have middle names). And by the way, you were right. Color doesn't matter. I wanted the quintessential yellow lab, a sunny buddy. Instead, I got something better. My muddy buddy, happy baby, "follow you around cause I love you momma" best friend. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Diane and Keith Remaly who adopted Dallas from Labs4Rescue
I can't tell you how happy we are to have him as part of our family. He's funny, he listens fairly well, and he loves people. He likes to annoy Sadie which we are happy about because it's extremely entertaining.

He is such a good dog, I can't even begin where to start. I am sorry we haven't written sooner as we have been busy with friends and family coming by to see him. We had him to our Vet and he is in great shape. He is such a little sweetie. He likes to just sit by us and get petted. He walks pretty good on a leash for neighborhood walks. He and Sadie are quickly becoming best buds. One will walk by the other and nudge the other one and then we are off to the races. They go outside and play and romp around and wrestle like a couple of kids. They also enjoy playing tug with the Tuff Toys. Dallas will end up getting either the Tuff Toy or Sadie's Frisbee from her and then he plays keep away from her and she chases him and they do this for like 5-10 mins at a time. They are usually exhausted after that and need to come in and lay down for awhile. I put his blanky on the LL Bean Dog Bed we have for him and when we all go to bed, he goes right on the bed and lays down. Maddie doesn't really play with him or Sadie for that matter. She is 12 years old and would rather stand by and watch the two of them wrestle and run and play chase. He is starting to learn the routine. When we are outside and we come in everyone sits nicely for a milkbone. We also are working with him on sitting for a few seconds before he gets fed. We got one of those Slow Down Feeder Bowls and that makes him slow down while he is eating. We have a bunch of pix and even a short video of him playing keep away with Sadie running across the pool cover. Its very funny. The file may may be too big to send all together so maybe she will send a few different ones. We are absolutely glad that we did this and we hope he likes his home, because with all the stuff he has been through in his short life so far, we hope he knows he has found his Forever Family and he doesn't have to worry about moving ever again!!

Thanks again for all you have done,

Keith & Diane Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Mike McCambridge who adopted Deuce from Labs4Rescue
Hello everyone and welcome to Autumn,

Here's a quick update on Deuce. Well it's been almost 10 months since Deuce moved from Louisiana to Pennsylvania and he's doing VERY well. Still some problems with nearby cars, but it seems to be getting better. He still can't seem to figure out which other dogs he likes or dislikes. The neighbor across the street rescued a beautiful white husky and Deuce would just love to tear him to pieces, but with other dogs it seems to be hit and miss. I had it at the kennel a couple of weeks ago while I was out of town and I had them give him a bath and warned them of his aggressiveness towards some other dogs and they asked me what I was talking about when I picked him up as he was fine with all other dogs that he came into contact with. Go figure. He's fine on the leash, although a little wild for the first half mile or so when we head out to the State Forrest which we do every day that it's not raining. He owns every bed and couch in the house. I had three of my friends over to the house over the weekend and here's their comment "You have a really great dog, that is all we talked about on the way back. He is so nice and loveable." So as you can tell Deuce is doing very well. I just want to thank everyone at Labs4Rescue for your GREAT efforts.

Thanks again and keep up the GREAT work.

Deuce & Mike McCambridge Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Kathleen Hanlon who adopted Rosie from Labs4Rescue
I have adopted the MOST wonderful dog ever. I picked up Rosie #15 (now Rosie Hanlon) this past Sat. in NH. I was so impressed with the transport company. She is the BEST DOG EVER! I have experience with adopting a rescue as my golden Brody was adopted in Colorado. Rosie the the perfect dog. Smart (although we're working on potty). She's already in our routine, she goes to work with me every day. Goes RIGHT into her crate. She's amazing, wonderful, I adore her, she's everything I hoped for and more. Combo of golden and labbie (she's got that lab energy). Thank you so much for letting me bring her into my life. I'm totally in love, she'll be with me till we're both old and grey. I have told all my friends and customers about Labs4Rescue and what a wonderful org. it is. I'll be happy to be a spokesperson for it. I hope many of my friends will also bring a forever friend into their home. Thank you! We all love you and are sooooooo happy.

Kathleen, Brody, & Rosie Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Frank and Andrea LaMond who adopted Brooks #2 (now Kota) from Labs4Rescue

We adopted a yellow lab renamed Kota. Previously we had lost our beloved 100 lbs. & gentle yellow lab Woody who was almost 16. The emptiness after loosing Wood was so difficult. When we decided it was time to bring a new companion into our home, we choose to adopt and went online and found a yellow lab (Brooks #2), who had been rescued from a Tennessee shelter by Labs4rescue and sent to a foster home in Philadelphia. At the shelter Kota was running out of time and had been known as an escape artist. A tough past had left him with many nicks and scrapes, along with trauma that on his left front leg caused him to loose his inside toe, incisor and had a badly broken leg that gratefully someone in his past treated and saved his life. When we met Kota he was very underweight, seemed so lost, was very finicky with food, never retrieved or played with toys, never wagged his tail, walked without any spirit, had chronic ear infections and was extremely skittish and unsure of everything.

As time and support went by, he began to feel secure and loved and his appetite rebounded and today he has gained 30 lbs. and is fit. After many hours of direction, he currently plays with toys and retrieves with such enthusiasm. Kota now is one of the happiest and most laid back labby's we have ever seen and his face shows his joy when going for rides in our SUV, taking long walks along the beach (he carries his head & swinging tail high and he walks without any noticeable effect from his injured leg) and he lopes with such spirit. This special boy is now so calm and peaceful at home, seeing him curled up beside one of us sleeping peacefully is a special sight. Kota is friendly with other dogs he comes in contact with and gently greats all children and people he meets. Kota was our first rescue and it has been beyond rewarding to see his spirit and happy gentle ways revealed in him, in addition to the fulfillment he has brought to us.

We have continued to thank everyone who helped bring him into ours lives. Thanks,
Frank & Andrea Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Linda Mason who adopted Savannah (now Abby) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri-

Its been just over two weeks since we adopted Savannah from Labs4Rescue and we can't thank you enough for bringing her into our lives. We now call her Abby and she really is taking to her new home- and taken to living a life of leisure- quite well!

Our older lab, Bella, is turning out to be a great "big sister" and taught Abby how to go up and down the stairs when our encouragement was not enough. We joke that Abby is Bella's "annoying little sister" that is always bugging her to play, play, play- even when she would much rather take a nap. In addition to Bella, Abby is really starting to bond with each of us. She does seem to be "mommy's girl" however and tends to follow me around from room to room- something I must admit, I love. She also seems to think that she is a 50 lb. lap dog and isn't satisfied to sit next to me, but wants to be on my lap to snuggle.

This little girl that we have adopted is such a love bug- she was happy from the moment she arrived. Over the past few weeks, we have seen a change in her from just being happy for attention, to being happy for being with us- actually forming a bond with us in her new home. She loves her evening belly rubs, loves to give kisses anytime, and is really doing well on learning her commands, etc. We have had a few potty accidents, but we consider that a learning process and they are happening less and less frequently.

Thank you so much for your help in bringing Abby to us. We can't say enough good things about the work Labs4Rescue does and the value in saving a life that is so worthwhile. Every time I look into Abby's eyes I feel so lucky to have her, and it breaks my heart to think that there are so many others that are in need of, and deserve, a home and a happy life.

Thanks again, we love our new addition and are so grateful for her!
Linda Mason Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Debra MacLean who adopted Shadow #26 (now Bella) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Everyone!

I just want to share that Bella is transitioning beautifully! We just love her! I think she missed her foster sister, Maya a lot the first day (not to mention her foster parents and brothers!!) :) but I think she is growing fond of her new family! She follows my daughter or I everywhere! She is such a calm, sweet, gentle and loving girl! We have not heard her bark once yet! (Despite the unbehaved dogs in the neighborhood who bark at us when we are walking! :))

She is great with the kitties. She just looks, but not a hint of prey drive there! She will simply look and smell. The kitties are still assessing so they tend to come out for short visits!

Bella is proving to be wonderful for Matthew as well! Matthew was having a difficult time yesterday afternoon and began to have a meltdown. Bella was with me, heard Matthew and we walked out together to see him in the living room (his provider was with him) and immediately Bella went to Matthew and laid down beside him on the floor. He stopped immediately and began to pet her, sat up and just talked with her and pet her. Bella remained with him until he was calm. She undoubtedly has the makings of a phenomenal therapy and reading assistance dog!

Bella is such a smart girl! I have been working with her with her training lead on "come" and "sit." Although I have Brian and Elisa to thank for her awesome start! She knows sit and the sign for sit very, very well and is mastering stay. She is so eager to please.

We have registered as volunteers at Labs4Rescue and Karina and I are looking forward to helping at the October 3 event in Windsor Locks and showing off Bella at the booth!

We are so happy to have Bella! Thank you all who helped us to find and integrate such a loving, essential member of our family!

Debbie MacLean Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Jennifer Biro who adopted Samson from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

Well we picked him up today. What an experience getting a dog off a truck. It's amazing to see everyone so anxious to get their dogs and finally meeting them. What a doll Samson is. He got off the truck and went right into the bushes. LOL! He was either hot or frightened or both. He's bigger than our current dog and was kind of all over the place, knocking my 3 year old over. Luckily she was laughing. We took him right to the pet store to fit a collar on him (for the leash) and he was a dream in there....just walked with us, sat down, looked at the other animals. We got him home and he's so wonderful. We gave him a bath right away too. He sat on our pool deck with us. He's just so good and so quiet. We haven't heard him bark once, even though our dog (Chelsea) has been all over him. She's a little upset....sometimes she smells him, other times she lunges at him. Although we just took a good hour walk with both of them and she was fine having him at her side. So I think it's more territorial right now....she wants him to know it's her house and that's that. The funny thing is, he's so easygoing, I think he can care less. He just wants to be with us right now. He goes right into his crate too. He's just a love. I will keep you posted on how things are going with Chelsea and our cats with him but as far as he goes, right now he's WONDERFUL!!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!!

Jen and family Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Lisa Hume who rescued Slick for Labs4Rescue

If Melissa had not included Slick's name in those pictures, I never would have known it was the same dog (except for those beautiful brown eyes). I picked up a broken, malnourished, shell of a black labbie boy from a shelter the day he was to be killed. We gave him vet care and brought him from 47 lbs. to 60 lbs. But we never saw his spirit. We never were able to bring out his zest for living. You not only brought him back physically, but emotionally, and you gave him back his life. He is now the beautiful pround black beauty I always knew he had lurking deep inside, just below the surface. Thanks to your love, nurturing, kindness, and will to see the dog he could be. Slick has become that labbie boy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I may have saved him from death, but you truly rescued him because you brought him to life. I thank you again because I am sure if Slick could tell you himself he would. He would thank you for all the love and devotion you gave to him. He would thank you for making him whole again and giving him the life he so deserved. And now, thanks to you, he has.

Lisa Hume Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Louise W. Dasaro who adopted Tyrone (now Miles) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Teresa,

Tyrone is doing beautifully. Such a beautiful, sweet kind thing. He is still tempted to chase some of the cats, but stops on a dime if I ask him to. He is still gaining weight - almost 75 pounds now.

He has really settled in and is confident and calm. I have to tell you, Joe renamed him "Miles" from Day One. He felt that "Tyrone" didn't suit him. Joe's therapist is Miles AND the Cat Stevens song Miles from Nowhere? Joe thought was like a name - a person Miles from Nowhere - and since there is no history... When the kids tried the name out, he responded IMMEDIATELY to Miles and not to Tyrone - from the first afternoon at Diane's.

Anyway - a few nights ago, in the middle of the night, someone tried to get in my back door. Geno barked first - deep bellowing warning bark, but can't get up quickly because of his bad leg. Miles (Tyrone) flew over Geno and got to the back door first barking like you can't believe - teeth bared, earsback. Geno reached the door next and the two of them were snarling barking etc. Sure enough, there were marks on the door.

Sweet little pup turned into a ferocious wonderful protector! wow. Then he was proud as anything...he was kissing Geno afterwards - that puppy kiss? There is an empty house next door, so police think maybe people were trying for that house.

Hope all is well. Take care.
Louise Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Dale Miller who adopted Scout from Labs4Rescue
Hi Lori,

Yesterday was the one-month anniversary of the day we brought Scout home. I was thinking about how much has happened in that month.

Scout has been to Obedience School and now walks beautifully on the leash, responds perfectly to his name. He is great with COME, SIT, DOWN, STAY, WAIT and FETCH, along with many "brain games!" and we still have one more class to go. He picked a spot in our living area at home so we put his bed there. He must be very comfortable there as he always goes to it unless he is right by our side. His manners are great and he is so affectionate! All of our friends and family think he is the best.

Scout's favorite toys include the 2 stuffed animals and all of his old bones. He loves rubber things, however he chews them up so we cannot let him have them for longer than a minute at a time! He chewed the red Kong so I got a black one and that one just took longer. We use the rubber things just for a quick fetch, hahaha.

Doug and I have a routine worked out for walks and play before and after work. The dog walker comes mid-day. We alternate between the woods and going around the neighborhood or sometimes into our little town. In the woods, we sniff and explore. But on the sidewalks we meet lots of people jogging or walking their dogs so it is more social. And the Doggie Day Care is the best! Scout will be going every Wednesday, forever - it is Shangri-la for dogs. I will never have to worry that he doesn't get to play with other nice dogs and run free until he is totally tired out in soft, clean grass. I love the photos she sends me of all the dogs running and chasing at full speed with the wind blowing their ears back and tongues wagging.

Things have continued to go well with the cat. She still stays upstairs but is fine when we bring the dog up, too. In fact, Scout slept up there for 3 nights that Doug was out of town. The cat was on the bed with me and Scout was on the rug at the foot of the bed. We were cozy!

Scout seems to be a very happy dog in Massachusetts. But the real reason I'm writing is to tell you how much he has added to our lives! I can't imagine our home without Scout anymore. He is the best little companion I could ever imagine - and here is a secret that will probably make you smile... During the past week, I've been noticing that Scout has been following me around, even when Doug is home!! He is crazy for Doug but Oh, hahah this time I think a dog is finally bonding to me!!!!

We will always be grateful to you for bringing this wonderful dog into our lives. The great thing is that we know you are continuing to do the same thing for other dogs and their people. You are definitely an angel.

Dale Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Kathleen Maloney who adopted Mamaw (now Emma) from Labs4Rescue
I am writing this from the bottom of my heart. Emma, formerly known as Mamaw...has been a gift from above. I am in love. Thank you so much for trusting me with her. We have been to the park, beach and she comes with me to my monthly book club group where the ladies give her all the carrots she can eat. She is a love magnet. She is always by my side...when I garden, while I read and knit and she will even tolerate Jane Austen movies. We walk morning and night, and she has fallen into my daily routine. I could not have asked for a better friend if I sat up all night designing one.

I am happy to report that she has lost some weight and she is looking like a happy lab more and more each day. I am so grateful to you both. As well as to the Vet that saved her life so that she in turn could save mine.

She is a queen now. She sleeps on a memory foam bed during the day and with me at night. She eats organic chow, treats and takes supplements for her hips. She is happy to get in my Miata, loves it when I put the top down and keeps her nose up for all the wonderful smells. She is an old soul and although she cannot hear, she seems to sense when I need her and comes right over and puts her head in my lap.

I thank God for all of you and the work that you do. Never for a moment think that what you do does not matter. As a breast cancer survivor, I was hovering the rim of depression and darkness. Emma has brought light back to my life, I am forever grateful.

Please pass this note on to the Doctor that chose to save her and let her know that that decision had a significant ripple effect.

Thank you all,
Kathleen Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Rock and Dot Mollica who adopted Noah (now Biskit) from Labs4Rescue
We found Biskit through Labs4rescue, with the help of Ann H., Carolyn, Nichole, Debbie, Keri and Wendy, among others. They worked to find a companion who would suit our pace and lifestyle. Taught us more about the pack mentality and what these dogs need from us. I just wanted to say that Biskit has become calm, steady, he is obedient and the most loving and loyal companion you could ask for. He still loves to run and roughhouse, but hasn't tried to leap our 4' fence lately. He seems to know this is his home. We can't thank Labs4rescue enough for what you do for us and these wonderful dogs. Biskit (Noah) sends his love.

Rock and Dot Mollica Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Lynn and Jordan Johnson who adopted Lily #13 from Labs4Rescue

I wanted to send you some pictures of Lily #13 and tell you a little about her and how she is doing. My husband and I adopted her December of 2008, the week before Christmas. Lily was the first one off the transport truck When she got off everyone gasped at how thin and sick she looked. I actually cried.

The truck driver gave her to me and told me I better get her a sandwich on the way home. Lily had puppies, had heart worm and had surgery (spayed), in her short 2 year life. Probably more than we will ever know, coming from Louisianna.

In a matter of weeks she came around and started gaining weight and came out of her shell. I cannot tell you how well behaved she has been, Lily is a joy. Every where I take her she gets complements on how beautiful she is. Lily is totally happy and so loved. Look at her now!!!

Lynn and Jordan Johnson
Connecticut Back to top Back to top.

A Note from David and Shelley Chordas who adopted April #10 from Labs4Rescue
Hey Shana, Pat and April,

Just writing to say thank you for your help at the adoption event last Saturday in Avon. We had the home inspection Monday evening and we received April on Tuesday morning. So far she is awesome and the kids love her. I also want to say that I think Labs4rescue is a class act and I would highly recommend this organization to anyone thinking of adopting a dog. Thanks again for your help my family and I really appreciate it. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Kim Zeno who adopted Stagg from Labs4Rescue
Hello! We just adopted Stagg last week, and we are totally in love! I want to thank everyone so very much for all of the time and energy all of you put forth into what you do - your compassion for the labs and utter dedication are clearly evident. A special thank you to Cindy Bangert, our contact, who guided us through the process from beginning to end - she really kept in touch with me often and answered my many questions quickly and reassuringly. As for Stagg, although its only been a week, we've all settled into a new routine, and now he seems to anticipate certain parts of his day, e.g. our early morning walks, going to pick up the kids from school, etc. He and I have also already formed a bond - he truly belongs here with us. We went today to the Dog Day Festival in Avon, CT, and I couldn't say enough about Labs4rescue!! Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Ashley Buck and Jamie Hurley who adopted Tish (now Bailey) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

I just wanted to send a note of thanks for all of the work you did for us. We adopted Bailey. We love her so much and we couldn't be happier. She is a great match for our new little family. She loves going on walks and playing outside with us. She just discovered herself in the mirror and it is quite funny. We are so glad to have her and are very grateful for the hard work of you and your organization!

Ashley Buck and Jamie Hurley Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Ethan and Kerry Heftman who adopted Frasier from Labs4Rescue
Dear Labs4Rescue,

It's been almost nine months since Frasier joined our family and I wanted to send an update on how he's doing. Frasier has settled in very nicely and seems to really enjoy living in Fairfield, CT. We certainly enjoy having him with us. His days typically start around 6 a.m. when he wakes myself or my wife Kerry by sticking his nose under the blanket of our bed and poking one of us. We then head downstairs to find his leash for our morning walk or run. When he first arrived he'd go tearing around the house looking for the leash and then explode out the front door when we opened it. After much work he's learned to sit semi-patiently until his leash is attached and the door is opened. We're also making good progress on his leash skills. When Frasier first arrived he would pull nonstop during walks. He now walks with at least a little slack most of the time. The only exception is when he spots a squirrel, bird, deer, wild turkey, or any other living thing. His ears perk up and then BAM, off to the races! Fortunately, he's learned the sit command well enough that we can put him into it in order to calm him down. He's also become quite the accomplished jogger. Kerry ran the Philadelphia Marathon and Frasier accompanied her on training runs up to 3 miles. He's quite the showboat for the first mile, setting the pace and looking back to figure out why she can't keep up. The second mile finds him slowing his pace to match hers while in the third mile Frasier tends to lag behind and pay the price for his burst of speed at the start!

After his morning walk or run comes breakfast. He's developed quite a taste for yogurt mixed with his food. If he's a good boy and performs a sit and high five routine we developed, he even gets to lick the spoon. His after breakfast routine generally involves playing with his toys or lounging while Kerry and I get ready for work.

Once we leave we're pretty sure he spends most of his morning on the living room couch. He's not allowed to sit there when we're home, but he thinks he's a smooth operator by jumping up when we're gone. He's too much of a dope to realize we know his secret, because his shedding and a habit of leaving toys behind gives him away. Around noon his dog walker stops by. They spend an hour together and get along great. She takes him for a 45 minute walk and then plays 15 minutes of fetch with him in the backyard. He's terrific at the fetch and return aspect of the game, but doesn't quite understand the need to drop it. He plays a modified version that more closely resembles tug. Once the dog walker leaves it's back to the couch for a few hours until Kerry comes home from work.

That's when his day really kicks into high gear. The two of them will hit the backyard for some more fetch or go on a long walk. Then it's back inside for some playtime. Frasier is a genius at keeping himself amused. He has a number of favorite activities including... throwing his squeak toy into the air with his mouth in order to play catch with himself... hiding pigs ear treats under the sofas and then forgetting where he put them... wearing his NY Giants football jersey on game days... napping in a spot under the dining room table to soak up the sun that comes through the window... racing Kerry and I up and down the stairs (he's the only one who thinks it's a race)... and many more.

Once the evening rolls around Frasier eats dinner and starts to calm down. He'll lay on the dog bed in the family room as Kerry and I watch TV and he's generally asleep by 8 or 9pm. Later on, when it's time for us to hit the hay, he always follows us to the bedroom. If there's one thing Frasier can't stand, it's being in a room by himself when people are somewhere else in the house. So he moves from the family room to his dog bed in our room. Other than his snoring we don't hear a peep out of him until he's poking his nose under the covers the next morning.

In addition to his life at home, Frasier gets out and about a good deal. He completed an 8 week basic obedience course last winter at the high school in our town. We like to think he earned the title of "most improved dog"! At the beginning he was jokingly called a nuisance by the trainer for his constant barking and roughhousing with the other dogs. By the end of the course he'd mastered his sit and his lay commands while also learning to be more polite with other dogs. Now that the weather is warm, Frasier has discovered his love of boats. He came fishing with me over Memorial Day and contributed by barking at and licking every fish we caught.

So, that's a quick rundown of Frasier's new life. We're extremely appreciative of what you did for Frasier and love having him in our family. We hope you view his new life with us as a small reward for your efforts.

Ethan & Kerry Heftman Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Shannon StClair who adopted Lupi (now Chance) from Labs4Rescue
Hello Labs4rescue,

We adopted Chance about a month ago and wanted to send an update. First of all I can't believe that we have only had him a month, it seems like he has been with us much longer. He is doing FABULOUS!! He is such a sweet boy and enjoys his family and yard so much. He is so happy playing outside that it makes me smile everyday. He is getting ready to graduate from basic obedience and has done wonderfully. He is very smart and eager to please. He can be a little rough with the kids, but we are working on that and he has improved alot. I lost my yellow lab (13 1/2 yrs old) back in March and had such a hole in my heart that Chancie has helped to fill. He reminds me of my Abby in many ways but is also very different, which is nice. I also wanted to say that Ann was very helpful, the first couple of days that we had Chance were a little rough as he was quite anxious and had alot of pent up energy. It had been many years since I experienced that puppy energy and behavior and Ann's encouragement and advice helped tremendously! Thank you so much for the wonderful work you all do for these precious dogs, I would recommend your organization to anyone wanting a dog!

Shannon StClair and family Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Charlotte Betancourt who adopted Ava from Labs4Rescue
Hi Melissa,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Ava now that I have had her for a year. She is a wonderful dog. We are all having so much fun with her, and I feel so lucky to have her. She and my old lab have bonded very well and really do look after each other. She walks well on the leash, loves to play with other dogs and does come fairly promptly when called. She is very affectionate and happy. Her latest activity is trying to catch the frogs in our pond. Her only 2 issues are that she regularly gets car sick and she does jump on people when she is excited. We are making some progress on the latter.

I hope all is well with you and Labs4Rescue. Thanks again for finding me such a special dog.

Charlotte Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Matt and Amanda Trautmann who adopted Cena from Labs4Rescue
I cannot say enough good about Cena. She is sooo well behaved and a good girl. OMG!!! I cannot believe someone let her go. Someone has really spent some time in training her. She almost acts as if I trained her myself. We arrived right on time. She was happy to see us and go with us. She has shown very little signs of trauma. She has taken to us as if she already knew us. She has already made friends with the neighbors dogs outback. She has been no trouble at all. NOTHING!!!! I mean this dog has been angelic!!!! She follows myself or my daughter around the house. She is making herself right at home in a good way. She is simply AMAZING!!!! She is obedient and listens to my daughter as well. Thank you so much to all of you and for making us a great family. And thank you to Labs4rescue, what a wonderful job!!!!

Matt and Amanda Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Art Beekman who adopted Hershey and Selina from Labs4Rescue

I'm writing to commend you on the website itself and the timely fashion in which the site is updated. Thanks to your diligence in keeping the site up to date and current, I was able to be the first to submit my adoption application for both my labs, Hershey from 04.08 and Selina from 04.09.

When I'm in search of a Labs4Rescue dog, I routinely spend quite a bit of time on the site looking for the "perfect" lab. Ok, I'll be honest and call it an "obsession" spending several hours a day knowing that new labs can be and usually are posted at any time. This was the case with both on my adoptions. The information about my labs was so up to date that I was able to be the first adopter on the list and as a result, successfully adopted both labs.

Thanks for all that you and the other volunteers do at Labs4rescue. Please keep up the good work.

Artie Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Ashley and Eric Blasberg who adopted Julius from Labs4Rescue
We wanted to thank everyone at Labs4rescue for their kindness. We received Julius last weekend and he is the most wonderful yellow lab. We feel so blessed and love him to pieces. Labs4rescue is an amazing organization.

Sincerely, Ashley & Eric Blasberg, Stamford, CT Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Marc and Laura Massaro who adopted Olive (now Havers) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

Laura & I wanted to give you another update on Olive (now Havers). She is such a great dog, we don't know how somebody could have given her up. She is so smart and well behaved. She's great on walks and loves her days at camp Bow Wow. We go to the nearby dog parks every weekend and Havers loves meeting new dogs and playing with them. She's about halfway through her obedience class and she's doing very well! It is hard to imagine our life before having her. We could not be happier, she is a joy. Thanks again so much,

Marc & Laura Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Jamison and Denise Skala who adopted Marlowe from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

While Marlowe continues to be pretty subdued when he's in the house, I guess that's all part of the ongoing process of him getting used to the fact that everything ours if his too. He loves his new backyard and walks very well on his leash around the neighborhood. We may trying exercising with him (Denise runs and I skate) with him this weekend now that we know he is good on the leash. He and Ethan are fast becoming "best buds." Ethan wakes up every mornig and asks if he can go into the living room to say good morning to Marlowe. Why just this morning as I was getting ready for work, I walked into the LR and Ethan looked like he was kneeling/laying face down on Marlowe. When I asked him what he was doing (since we have rules for what he can and can't do to the dog, and leaning on or laying on Marlowe is not allowed right now, he looked up at me and said, "just snuggling with Marlowe for a second," and got back on to his feet. It just melts your heart.

Also....Marlowe seems to be "house broken;" he hasn't had a single accident (day or night). Marlowe slept in his crate for the first week, and after that, we, well I, decided to let him sleep on his doggy bed in the living room. His crate is set up so he can go in whever he wants but he seems to have claimed the living room a his own. He also ventured into Ethan's room recently so we can tell he's getting more and more comfortable in the house. Regarding chewing, there's none to speak of. When he's inside he uses his chew toys, and when he's outside he finds sticks, logs, and other things that its OK for him to have while he's outside.

He does very well in the bath (and I can tell he is going to love walks to the bay at the local park) and loves to have his belly rubbed!

Thanks again for everything; we couldn't be happier!

Our very best,
The Skala Family Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Larane Coffino who adopted Reagan (now Madison) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Debra,

You probably don't remember me, as I know you are very busy with all the rescue lab adoptions, but I wanted to let you know that Madison is doing just great in the almost 6 months that we have had her. We have trimmed her down from 94 lbs. to 82 lbs. and our vet said that she is about ideal weight now. We could not ask for a more loving, sweet dog. She follows me everywhere, adores my husband, and sleeps with us every night. I would highly recommend Labs4Rescue to anyone; the descriptions of the dogs are accurate, and the adoption process was very smooth. I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Madison.

Larane Coffino Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Sarah Wolff who adopted Hank #14 (now Porter) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Melissa,

I just wanted to drop an email and let you know that Porter is doing well! He is adjusting to life her in New Jersey. His new favorite thing is to take a walk to the pond and swim! The first time he was a little nervous about it, now we can not get him out of the water! He is a wonderful dog and so happy to be in is forever home!

On Tuesday, I took him for his follow up visit to the vet's. She was very happy with him and how healthy he was looking! He is now up to 83 pounds compared to the 71 pounds the first time we went in! Carly and I have noticed him being startled when people come to him on the left side and tends to bump in to things on that side. I brought it up with the vet and she looked at his eye and it was not reacting to light. She thought it could be glaucoma, a detached retina or cataracts. She referred us to the only animal eye doctor in New Jersey. Dr. Ringle. We went today and it turns out that he is blind in his left eye. The doctor thought it was do to trama or infection. His optical neve is dead in the eye. There is nothing to be done and it will not effect his right eye (thank goodness) The doctor thinks that the damange was done a long time ago and he had adjusted to his vision loss just fine. It is just funny that I work for the NJ Comission for the Blind and Porter happends to be blind! Now maybe they will let me bring him to work!!!

Other then that, he is enjoying life. We went on our first real hike on Sunday and he had a blast! We are contunting to expose him to different people and places, and he is just a happy dog! Thank you again for your help in bring hime her. He truely is the dog that I have alwasy wanted!! Please let me know if their is anything I can do for Labs4resuce! I tell everyone that it is where he came from! Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Sarah McGuire who adopted Drake #12 from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

Just wanted to let you know we picked Drake up yesterday from his wonderful foster family and he is settling in. He's just so wonderful - he enjoys the kids, he is great on his walks, he's calm, and just a pleasure to be with. I work from home and he has spent the majority of this morning within 6 inches of my feet - I have to get up carefully to avoid rolling over a foot or an ear! :)

Thanks so much - we feel like we've hit the jackpot!
Sarah Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Denise and Jim Turek who adopted Roxie from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

I just wanted to give you an update . . . We ABSOLUTELY Love Roxie!! She has proven herself to be the perfect doggie. She is an affectionate, obedient and lovely girl. Kinda feel bad about whomever abandoned her, but so happy that we have her now! You and the other Labs4rescue folks are very dedicated and passionate about saving these doggies and we thank you.

Denise, Bonnie & Jim Turek Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Tom Garceau who adopted Lady from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

It's just been a little over two weeks now since Lady arrived here to her new forever home in New Hampshire, and I have to tell you that she has been such a charm, and a wonderful addition to my family. Again, thanks for all of your help.

Tom Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Steve Povilonis who adopted Corine from Labs4Rescue
I just wanted to give all of you all thanks for all that you do for these dogs. I am just so happy to have Corine, I've loved dogs my whole life, but have never had the chance to have one for my own, and I never imagined that it would be this great...all I have to do is look at her and her tail wags and we both feel so happy! When I think of what her situation must of been like before you rescued her I must say, I get a little emotional. She was pretty apprehensive towards me in the beginning, but we have since become best friends. I just wanted to say thank you so much for what you are doing. Corine really is a true treasure!

Thank you again!
Steve Povilonis Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Marc and Laura Massaro who adopted Olive from Labs4Rescue

We wanted to let you know that we are doing great with Olive and she is adjusting very well to our family. She's a perfect fit! This week we have learned to sit, stay, give a paw and drop it. She is also doing very well with house training. I will send you some pictures soon> We just got a new camera so I haven't down loaded them yet. Thanks again so much!

Marc & Laura Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Finbarr and Diane O'Connor who adopted Riley from Labs4Rescue

We are so happy to have Riley. She is the most loving animal and seems so happy. She loves sleeping on her large pillow bed. She also loves just being with us. She places her head on our lap the minute we sit down. She also love to run around in our yard with our dog Buddy. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are so happy to have Riley. We already love her so much.

Finbarr, Diane, Liam and Ciara O'Connor Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Patti and Frank White who adopted Ute from Labs4Rescue
I commend all of the parties involved in Ute's adoption. It was a very easy adoption and Ute was exactly as described and is WONDERFUL! We LOVE HIM! People in Labs4Rescue could not have been more helpful nor more kind. Thank you for making 2 "geezers" very happy!

Patti and Frank White Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Anita Sutterlin who adopted Marley #10 from Labs4Rescue
My Lab4rescue experience could not have been better. The entire process turned out perfectly and I cuuld not be happier. Everyone was pleasant and very supportive. I am very lucky and grateful to have Marley #10 and I want everyone involved how pleased and thankful I am to have a new best friend. I must tell you how overwhelmed I am by your efficiency and kindness. This adoption process was a great experience!!!!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Anita Sutterlin Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Sally Zito who adopted Baily (now Candy) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

Hope all is well with you. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that Baily, now known as Candy, is the most wonderful, loving little girl. We are crazy about her. She seems to be happy here. In fact, I go out in the yard with her and let her run around, it's about an acre all fenced in, and she will come running back to me with the happiest look on her face and a million kisses like she's saying thank you for giving me a home.

Thank you too so much for letting us have her. She is just the best!

Sally Zito Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Franki and James Ellis who adopted Sobe (now Griffin) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Deb,

All is good. He's great and learning fast. Training is wonderful. In March, he will be listening to 8 year olds read as part of the library program for troubled readers. He passed his test with flying colors. I'm so proud of him! He is also going to be a blood donor for other k-9. We have been working very hard. He stills wants to play keep away, but I finally got him to fetch and bring the ball back to me. He is great on the lead, we get compliments all the time. People ask me, if I'm a trainer. I just tell them, he's a great student!!!

Thanks. talk to you soon,
Franki, Jimmy & Griffin (woof) Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Patti and Tom Hare who adopted Nitzie (now Oliver) from Labs4Rescue
We adopted Oliver (formerly Nitzie) on Memorial Day weekend 2008, and we can't thank L4R enough for bringing him into our family. Our hearts and home were empty, after losing our 13 yr-old chocolate lab 6 months before, and we couldn't imagine another dog ever filling the void. But Oliver has done just that, bringing us more happiness, love and laughter than we thought possible. The fact that he also loves people of all ages and other dogs is just icing on the cake (which he also loves!). Oliver and our family are a perfect fit! Thanks again. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from JoAnn Baldwin who adopted Marlie Quinn (now Maggie) from Labs4Rescue
Dear Sheila,

We can't thank you enough for all your assistance in linking us with our dear "Maggie." She has been the best Valentine ever! I can't say enough about all our L4R contacts across the board, and we feel blessed to welcome this special new girl into the family.

Best regards,
JoAnn Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Susan and David Gleeson who adopted Callie (now Charlie) from Labs4Rescue

My family can not thank-you enough for bringing Callie (now Charlie) into our life. She has only been with us 48 hours and she is a beautiful well-behaved little lady. She is enjoying a lot of love and attention from all of us. Charlie has been introduced to her family, including 2 cats and 2 horses. She is doing well with all of her new brothers and sisters. We were so impressed with this whole experience of adopting through this agency and were also overwhelmed at the emotions that flowed when we picked up our new companion. We will remain grateful to Labs4rescue and to Kerry and Kelly for giving us such a gift!! Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Betsy and Jim Stoddard who adopted Delilah from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

Our sweet Delilah has been with us two weeks now and you can't have her back! Jim and I love her!! She is so, so sweet, lovable, and well-behaved. She loves our long afternoon walks in the park, playing fetch, and even romping in the snow. Everyone we know, knows about our Delilah and Labs4Rescue. We just can't thank you enough for all your help in leading us to Delilah. I still look on the website and read about all the others that need homes. Thank you for your work.

Betsy & Jim Stoddard Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Carolyn Coffin who adopted Tonka #3 from Labs4Rescue
Thanks, Keri! Tonka is settling in very well. We adore him. He is perfect for us. The kids are so happy to have a puppy who is trustworthy and trusting of them.

Poor Tonka arrived in the bitter cold last weekend, and then it snowed about 11 inches on Sunday. He has taken to the snow quite well! He loves playing with Molly, and she is (mostly) happy to have a friend.

You and your family did an awesome job of socializing Tonka. Thanks so much for rescuing him, and entrusting him to us.

Carolyn Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Mary Barney who adopted Holly from Labs4Rescue
Hi Carol,

Holly is happy and at home with us. We love her and I think she knows it! I am very happy and would never hesitate to call you again to adopt again!

Mary Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Emily Swindelles who adopted Tucker from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

I wanted to let you know Tucker is doing great! What an awesome dog!! He seems to be adjusting well and has really come out of his shell the last few days. We took him to the dog park and he had a blast playing with all the dogs. I brought him into the physical therapy office today and he was fabulous. He was very friendly with everyone but still calm as to not intimidate. You were right...he has mastered the puppy eyes!! Everyone loves him and he has been such a great addition to our family. I wanted to thank you and Greg and everyone that has helped Tucker along the way. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Emily and Tucker! Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Donna Wade who adopted Moose (now Jake) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Erin,

I adopted Moose (we call him Jake) last year. I thought you would like to hear how well he is doing. He is the darling at my job-he goes to the nursing home everyday. When he sees me dressing for work, he runs to the door to wait. He has a large group of residents and staff members who look forward to seeing him everyday. He has no hesitation about approaching people in wheelchairs or wearing braces, etc. He is a great advertisement for Labs4rescue because I am asked at least daily where I got him.

In the past year he has come into his own-he is very smart, he knows hand commands and was trained with the underground fence so he has about an acre to roam freely. He patrols the yard every morning, chases the squirrels and bunnies, walks around the house with his squeaky ball, and in the past month he has become very vocal with us-he talks and howls. Between his weight loss, daily exercise with his buddy Maggie and Glucosamine he has increased his strength and endurance.

We are so lucky to have him and love him very much.
Donna Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Keith Guinta who adopted Java from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

We picked up Java this morning and the whole experience far exceeded our expectations! Java is absolutely beautiful, and like you said, a real sweet heart. She's already had a lifetime of love in the few hours we've had her. I can't believe how you all work together to give new life to these vulnerable pups and adults.

So thank you for everything!!

A very joyful Guinta family Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Kaitlyn Renker who adopted Sweetie Pie #4 from Labs4Rescue
I would just like to take the opportunity to thank you on behalf on my boyfiend as well as myself. We adopted a 6 month old Black lab from you only a couple of days ago and let me tell you . . We're in love . . with the dog :OP She has been a blessing for us and a had brought us a tremendous amount of happiness in the past couple of days and we look forward to MANY MANY years with her. I'll spread the word about LABS4RESCUE, you adopt a dog, and get a friend for life. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Tarryn Brandl who adopted Cherokee #3 (now Bailey) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

I just had to send you another update on Bailey (FKA Cherokee #3)... Sean and I are so grateful every single day that we decided to keep her. I couldndt be more proud to be a foster failure :)

She is such a smart dog and learning more and more everyday. She's crazy at times and so sweet and loveable the rest of the time. She always has to be near us, likes to sleep under the covers in between the two of us when we let her in the bed. She does so many really neat tricks and plays wiffle ball with Sean (no joke she has this little stance she does while she waits for the ball its hillarious). We just recently bought a bubble machine and I have never seen a dog go more crazy in my entire life when we turn it off she cries!! Her and Miller are inseperable and when they are not playing they are sleeping.

Tarryn Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Emily Bagdonis who adopted Betty from Labs4Rescue
I just wanted to let you know how seriously grateful I am for all that you do. I adopted my black lab, Betty, back in May and she changed my life. She's the happiest, silliest, most "excited to see you" dog that I have ever seen and lights up my life like you wouldn't believe. :) Thank you so much for all that you do, and allowing me to be so blessed.

Take care!
Emily Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Rory Zengou who adopted Robin Hood from Labs4Rescue
He is the most perfect dog in the world!!! Such a sweetie and a little cuddle bug. I love love love him. He sleeps cuddled in right next to me:) He's my little baby! Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Rachael Lynch who adopted Lenny (now Cody) from Labs4Rescue
Hey Labs4Rescue Family!!

Just wanted to let you all know that Cody is doing great. He is an amazing dog who just loves to be loved. He can totally be a puppy one minute then content to sleep at your feet the next! We are just so happy with him. I look at him at times and think to myself, "I can't believe we actually have a dog!" Even our vet has said that we truly lucked out with him. He is just so wonderful. We are dealing with an occasional accident in the house and an issue with bone aggression with our next door neighbor's dog, but we're working on training and know that these issues will be cleared up in time. Considering his background he is so well behaved!!

So we just wanted to say thank you to everyone who took care of him. He was meant to come to you guys so that he would eventually make his way to us and our hearts. He sure is our boy!!

Rachael Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Cindy Kazzi who adopted Big Buster (now George) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Ann,

It's hard to believe that Big Buster (now George) has been with us for two weeks already. He is adjusting well, he follows everything his yellow lab sister Gracie does. No accidents since his second day here:) He is growing new fur, but is still a little itchy. We all love him and I think he is starting to think of us as his forever family. It's funny how that happens when you first see the dog you like him but you are strangers and a little nervous, both the dog and you. Then all of a sudden one day you realize you love him and he is a part of your family and he loves all of you. Thanks for that opportunity.

Cindy, Rick, Sara, David, Mike and our animal family, George, Gracie, Jerry, Penny, and Scribbles. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from John Kynes who adopted Denver #6 (now Guinness) from Labs4Rescue
Hello Keri - we just picked up Denver #6 (now called Guinness) this morning. He is an AMAZING dog! It is obvious that he got a tremendous amount of love and care while you provided foster care for him. He has a great temperment, and is very comfortable around other dogs and our son. We know that our son has met a lifelong friend, as have we. We feel blessed to have him as part of our family, and wanted to let you know just how much we appreciate all that you have done for him. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts... Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Mary Scheerer who adopted Jake from Labs4Rescue
This is a story about a Louisiana dog named Jake who found his way into our life from Labs4Rescue. He didn't have papers, in fact we don't even know what kind of dog he was and some of the guesses were pretty amusing. Thanks to a vet in Louisiana Jake was spared euthanasia and instead handed over to the ASPCA and soon after that Labs4Rescue came along.

I received an email with a photo of Jake that said "There's not a bad thing to say about this dog." I took a gamble and that turned out to be true, Ha Ha. Although we didn't know his age, he certainly lived a very full 25 months while we had him, chasing cats, guinea hens, getting into the garbage and doing all the "good dog" things that playful dogs tend to do. In that time he gained some weight, went from hobbling to trail running in the woods, and managed to find his place among our Catahoula Leopard dog and Black Labrador. Not only did he find his place with the other dogs, but he always claimed the front seat as his, which often meant Shari or me riding in the back all the way from Vermont.. He wasn't your typical "adoptable" dog - as he came with his ailments, but a good vet spared him and fate had it, he added a great deal to our home.

I am running in the Vermont 50-Miler on Sept. 28 on my 50th birthday in memory of Jake who died of cancer in January. By collecting pledges I hope to raise resources for the Animal Rescue Fund and Labs4Rescue to help them continue the good work of saving animals such as Jake. These organizations make it possible for a vet like the one in Louisiana to make the decision to give Jake a second chance. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Jyl Pruss who adopted Anna from Labs4Rescue

We picked up Anna on Saturday! We were so excited and pleased to have her. Cody (our black lab mix) is not sure yet, but they are playing a little tug together now and then... Anna is eating well and sleeping well. Anna has been treated to two warm showers with her new Daddy. The road dust washed away, and she is very healthy and shiny.

Our vet, Dr. Kim Reynolds had a terrific meet and greet with Anna this morning. Anna was perfect and sweet through out. Dr. Kim was pleased at how well prepared Anna was before her transport. Labs4rescue did a great job!

Thank you for all of your time and effort to help us adopt Anna. You helped to make it really special for us.

Thank you for all your help,
Jyl, Thaddeus, Cody & especially Annabelle Pruss Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Jenny Lavin-Lee who adopted Mollie from Labs4Rescue
Hi Melissa,

Just wanted to let you know how well Mollie is doing. She is an absolute sweetie. She is just the most fantastic dog and we couldn't have a dog with a better personality than her! She seems very happy and very well adjusted. She has been going for lots of walks and we took her to dog beach on the Long Island Sound near us and she played beautifully with the other dogs and went swimming! She is sweet as can be with everyone, happy to play or happy to snuggle. The whole family just loves her and we feel so lucky to have her! We took her to the vet today and she is doing great. Thanks for helping us adopt her!

All the best-
Jenny Lavin-Lee Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Chrissie Sirbono who adopted Hammer from Labs4Rescue
What a great job you did with Hammer - he is such a pleasure - sleeping thru the night, crate trained, housebroken - just a dream! Thank you for doing so well by him.

Best regards,
The Sirbonos Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Tom D'Angelo who adopted Cabbage Patch (now Lola) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

I just wanted to email you to say thank you. The entire experience with Labs4Rescue was wonderful. I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive adopting a dog online but we are so glad we did. Cabbage Patch aka Lola is a great puppy and is taking to her new family wonderfully. She is a beautiful and happy little girl, and it shows that she was in excellent foster care before we adopted her. If there is ever any reference that I could give please contact me. My family and I are very pleased and impressed with your organization, keep up the great work!!! Once again many many thanks to you and to all that make Labs4Rescue the great service that it is.

Tom D'Angelo :) Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Josina Demers who adopted Violet, a special needs Lab, from Labs4Rescue
Violet has VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect), a hole in the heart where blood is forced backward into the right ventricle. She was on medication that we were told would cost $60 per month. Through our local vet it cost $18.00. She needs an echo-cardiogram once a year. She just had one in April. She is stable. We know that in her situation the hole will not close. She is in a very happy environment. We have a 2 year old chocolate lab that she gets along great with. Looking at this beautiful girl you would never know she has a heart condition. She plays and runs and makes us laugh everyday. It is amazing what a bit of TLC can do. She is thriving and growing strong. She will let us know if she is tired. She loves the dog park and runs like the wind. She loves her daily walks and her play time. We were told that she could have heart failure and that her life expectancy is 6 years or so. We just take one day at a time and make her life as happy as possible. She knows that she is loved and loves you right back. I bet she will live a lot longer than what they say. We were a bit nervous at first, but I feel we saved her life. She has a beautiful heart. She is worth it and then some. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Phyllis Sloane who adopted Smokey (now Willie) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

Phyllis here, just thought I'd send an update on Willie (FKA Smokey); we adopted last September and have a great dog! We had some bumps in the beginning, but now we never look back...just look at his beautiful face (and soul) and enjoy! He has brought so much fun into our lives. We will be getting our second foster this Saturday, her name is Marta and we are "all" looking forward to it. Thanks for all you do, for all the great dogs out there.

Phyllis Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Margie Ohrenberger who adopted Charlee (now Carley) from Labs4Rescue
Today, July 4th, is my 49th birthday and I want to take a moment to thank Labs4Rescue for the best birthday gift I could ever have received. We adopted Carley (previously Charlee) only 5 weeks ago and now we can't imagine life without her! She is the center of our lives and we all just love her so much.

Wherever we go, people comment on how beautiful and sweet she is. I always share her story of being a rescued stray who, through the wonderful work of Labs4Rescue, was saved, fostered and transported to us here in MA all the way from Louisiana. Your amazing and selfless work is so appreciated, I can't begin to express my gratitude for allowing us the chance to share our lives with Carley.

Thank you from all of us!
The Ohrenberger Family, Scituate MA
John, Margie, Gayle, Meaghan, Heidi and John Jr. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Anthony D'Aleo who adopted Heartsong (now Loosey), a three-legged dog from Labs4Rescue
Hey Keri, just thought I'd update you. So... after many, many hours of struggling with a name I've decided on Loosey (Lucy). My last dog was Lacy an unbelievable Choc. who I thought I'd never find another even close to. So, being that my new girl is so much like her and the fact that she's so "loose" and mellow...I pay tribute to my old baby and define a quality in my new baby at the same time! Beside, I love calling her LuLu...for short ;-)

I took her to the Vet today and she checked out fine. I got Heartworm med and flea meds for her too.

She's really coming out of her shell and has SUCH and unbelievable personality. I really can't believe how smart she is at 5 months, everyday it's another thing to impress me. I am SOOOO happy (as my eyes fill with tears) and she seems to be loving life here on the beach. She swam in the bay and loves the water.

Thank you SOOO much, she's truly changed my life. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Emil and Janet Koenig who adopted Riley #19 from Labs4Rescue
Hi Jennifer,

Just a note to let you know riley arrived safe & sound at 7:30 a.m. this morning. By the time we got him home it was 9:30. He was great on the ride back and just played with his toys and kept looking out the window. Once we got him home he was a little ball of fire. We introduced him into the house and he was very playful, so we got out a bunch of toys for him and he was in heaven. So far he likes the tennis balls best. At one point, he was carrying two of them in his mouth at once. He is such a beautiful dog and a little gentleman. He craves affection and gives so much back. He has been out for walks 4 times already and has successfully done what he's supposed to do. We don't think there will be a problem with bathroom manners inside the house. I can't tell you how much joy he's brought into our hearts already, and he's only been here 7 hours. The neighbors love him and I've been singing the praises of Labs4rescue. Everyone was just great and did a marvelous job.

Thank you again for everything!!!
Janet & Emil Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Kevin O'Brien who adopted Owen from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

We have been very busy over the last few days. I just wanted to thank you again for all your help in adopting Owen. My daughter is absolutely in heaven. He gets along great with our sheltie and doesn't bother the cats (they keep their distance). The transportation service did a fantastic job; he was in great shape and didn't even have an accident on the way home. He has slept through the night the last two nights and has not had an accident in his crate. He is going on plenty of walks every day and gets lots of exercise in our yard. My daughter had to wake him up yesterday morning!

I'll send you a photo from time to time. He is a wonderful addition to our family!

Kevin O'Brien Back to top Back to top.

A Note from the Bradley family who adopted Fenway and Leroy from Labs4Rescue
As we celebrate the 3rd anniversary of adopting our precious Fenway, we want to take the time to say how lucky we feel to have found Labs4rescue! Thank you Cathy and Harvey for acting on the idea to save these wonderful pups and your constant effort to keep Labs4rescue running so well. We had no idea when we did that first petfinder search in May of 2005, saddened by the loss of Brandy, our 16 year old Yellow Lab, that it would result in so much joy. Through the help of Deb, April, Erin, Susan and so many other Labs4rescue volunteers, the little yellow lab Jada (now Fenway) has led us to foster 20 wonderful Labs...failing only once when we adopted Leroy in November 2006. In the process, through adoption days, we have experienced the joy in helping so many great Labs find their forever homes while working with the most dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers we have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Keep up the good work everyone!

John, Sue, Dan, Lauren, Lisa, Fenway and Leroy Bradley Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Sharon Goldstein who adopted Bridgette from Labs4Rescue
We first met Labs4rescue in November 2004, when we adopted Bridgette, a wonderful Labradoodle. She gave us love, pleasure and happiness. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma this past January, and we lost her in April. She was too young and too sweet to have gone this soon. Our Shih Tzu, Caleb actually stopped eating when she died. We started looking again, and found Muffie. She just arrived this past Saturday, and already she has become a member of the family. We look forward to many happy years with Muffie and Caleb has started eating again (especially since his food disappears if he doesn't). Thank you all at Labs4rescue. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from the McNabola family who adopted Koz from Labs4Rescue
Dear Cathy:

I wanted to take this opportunity to say hello, and tell you about the wonderful experience we have had with the Labs4resuce organization.

We had lost our dog after 10 years in November to acute kidney failure. It left a hole in our hearts so wide that I wasn't sure it could ever heal. My husband, daughter and I struggled through the holidays and wondered if we'd ever be ready to bring another dog into our family. Little did we know that secretly, each one of us was checking out pet rescue sites on the web. When we finally discovered what each other was doing, we openly began emailing pictures of dogs to one another (my daughter was away at college). Still, each time we decided to "go for it," I couldn't. Then we saw Koz.

I am not sure if you recall his picture on your website. He was a goofy looking black lab mix. His bio indicated that he was mild mannered, got along well with other dogs but would do great as an only. And his foster mom said he was one of the sweetest pups she ever had. So we did it. I filled out an application, thinking that I wouldn't hear back for some time, or would find out that he'd already been adopted. Instead, Susan Ekaireb called me that same evening. After a telephone interview and instructions of what would happen next in the process, she said Koz was ready if we were. At that moment, I honestly I didn't know if I was, and asked if I could call her back the next day. We had a family meeting (my daughter had come home for the weekend), and decided we needed him. As soon as I spoke with Susan and told her our decision, we knew in our heart of hearts it was the right thing to do.

Susan could not have been kinder or more supportive. She kept in contact with me throughout the process and was always available to answer what I perceived to be the silliest of questions. But I discovered that nothing was too silly to ask - Susan loves dogs and cares so deeply for their welfare. That came through in every conversation I had with her. I felt like she was rooting for all of us - Koz and the McNabola family. She knew we were right for each other.

As time grew closer, we had our home inspection by Heather, another Mom who had adopted her pup from Labs4resuce. She was wonderful and supportive, and answered lots of questions, especially about arrival day.

With Susan's encouragement, I spoke with Dayna Perry, Koz's foster Mom. I was a little nervous, I don't know why. But we spoke for quite some time, about Koz, fostering, adoption and just a love of animals. At this point I just couldn't wait.

Susan also gave me Greg's number who would be transporting Koz and the other pups. She encouraged me to call him to see how Koz was handling the trip. He assured me that he was fine, and handling the trip very well.

Then on April 26th we drove to Danbury to pick him up. And fell in love. Instantly. He is everything and more! An even bigger goofball that we imagined. He's gained nine pounds in the three weeks that we've had him - 75 lbs to date! He is sweet and gentle, walks well on a leash (is walked at least twice a day), and after only a couple of accidents, is housebroken. He is slowly coming out of his shell. While initially he followed our every move, he is now exploring the house on his own, and will even walk out to the kitchen some nights and sleep on the tile floor. While I think my husband and I share the title of "alpha dog," Koz has identified my daughter as another pup in the pack. They roll out in the grass together and play often. He sleeps in her room on most nights, and puts is paws on her bed and nudges her to wake up on the morning.

So this note is to thank you Cathy. For this wonderful organization that cares for the welfare of these precious animals. And that supports people like Susan who was so caring and gracious with her time. I've sent her pictures of Koz and been in touch with her, not only on adoption day and the following day, but in the last few weeks as well. She knew right along that this would be a good fit, and I believe in a way was our guardian angel. We'll always love our first dog, but we love Koz differently. Our hearts have healed.

Cheri, Jack & Katie McNabola Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Jim Arace who adopted Max from Labs4Rescue
Last May we adopted Max a 10 year old chocolate lab. On April 23, 2008 while I was having a diabetic seizure Max was the only dog of my 3 other labs who tried to revive me after I was on the floor and lost consciousness by licking my face until I was revived. When the police and paramedics arrive Max stood over me and tried to protect me until I stood up. He was alert enough to help me he was a god send and saved my life that day. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Kara DeLaurentis who adopted Cyrus McCormick from Labs4Rescue
Dear Labs4rescue,

I'm not sure if it was his silly double name or his smiling prancing picture that caught my eye first, but I just knew in my heart we would be together. It has been two months since Cyrus McCormick (Cy for short) came into my life. I still tear-up thinking back to the day I picked Cyrus up and the van driver gave him a big hug and told him she loved him. Then she said to me, "Thank you for saving a life." But I am the one that has been truly blessed. From the minute my alarm goes off he is at the bedside with a big grin, butt wagging ready for whatever the day brings. And each morning I wake with a smile, telling him I could learn a lot from his exuberant outlook on each new day ;-)!

Cyrus has adjusted easily to his new surroundings and life. I smile everyday as he prances to the car, waiting for the door to be opened to the day's new adventures. It is heartwarming to know that he just wants to go with me, not knowing whether we are headed for a hike, the beach or a day at the office. I love the company on my long drives to work, and he loves the scenery, squirrel spotting, the smells out the window, and all the attention (and treats) throughout the day. I am such a proud mom and welcome the many compliments on his beautiful brown eyes and sweet demeanor. Of course, I can take little credit for his incredibly good behavior -these frequent compliments give me the opportunity to credit Labs4rescue for saving him.

People are amazed that I adopted Cyrus off the Internet. But I felt so confident and sure from his first pictures and bio on the website. And my confidence and love grew through my many conversations with his coordinator Laura, and his foster mom, Kitty. I am so impressed with and thankful to all the Labs4rescue volunteers that I communicated with throughout the process. I am especially thankful to Laura and Kitty for their informative and touching emails about Cyrus and for all the love they gave to my boy while he was in their care.

As Cyrus waits patiently under my feet, we must get going. We are off to the beach to swim, fetch and chase seagulls with his new friend Bailey. As always, I will smile as Cyrus prances to the car, having no idea the fun day he is about to have!

Cyrus & Kara Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Jackie and Armand Flynn who adopted Bailey (now Kailey) from Labs4Rescue

Just wanted to let you know that Bailey, now called Kailey, is doing wonderfully. She is such a nice addition to our family and is getting familiar with her new surroundings. She loves our fenced in back yard and does a zoom-zoom run at full speed! She is sooo fast and happy to have the freedom. She had her first walk around our neighborhood this morning and has very good manners. She spent her first night sleeping on our bed with us but tonight will be sleeping in her own room since she is so large and tends to "hog the covers."

We appreciate everything you have done to bring her into our lives and know we are a "good match." Perhaps in the future we might consider being a "foster home" for other rescues so keep us in mind.

Thanks again,
Jackie and Armand Flynn Back to top Back to top.

A Note from the Flynn Family who adopted Lucky Too (now Jude) from Labs4Rescue
Hello Keri,

The Flynn Family would like you to know that Lucky Too (a.k.a. Jude) has found a new home. He is a wonderful pup and has added much joy to our lives. He seems to be comfortable and happy and wants desperately to play with the cats (who will have none of it). Jude has settled in nicely and is very aware that he is loved and wanted.

Therefore, this is an official email to say that we intend on keeping Jude as a longtime member of the Flynn family. Thank you for all the time and effort you give to Labs4Rescue!

Dan, Chris, Emily, Kiera & Jessica
(and the cats, Smores & Little One) Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Janet Schulman who adopted Daisy Jo (now Daisy) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

Here's a few photos of Daisy so you can see that she's doing ok. She is so good. She doesn't jump, bite or have any of those bad puppy habits. You did a great job raising her. As a matter of fact, my neighbor has a boxer who is almost a year old who is no where near as well behaved as Daisy. She's very jealous. Daisy's favorite activity is eating snow. She can't get enough of it. I wasn't sure if she'd like the cold but she doesn't seem to mind it at all. Her second favorite activity is decapitating her doggie stuffed animals and getting the squeaker out. Our older dog, Bailey, seems to like her quite a bit. He's growled at her once or twice but only after she's been bugging him relentlessly.

I was worried the most about my husband bonding with her since he was the least sure about getting a new dog. He is completely smitten by her and tells me countless times a day how lucky we are to have such a beautiful girl. He puts her crate next to his side of the bed so he can comfort her at bedtime. She's cried for maybe 5 minutes each night before falling asleep.

Anyway, we're all really happy and Daisy is a great addition.

Thank you so much!
Janet Schulman Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Cassandra Vergnani who adopted Roy (now Odie) from Labs4Rescue
I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that "Odie" (formerly Roy) has been an amazing addition to our family. I can't begin to tell you the amount of life he has added to our home, my children and my older lab adore him as much as I do. Your program is fantastic and I applaud all of you for your efforts. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Jim Arace who adopted Max #25 from Labs4Rescue
Last May we adopted a chocolate lab, Max. We have 3 other labs and wanted to help a senior lab. We picked Max up from a kennel in CT and drove him back to our home in NJ. Max was the perfect lab, he was very appreciative and doesn't leave our sides. We often joke that we have to check our feet when we get up or we might fall on Max. He even follows us to the bath room. He is loveable and we can't see why someone would have just given him up after 11 years. Their giving him away was a definite gain for us. There is a saying that their loss is our gain, and this is so true with Max. I hope that everyone who is thinking of adopting a lab from your organization does so because they will be very satisfied not only with the dogs but with the people who work with the group. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Alaine and Mark Klein who adopted Emily #6 from Labs4Rescue
The love of our lives is Emily #6 - now Emily or as we call her, Emmygirl. She came to us 2 years ago. From the minute she set "paw" on the ground after departing her transport (which we affectionately call the "doggie school bus"), it was wet kisses at first site. We cannot thank our coordinator, Deb Ginn, enough for recommending Emmy to us. When we first applied to this great organization, we had no idea that we would find such an incredible gal. Deb knew that we wanted a smaller labby girl. When we saw those gorgeous brown eyes, we melted. She is the smartest, most well behaved gal imagineable. She couldn't do anything wrong if she tried. She is treated like the true royalty that she is. She loves her many toys, chews and friends. She sends special hugs and kisses to Deb for bringing us together. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from the Papstein Family who adopted Kerrie Anne from Labs4Rescue
Thank-you for all you have done to help us get the newest member of our family! Kerrie Anne has arrived and is safe and sound. The drivers were so nice. She is very tired and is loving her new bed. We gave her a bath and she ate her first meal easily. We think she is perfect and will be a great match for our family. Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!

Bill, Jacalyn and Evie Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Tisha Zawisky and Justin Kopit who adopted Violet from Labs4Rescue
It is so hard to believe that over four years have passed since Violet has joined our family. It took her so little time to fit-in with us and we are continually thankful for such a great pooch. She is quite a little lady and comes along with us whenever possible. Recently, she enjoyed her first trip to Central Park in NYC and she was very excited to see so many other dogs and people, but was especially excited when she saw the horses pulling the carriages. She is quite fearless, and if we allowed her, would have probably gone right up to them. She has vacationed in Cape Cod (she tried swimming (reluctantly) but didn't care for it; she did, however, like kissing unsuspecting sunbathers and got to know a lot of vacationers where we stayed in Wellfleet, and wherever we went, someone would be calling 'Violet.'), has taken trips to see family in Buffalo, New York and Englewood, New Jersey, and has done a lot of sightseeing in Connecticut. She loves going on walks, playing with quite an assortment of toys, and snuggling up next to us once she has expended some energy. She is incredibly well-behaved with small children who come up and pet her.

Again, thank you for making her trip to Connecticut possible. We hope everyone is well! Sending virtual kisses from Violet xxxxxxx!

Best wishes for a Happy New Year,
Tisha & Justin
Middletown, CT Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Lucinda Juliani who adopted Jasper from Labs4Rescue
Hello, Erin!

As we reflect on our blessings at this time of year, there are few thing for which my family is more grateful than our amazing boy, Jasper. I can not even begin to tell you the joy he has brought to our lives - adopting him was one of the best things we ever did.

Jasper is the mellowest, sweetest, silliest dog. He is an amazing companion to the children, a dedicated walking partner, and a constant source of comic relief. ;-) He is adored by everyone who meets him, including some people who don't even generally like dogs! He is a star in our neighborhood, especially at the bus stop. People frequently comment to me that they would get a dog if they could have one like Jasper.

I could go on and on (and I often do, which my friends and family are patient enough to put up with). Jasper is such a gift to our family. He has enriched our lives in the past few years in more ways than I could have imagined. Thank you so much for giving him a chance, and for connecting us with him. I will forever be grateful.

Sincerest Thanks,
Lucinda Juliani Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Theresa Baker who adopted Angel #7 (now Fiona) from Labs4Rescue
Hi, I wanted to thank you for my lovely Fiona (previously Angel #7) who I adopted on 12/30/06. She is a perfect dog, constant companion and has added so much to my life after I had to put my previous dog to sleep last year. I think your organization is great & I always tell people how dedicated this organization is and how there are so many great dogs needing homes. Have a great holiday!!! I already received my perfect gift last year from Labs4rescue!! Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Ashley Parsons who adopted Maureen from Labs4Rescue
I just wanted to say that I adopted my lab from you guys December 4, 2004. She is absolutely the best dog our family could have asked for. She was easily trained and house broken, and took to our cats very well. Almost a year ago my husband and I welcomed our first child into the world and didn't have to worry how our dog would take the transition, knowing how much of a well behaved dog she is. She has been amazing with our daughter. I have recommended you guys to many friends, some of whom have also adopted and have very good dogs as well. Keep up the great work! Back to top Back to top.

A Note from The McNerney Family who adopted Ringo from Labs4Rescue
We adopted "Ringo" in 2005, and he has brought so much joy and fun into our lives. He graduated from beginners obedience last winter. He is an absolute joy; loving affectionate and VERY smart. He has been a wonderful addition to our four young children. We wait for the kids for the school buses in the afternoon and he barks and shudders as soon as he hears them getting closer. We do hope Ringo's siblings (John, George, Linda and Paul) all found good homes too! Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Patty Erickson who adopted Phoebe #8 (now Stormy) from Labs4Rescue
I adopted Phoebe (now Stormy) in September 2006. She was around 4 years old and had been in foster care for about a year. She was scared to death when she came off of the transport. I fell in love with her right away. Stormy was described as being good with cats, which was important as I have two. As soon as I got her home she started chasing them! Fortunately the cats are dog savvy and put her in her place. Within about two weeks they were happily co-existing, and it is clear today that the cats rule. Stormy is an awesome dog, calm and sweet, just as she was described. Her personality is still evolving, she gets more playful every day and more easygoing with strangers, too. She shows me each and every day how thankful she is for a warm happy home, and I hope she knows how much I appreciate everything that she is. Thanks Labs4rescue for allowing me to adopt such an awesome dog! Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Murphy #10 who James and Monica FitzPatrick adopted from Labs4Rescue
It's been over a year since I was adopted by my forever parents and I just want to thank you for bringing me into their lives. We are having a blast. When I first met my new parents, I was a bit shy and overweight. I am now at my ideal weight and happier than ever thanks to all the love and exercise my parents have given me. I enjoy going hiking and swimming at the nearby park with my parents. They even took me to the Jersey Shore where I spent endless hours playing in the ocean. I am so grateful that I was rescued and given this new life. I have a nice big yard where I can run around and play fetch. Aside from playing fetch, I love to go for car rides with my parents. They take me to doggy day camp at least twice a week so that I can play with my new. While I know that I am a lucky dog, my mommy and daddy are always telling me that they are the lucky ones to have found me. Thank you, Labs4Rescue, for giving me a chance at a new life.

Thank you,
Murphy Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Rick, Diane, Rose, and Ricky Hvisch who adopted Missy #10 (now Miss Faith) from Labs4Rescue
To All,

"...and we lived happily every after" would be fitting to describe our recent experience with the Labs4rescue organization. We can not say "thank you" enough to each of you for your genuine kindness in helping us to provide a home for a lab. Missy Miss Faith arrived two weeks ago and has become a part of our family from the moment we met her!! This thank you is also extended to the fosters and contacts I was in touch with regarding inquiries into potential adoptees. This includes April, Anne, Keri, Deb and Betsy. In addition, thank you to Greg and Holly, our transporters, who as complete strangers cried with me when Missy arrived on October 13th.

Each and everyone of you is so amazing in our eyes and we deeply appreciate all that you said and did to make this happen. Missy is more than we could ask for. She is perfect for us and in just more than two weeks has brought so many smiles to our home.

May you all be blessed for all you do just as these animals have been blessed to find homes because of you!!!

From the bottom of our hearts,
Rick, Diane, Rose, Ricky and Miss Faith Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Jon O'Brien and Caitlin Sullivan who adopted Sundown (now Sully) from Labs4Rescue
Jennifer and Laura,

I am writing to both say thanks, and to praise Labs4rescue for the wonderful work that they do! My fiance and I recently bought our first home. Approximately 2 years ago, my fiancée and her father adopted a 1 year old Yellow Lab named Valentine from Labs4rescue, to which my fiancée became VERY close to, even though Valentine was adopted for her father. We had talked about adopting another family member from Labs4rescue, and after looking we found Sundown (now Sully). The only way words can do him justice is to say that he is the absolute most wonderful friend you could ever want. He is always happy, and is always ready to please without any thought of reward!! If only there were more people in the world like this dog:) He is a more than welcome addition to our family, and we look forward to caring for, being with, and learning from him for many years to come!

Jon & Caitlin Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Sandra Weisblatt who adopted Harley #10 (now Charley), a blind Lab from Labs4Rescue
We were looking for a lab to breed with our male black lab. I happened on to this web site which told me about the 16,000 black labs in shelters. I was appalled. As I looked at the pictures I noticed one with a green heart attached to the description. Out of curiosity I clicked it. There was Harley #10. Having special needs was not a problem since my daughter has hearing problems and my son has Asperger's syndrome, we decided that Harley's blindness would fit right in with our family. My son was also having a very difficult time with adapting to college life. He has always felt very close to animals and he wanted the challenge of helping a special needs dog feel like a "regular dog." Harley now known as Charley came into our life in July. He had been allowed to go blind by his breeder who did not treat an eye infection he had as a puppy. His owners surrendered him to a shelter because he was "anxious." I would be anxious too if I couldn't see what a loud noises around me were or if I was about to smack my nose into a hard object. We were selected by our rescue group because we had 2 happy calm labs who amazingly sensed Charley's problem and set out to make him feel very comfortable. Our little Annie would walk down stairs to their crates letting Charley stay beside her. She slowly lead him safely to the bottom without him even getting a bump on the nose where the landing turns. Slowly she would let him go down until he could do it himself. Charley now runs in the fenced yard with the others chasing toys. He walks everywhere and even can retrieve a white dummy thrown in the water. My son took extra time to help Charley adapt to our home and he learned something about being patient with himself in adapting to his college life. He even is thinking of taking psychology to help other kids learn to live with their disabilities. Charley is a favorite at the vets he "signs himself in" by putting his front paws on the desk and waiting for Dr Mack's receptionist to give him a treat. If you met Charley you would never know he was blind; you would know he is a very happy, joyful lab who wants to be your best friend. So I say to anyone skipping over the green heart take a look you may have one of the coolest dogs on the list right there. Charley is the coolest just ask anyone he hung out with while camping in Maine he did everything and was the most popular dog in the campground. Every kid who met him was told he was blind and that he was almost euthanized because of it, he changed a lot of minds about ability not disability. We showed them how our other dogs help Charley and care for him. Hopefully, they can take that lesson home. Charley has gone from a black, blind hopeless dog in a Pennsylvania shelter to a very active happy boy in Massachusetts. He has come a long way in miles and in his life. To his owners in Pennsylvania I say thanks for your anxious dog he is really great. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Lisa Etzel and Rod Welles who adopted Marley (now Rhylee) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Cathy

My name is Lisa Etzel. I have recently adopted Marley - now called Ryhlee from PA. He is the dog who had to get to Santa Fe, NM!!! I wanted to write a thank you note as the group of people I worked with were more than helpful.

Rhylee, previously known as Marley is doing great. He is a BIG BOY (70 lbs now and l0 months old). I had a fellow dog walker ask me if he was part Great Dane!!! He is very bright and has a wonderful temperament. Overall, his training is going well -- knows most basic commands and follows through 90% of the time. He is a very social dog so that is when he struggles to do the right thing - do I go visit those people walking on the trail or do I stay with my mom and dad? He gets better each week so we couldn't ask for more. My husband is signed up for obedience classes, which begin in 2 weeks.

I want to personally thank Ann Hilchey for all her efforts, phone calls, emails and support in deciding to get another dog after the death of an old friend of many years. Ryhlee traveled from PA to New Mexico and this was quite an undertaking for everyone. Ann was very helpful through the process it took to get the dog to his forever home. I also wish to thank those who took such great care in transporting him and his foster mom, Cathy Ginter.

Ryhlee has been a wonderful addition to our home (if you asked the cat that she would say 'No'...for sure). He has traveled all over with us since we got him - Yellowstone, Colorado, Montana and Southern New Mexico - he's a great traveler and enjoyed himself wherever we went. Thanks again for all your efforts and provide such a wonderful service to both human beings and canines.

Lisa Etzel & Rod Welles
Santa Fe, NM Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Tony Caezza who adopted Corey (now Bailey) from Labs4Rescue
Hi! It has been a busy week. We picked up Corey in Allentown, PA on Saturday the 29 at 7 a.m. He was a little nervous, but warmed up to us quickly. The trip home was uneventful. Corey slept most of the four hour trip. When we got home our daughter greeted us and she and Corey hit it off right away.

We decided to change Corey's name that first day and decided on Bailey. I was surprised at how quickly he took to his new name. The first time Bailey saw his new back yard he was a little apprehensive. It is large and he would not venture to far unless I was right by his side. Now he runs around unafraid. We play fetch and take walks and when I leave the room he has to see where I went. He is a little scared when we meet strangers on our walks, and is really afraid of others dog until I hold him and introduce him to the new person or dog. Each day he grows more confident and less apprehensive. We will be starting puppy school soon to help with his socialization.

I can't thank you enough for bringing this little guy into our lives. He is a bundle of joy. All the people we have met from Labs4rescue have been so great. All of you do a great job, and one that must be so rewarding. God bless you for what you do.

Thanks again,
Tony & Bailey Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Mary Jane Madura who fostered Dooley for Labs4Rescue
Hi Ann,

Dooley's adoption went off today without a problem. Of course, he didn't want to get into the car. Sharon stayed with him while Rich and I went back into the house to get his things. When we got back to the car (all of 30 seconds) he was sitting there loving up Sharon and she was petting him. He really did remarkably well. I ran off some pictures for them of when he first arrived and as he progressed up to the present. We all agreed that his age is not correct. He really looked like a pup in his early pictures, especially when you see him now. His entire face has changed and his paws, tail, etc.

Well, I'm lonesome but I know God sent him this family and at the right time. He needed to run and jump. I just wish I could see him as he hits that back yard and runs loose for the first time. I'm sure he will roll and gallop until he is exhausted. I'm really happy for him. He deserves the best possible home ever and I think he has it.

Thanks again for bringing him into my life, Ann. He is a treasure I will never forget.

MJ Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Elisa and John LaDue who adopted Noah from Labs4Rescue
We lost our black lab of 14 years, Sierra, back in July. We really felt a huge void without a dog around... I started looking for a lab and in September was lucky enough to find Noah at the Rocky Hill adoption event. He was so calm and sweet. His eyes were beautiful. We really clicked. I wanted to take him home that day! I sped home to be the first one to contact his foster mom. We went through the process and now we have Noah at home with us. It's so awesome to see him happy and safe in our home after all the moving around and fostering. We're working on getting him to realize this is his forever home. He's a total blessing and lights up our house with happiness everyday. He enjoys his daily walks and running around the yard chasing his tennis ball or playing with his stuffed animal sheep. He's a big chocolate sweetie pie! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to make his life what it should have been from the start.

Elisa and John LaDue Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Justine Moriarty who adopted Linus #3 (now Ranger) from Labs4Rescue
On August 4th we picked up "Linus #3" (now Ranger). He has been a wonderful blessing to us and we are so grateful. Ranger is a beautiful... absolutely stunning... golden retriever. We are so grateful to Labs4rescue and all of the wonderful people who volunteer for these precious animals who just want to be loved. Everyone we spoke with or emailed has been great to us and extremely helpful. Some of the amazing people include April for coordinating and assisting in the transition. To Robin who was the foster mom for this wonderful creature. The woman from Cheshire, CT who came to do the home inspection. It has been an adventure for the last two weeks, but Ranger is beginning to calm down and I think is beginning to feel comfortable... almost like "okay guys, this must be home because you really love me a lot and this is working out great!"

Thanks again for all you do, this is an outstanding organization!

Justine Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Danielle D'Angora who adopted Bayou (now Rocky) from Labs4Rescue
This is Danielle D'Angora. I don't know if you remember me but we adopted Bayou from you back in March. I wanted to give you an update on Bayou. We renamed him Rocky. He is really smart and one of the calmest Labs I have ever met. He learned sit in four hours. Some other commands he knows are stay, come, lay down, and roll over. We are still working on the pulling the leash when we go for a walk. His favorite toy is a tennis ball and he will chase it for hours. We just recently added a kitten to our family and Rocky loves him. They play together and sleep together. The kids love him and their favorite thing to do is to curl up next to him in his bed. Thank you so much for fostering him so we could find him. He has completed our family.

Danielle D'Angora Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Amy Taylor who adopted Magnolia Belle (now Maggie Belle) from Labs4Rescue
Dear Summer,

It's been almost 3 months since Maggie Belle came into our lives and literally wiggled into our hearts! She's doing great.. about 40 pounds now " growing like a weed. She's discovered that she can look out the windows " reach up to get things off the counter! Maggie is really a good girl; she knows sit, come, stay, no, down, paw (high five), lay down, off, okay, outside, eat, crate, go potty, drop it, open, and is learning crawl " roll over! She is so smart " eager to please. She also knows when she is in trouble " knows my looks!! She has definitely come out of her shell " loves to get rowdy. We filled the baby pool the other day to see how she would react " she discovered how much fun water is! We can't wait to take her to the beach for a real swim!!!

She has decided that Daddy is okay, she barks at him if he comes home and doesn't say hello to her or give her some love, and she now likes it when he plays with her. She is still not too sure when he tries to scoop her up for a hug or to wrestle, she will either back away or roll over in complete submission and then kiss him to death when he reassures her! My husband says that she is definitely my dog because she has to know where I am at every moment I am home and will follow me or sit " snuggle me at every opportunity! The kids love her - the novelty has kind of worn off " they now argue over who's turn it is to take Maggie out or feed her because they did it the last time! Nevertheless, they love snuggling up with her when she'll let them " are having fun making her do her tricks. She's even met a few doggy friends " I am constantly looking for doggy playdates to help get her out of her nippy phase - I read that puppies learn to curb their biting when they play with other dogs " no matter what an owner does, it's just not as effective as puppy play. I hope you enjoy some of her latest pictures, she was being quite a little rascal! Thanks for our sweet girl, Maggie sends her love!

Amy Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Janene Ferrara who adopted Brandon from Labs4Rescue

I just want to thank you so much for bringing Brandon into my life. He has settled in wonderfully. He is practically house broken and gets into his crate with no problem. He is wonderful with other dogs in the park and comes when I call him. I was convinced on Saturday that I was the best teacher ever since I taught him to sit so quickly but clearly he was trained before. It's such a shame that someone would train this sweet, sweet dog and then get rid of him. I think he's getting used to the city and all its noises and distractions and he certainly loves Central Park. His dog walker and trainer think he's precious and people have stopped me on the street to tell me how beautiful he is and...well behaved! While he is still a goofy little puppy with lots of energy, he can be easily calmed down with some cuddling and a tummy rub. This Saturday we have our first Vet visit. In any case, thank you again from both of us and clearly I want to keep him. Actually I knew that as soon as I met him but the love just keeps growing.

Janene Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Connie Potter who adopted Shake (now Callie) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Keri,

Callie (Shake) is absolutely the greatest dog. She came off the van sprinting and enthusiastic and hasn't stopped. The van drivers were very nice and took care in presenting the animals to their new families. They touched my heart when they thanked me for rescuing a dog. I really had to bite my lip. Callie has adjusted to everything including my other chocolate lab, Jake. When they're out together she follows him everywhere and he in turn is showing her where to run. He is the alpha dog and Callie seems to have no problem with that. Indoors she's always by my side staring up at me probably trying to figure out what my next move will be and needs to sleep in close proximity to me. She actually moved the shower curtain to the side to see me. She's a little afraid of cars driving by when I walk her but I just think it's the noise that she's not used to. The pictures you sent made her look bigger but Callie is underweight so we are slowly increasing her intake. Here at the hospital where I work, some friends got together and bought Callie some chew toys with pink ribbons on them. She's not sure which one to pick up first. Her ball playing is fun to watch. I throw the ball, she runs after it, gets it then tosses it up in the air so she can catch it again. She's getting used to her new name as well. The first day when we called her Shake, Jake would come running so although Shake and Jake are cute names, it seems confusing. Callie is absolutely wonderful and a real joy to be around. Whatever might have happened to her seems to have faded. Everyone who meets her wants to baby sit her. Thank you for putting us together. I am totally amazed at the organizational skills of Labs4rescue. It's a very well oiled machine. Everyone is so dedicated and enthusiastic. I feel so fortunate to have found your organization and to be in contact with you. You must be a very caring person to dedicate so much time, effort and love to helpless animals. Thank you a hundred times over.

Connie Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Denise Clark who adopted Raffle (now Holmes) from Labs4Rescue
Hey Keri,

We are the lucky one's who adopted Raffle (Holmes is what we named him, after Sherlock Holmes). Just wanted to write you a quick note and let you know he is doing GREAT! He is very smart! We bring him to a doggie daycare 2 days a week where he has 30 dog friends to play with. He absolutely loves that! We had an invisible pet fence put in, and he is doing great with the boundaries of the yard. We have a pool, but he has not been in it yet. He is very curious about it, though. We brought him to the beach, but he did not seem too interested in the water. I take him for a walk around the neighborhood every morning- he loves this. He gets to see all the neighbors and neighborhood dogs. He has grown some, but I think he will stay on the smaller side. We enjoy him as a part of our family sooooo much. I just wanted you to know that he has a great home with us and to thank you for saving his life! He brings alot of happiness to our home!

Denise Clark Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Patton, who Sage Ungar and Chris Tallman adopted from Labs4Rescue
Dear Everyone at Labs4Rescue,

I hope you all remember me- it's Patton... you guys knew me as Patton #2. It's been 3 weeks(!!) since I arrived in my new home. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how everything is going. Well, in 3 weeks I have done some pretty incredible stuff- stuff I didn't even know existed! Did you know there are these places called 'dog parks?' Yeah, basically you go there and there are like, 10 or 20 or 30 other dogs and you can just run and run and run! Oh! Guess what else! I am learning to swim! AND I go hiking sometimes too. I have SO many new toys I don't even know what to do with myself, and I get lots of treats that are oh-so-tasty! I have learned a TON of new tricks, and of course the basics too. Here's what I know so far: Sit, Down, Stay, Wait, Roll, Shake, Easy, Stop, Gentle, Get it, Bring it here, Toy, Ball, Tug, No, Good boy!, OK, Car, Home, Walk, Leave it, Take it, No Pull, Look, and Come. I think that is everything so far. Oh yea, I also know breakfast, dinner, hungry and cookie (how could I forget those!?). My parents LOVE that I haven't had any accidents and now that I LOVE my crate, my separation anxiety has lessened drastically.

I wanted to say thank you to all of you who have helped me get to where I am. My mom and dad tell me everyday how wonderful I am and how much they love me. I am so blessed to have found them.. and they are so lucky to have me too! I hope all of the dogs who are now at Labs4rescue know they have the best team working for them and trying to find them a perfect home. HANG IN THERE GUYS-- YOU'RE PERFECT HOME IS OUT THERE, AND IT'S COMING SOON! I love you all and THANK YOU!!

Patton Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Jill Sleasman who adopted Jake #30 from Labs4Rescue
He is wonderful! He follows my black lab around everywhere and copies what she does!!! He is beginning to venture out and explore the yard on his own (as long as he can still see me).. He attached himself right to me and my mom and will follow me from room to room even if he was sound asleep. He is exhausted after a long hike yesterday and a BBQ with 4 other dogs. His old mommy sent his toys and a really nice letter. I was able to talk with her on the phone for a while after picking him up. She was relieved to hear he is well and we are happy! I promised to keep in touch with her and call her with any questions!

The pick up location was such a joyous occasion for everyone there! Thank you so much! We love him and he is already a huge part of our family! My mom is actually looking to adopt a dog from your organization in the near future!

Thank you again!
Jill Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Kathy Gifford who adopted Mattison (now Zoe) and Holly (now Natasha) from Labs4Rescue

My husband and I have been thinking of you recently and saying that we should really send you an update on Zoe (formerly known as Mattison) as we're coming up on the two year anniversary of her adoption.

I know that many, many dogs have passed through your hands, so I can imagine that it might be hard to remember her. But I'll tell you just the same; because I want to be sure that you know that your kindness and unselfish devotion to animals really does make a difference in the lives of these dogs.

I can only imagine what Zoe's early days were like. She was picked up as a stray so no one really knows who she was with or how she was treated. The only evidence we have are the muzzle scars on her snout. They were very prominent at first and broke my heart, but she didn't seem any worse for the wear and the scars have faded and are much less noticeable now.

When she first arrived, Zoe was a very skinny, young, goofy, curious lab with the biggest feet you ever saw. She weighed about 45 lbs. or so and her feet seemed way out of proportion to the rest of her body. Our vet told us that she probably wouldn't ever grow into those big feet and that she was probably mostly grown (we thought she was about 9 months at the time, but later figured out that she was actually a bit younger than that). Thankfully, she continued growing and filling out and her feet now seem in perfect proportion to the rest of her. She has blossomed into a large, sweet, and gentle girl weighing in at about 69 lbs. of pure muscle.

I had initially adopted Zoe to be my dog. At least that was the plan as I am the "dog person" in my house. My husband Ken was always indifferent to dogs. He didn't dislike them, he just didn't really pay any attention to them. That is until Zoe arrived. She immediately wormed her way into his heart in a way that I never expected. They just bonded and adore each other like you wouldn't believe. When Ken arrives home from work each day, Zoe always greets him at the door with her whole body wagging. She gets the first kiss hello...even before me! She follows Ken everywhere and loves to go in the car. She doesn't care where, just so long as she's included. When the weekend rolls around and he's home all day she just grins from ear to ear. He's even built a special bed for her in his workshop so she can keep him company when he's puttering down there, without having to lie on the cold concrete floor. In the mornings, Zoe comes over to the bed and begins talking to us. It's not a whine or a whimper, it's just talking in a way that's hard to explain. It's as if she's saying, "C'mon, it's morning, let's get going!" And of course what she really lives for is playing fetch with a tennis ball. This is her absolute favorite game and she never gets tired of it. She is fast and agile and amazingly good with her nose if the ball lands somewhere out of sight. We love watching her trot back and forth with her nose to the ground, until she zeros in on the ball. She is just amazing in so many ways! Her other love is going up to camp. We have 32 acres up north and Zoe loves to go. She enjoys romping through the woods and streams and occasionally flushing out rabbits. At night she just nestles up to Ken in his sleeping bag.

When we had decided to adopt Zoe, our wonderful golden retriever, Mudge, was 11 years old and beginning to slow down. I knew that Mudge wouldn't be with us forever and I couldn't bear the thought of being "dog-less." Also, Mudge was beginning to seem a bit depressed and lethargic because she had begun suffering from arthritis in her hips and I thought that a canine companion might cheer her up. Of course when Zoe arrived Mudge welcomed her into the family and showed her the ropes. I am certain that Zoe is the dog she is today because she had Mudge as a role model to teach her and guide her. The two of them got along famously, but of course there were times when Zoe's puppy exuberance would begin to annoy Mudge and she would bark or growl to put Zoe in her place. But for the most part they were buddies and it gave us enormous pleasure to watch the two of them snuggle up together by the couch when the family would settle down to watch TV at night. As Mudge neared the end of her days, Zoe seemed to sense that her health was failing and would go out of her way to lay down right next to her and spoon with her. I truly believe that it was Zoe's way of comforting Mudge in the only way she could. She looked out for her until the day Mudge died on December 30, 2006.

After Mudge was gone, Zoe was lonely and began discovering new ways to sneak out of the yard to go play with another dog that kept running loose in our neighborhood. For nearly two years she'd never escaped once, and then suddenly she was leaping over a 4 foot fence without even blinking. She is a very smart girl, so of course she learned to climb and even once went over 6 ft. stockade fence when my husband inadvertently left some lumber learning against it. (We have since added an additional two feet to the 4 foot fencing and scanned the perimeter of our property, removing anything that she could use to climb on, and made certain there were no other gaps). But in our hearts we knew Zoe was lonely and thought that she might even be going out to look for Mudge. Of course I was devastated at her loss myself and it nearly broke my heart every time Zoe would snuggle up to Ken with her head in his lap and my lap was conspicuously empty. After about two weeks I knew that I needed to find another companion for Zoe and I. So of course I returned to the Labs4rescue website, and began searching for one. I found Holly- an approx. 1 1/2 year old lab/golden mix (who we renamed Natasha). She joined our family on January 20th and she and Zoe became instant buddies. Now Zoe is acting as the mature dog, mentoring Natasha and teaching her how to behave in a home with a family. They spend hours and hours romping around our large backyard playing. Mudge was too old for rough and tumble play with Zoe, but of course Natasha is a young dog and the two of them seem to have made up several different doggie games that they never get tire of such as "King of the Leaf Pile" and "Stealth Puppy" and Doggie Tag. At night, when the family settles down in the living room, there are the two dogs, curled up by our feet or snuggled up close with their heads in our laps, and once again, all seems right with the world.

Thank you so much for rescuing Zoe from the shelter and fostering her until she was adopted. I have the utmost respect and admiration for all of you folks who give of yourselves so tirelessly in an effort to save as many dogs as possible. You have inspired me to do my part as well. I fostered Surprise (now called Tinker) for about a month in the summer of 2005 and she ended up going to someone I know. (I hear she's doing great, BTW) and this evening, our new foster, River #6 will be arriving and we are all excited and looking forward to meeting him. I have also begun handing out your flyers and posting them around the school where I teach, and never pass up a chance to tell people about Labs4rescue. In fact, my assistant is heading down to Connecticut today to an adoption event in hopes of finding a second dog for her family.

Once again, thank you for everything and keep up the good work. It means so much, to so many.

Kathy Gifford Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Melissa and Ryan McCoy who adopted Rufus (now Murphy) from Labs4Rescue
Hi ladies,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Rufus. He is doing great, and getting comfortable in his new home. His name has been changed to "Murphy," and we just love him.

Since we picked him up on Thursday, he has been going for long walks 3 times a day and attended my son Ryan's baseball games on Friday and Saturday. He's the team mascot and all the boys love to put their baseball caps on him and play with him while they are awaiting their turn at bat. He's very smart- in addition to "sit," he knows "shake," "other paw," "down," and "roll." (Although he currently has to do them in that order to succeed.)

Murphy just makes us laugh all day- he's constantly doing something that's funny. His interactions with our cat are getting less intense. Murphy just wants to play- and sometimes the cat comes right up to him- but Murphy gets too excited and jumps up- eliciting a loud hiss from the cat. Murphy seems to know the cat thinks he's boss. Yesterday, Murphy walked away from his food bowl mid-meal. When he returned moments later, the cat was eating his food. Murphy just sat down and waited for him to finish. He's so submissive.

Anyway- we wanted to thank you for working to place Rufus/Murphy with us. Nobody can believe we just got him- considering how well he behaves. We tell everyone that we got him through Labs4rescue - and he represents the best in what a rescue dog can be. We couldn't have asked for a better dog, and we just love his big squishy face. He has brought a lot of joy to all of us, and we think he's happy to have a home with us.

Thank you!
Melissa & Ryan McCoy Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Penny and Wayne Williams who adopted Kahlua and Hughie (now Chance) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Cathy and all,

I just want to let you know how Kahlua is coming along. I am so proud of her and thankful that I made the decision to keep her. I am also eternally grateful to L4R for the love we have found in both Chance and Kahlua and all the fosters who have passed through our doors to their forever homes.

When I first took Kahlua in as a foster she was very unsure of herself. When her food was put down for her she ate it as quickly as she could and would even try to get into Chance and Pippi's dish. When offered a treat she would attempt to grab it.

The first couple of times I left her crate open when I went to work she got into mischief. She knocked over and chewed paper in our trash basket for the burning barrel. On two different occasions she dragged one of the treat jars into the living room and chewed the ears off, trying to get to the treats inside.

When I would leave for work, she would try to follow me out the door, though she did not look or act upset at the time. When I would open the back door to let the dogs out Kahlua would stay back and I would almost have to push her out the door and then she would not go off the porch unless I went down the stairs first, then she would follow...I'd have to stay there until she relieved herself because she would follow me right back into the house. She was like Velcro.....

I am so happy and proud to say that all of that is in the past. She is now eager to go out with or without Chance and when they are out there, they play and run around together. She will even play with toys now, which she did not do earlier. For the first time, this week, I threw the ball and she caught it and brought it back to me. When I leave for work, she no longer follows me to the door.

In fact when I say, "bye-bye, mommy's going to work," the only one who seems to care is Baby Bird...he says, "Bye Bye, see you later, be a good girl." Chance and Kahlua are in the bedroom on their beds. Kahlua has learned to be gentle when taking anything from our hands and she no longer finishes her food in one setting....She eats some and leaves some in the bowl for later just as Chance and Pippi do. She realizes that it will not be taken from her or eaten by someone else and there is always more coming.

She is still at my feet all of the time...where ever I sit, she is close by. And everyone who sees her or meets her comments on the way Kahlua looks at me....It was that "LOOK" that melted my heart the day I took her off the transport to "Foster" her.

Both she and Chance make a handsome pair as I walk them down the road.

Thanks Deb, thanks Cathy and thanks to who ever picked Kahlua up in LA and fostered her. She is truly a love who grows more loving and confident every day.....

Penny, Wayne, Chance, Pippi and of course, Kahlua Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Gregg Lhotsky and Barry Podgorsky who adopted Ebony #6 (now Remy) from Labs4Rescue

One year ago tomorrow, we rescued Ebony #6 (now named Remy) through the organization. We went into it with great trepidation and were obsessed with how we were going to handle being dog owners after so many years without. We were determined to give Remy the proper home that she deserved. Nervous about how long it would take her to settle into her new life we gave her guidance and our love. Sure she chewed the leg of the coffee table, ripped the edge of the sofa and ate more than one roll of toilet paper but she never had an "accident" in the house. Still we wondered how this bright, sweet, loving dog got the burns on her back and how anyone could have let her go.

Fast forward to today Remy is more than settled in. She loves her walks to the beach, playing with her kong and belly rubs. We don't have any kids but we're just as proud bragging about our girl and all the amazing things she does like rapping on the door when it's time to go out, "talking" to us at 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. (her meal times) and promptly putting herself to bed at 7 p.m. most every night.

We tell everyone who meets Remy that we got her through Labs4rescue and what the organization does and did for us.

Gregg Lhotsky and Barry Podgorsky Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Michele Talwani who adopted Trenton (now Trooper) from Labs4Rescue
Arlene and Keri,

I wanted to let you know that Trooper (formerly known as Trenton) is doing GREAT! We are loving him and couldnt have hand picked a better pup for us. Although its been only two weeks since the adoption, we feel like we've known him forever.

Other than eating a freshly made cheese cake from the dining room table he was a perfect angel! He is becoming quite acclimated to his new home and you can tell he is more relaxed with being here. He has stopped pacing and jumping up at every sound. He is very comfortable and finds many comfy spots to curl up and take a nap. He just loves to snuggle and get patted. He rolls right on his back for us to rub his tummy.

He is learning how to walk on a leash without dragging us all over the place and knows how to sit very nicely. It is obvious someone has worked with him in the past. He is really good when Jameel plays fetch with him in the yard. We bought a bunch of tennis balls for him to play with. He has an instant connection with Jameel and it is facinating to watch. I was the "alpha" to our last lab and it appears that Jameel may be the pack leader for Trooper.

He has finally begun to play with his toys. He is loving them and gets quite silly with tossing them around.

I brought him to the vet last week and at the end of the appointment he said, "Michele, you have a keeper!" O

ur daughter, Hope, has fallen in love with him and has told me that we have the best dog in the world! Which is really funny since she is only four and she has no clue as to the concept of what that means or how big the "world" actually is.

I will be bummed to go back to work on Tuesday and I know that Hope wont want to go to school. This whole vacation she has wanted to stay home with her new puppy and has forgone some play dates and fun outings because of this!

Thank you both for making this adoption happen. The timing was perfect for us!

I have been telling anyone that will listen about labs4rescue and hopefully will recruit a great adpotive family at some point.

Happy New Year to you both!

Best regards,
Michele Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Becky Huoppi and Wayne Nelson who adopted Shadow #13 (now Kramer) from Labs4Rescue

My boyfriend Wayne and I adopted a puppy from Labs4Rescue in August. He was Shadow #13, now named Kramer because he is so hyper and clumsy all the time. I think he's almost doubled in size since we first got him, basically he is huge and knocks me over sometimes. Although we haven't gotten much so far this year, Kramer loves the snow. He hasn't grasped the idea of it being slippery yet and usually ends up on his belly with his legs sprawled out from trying to run. He's afraid of the dark and gets scared at night when I take him out. He'll almost always think he sees something that isn't there and tries to run and hide behind me. In the summer we took him to a river and he was afraid at first, but when Wayne went in first... that was all she wrote, Kramer went nuts. His favorite new thing is to chase the laser pointer around and he also loves my hair dryer. Probably the funniest I've ever seen a dog act when either of those two things are around. Potty training took a little while, but is no longer a problem what-so-ever. Crate training went amazing, we put him in the first night and he cried about every 2 hrs, but the next night he was perfect. All around he's a pretty active and funny dog, he's great with people (adults or kids), great with other animals, he loves playing with Wayne's brother's 3 little miniature dogs- 2 peekapoos and a teacup Chihuahua, he runs them over once in a while when he gets too excited but he's pretty good, and he also learns tricks very quickly... he learned sit and lay down in a day, and roll over the next week. He won't give his paw cause he hates having his paws touched, and he will only 'speak' for Wayne once in a while (he almost never barks). So far Kramer is a great dog and I am glad we went through Labs4Rescue.

Thank you, Becky Huoppi and Wayne Nelson Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Zeke, who the Clark's adopted from Labs4Rescue
Dearest Ann,

I have been sooo busy with my Mommy and Daddy that I haven't had time to write to you. I do love you and I think of you often.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a New Year filled with many blessings. You are a wonderful lady to do the things you do for all the doggies who need homes. I can't thank you enough for all the help you gave me in finding my forever family.

I am soooo happy here in York, Maine, with my new Daddy and Mommy. They love me immensely and I love them, too. They really spoil me and take very good care of me. They say I am just the best boy and they are always kissing and hugging me. I go to work with my Daddy every day and I am the mascot of the law firm-I get spoiled there, too.

I think I am the luckiest, happiest doggie in the whole world and I have you to thank for that. You are my angel at Labs4Rescue and I love you. I will never forget you and all the wonderful people who helped to save me.

Merry Christmas, Ann, to you and your family.

Love and kisses,
Ezekiel Clark (Zeke) XOXOXO Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Simon #6 (now Sawyer) the Lab who was adopted by the Ferguson family
Hi Everyone!!!

I just wanted to send you all a little note to let you know how I am doing in my forever home. It has been a little over a year since I came to live in New Hampshire, and a busy year it has been!

My new mom and dad started hiking and camping with me as soon as the snow melted this past spring. I have completed one 4000 footer here in NH and hope to complete more next summer. I have begun geocaching with my parents and have even found a few caches on my own. I passed basic obedience, took agility training and have been visiting my great grandmother in her assisted living home as a therapy dog in training. My biggest, and proudest moment of 2006 was when my mom and I participated in the "Barktoberfest Woof-minster Walk." Our team raised the most money for our local Humane Society and I won a blue ribbon for "best trick" (I know where my nose is).

Many, many thanks to everyone who helped me and all my other furry friends to find forever homes where we are loved and treated like royalty.

Happy Holidays and God Bless!!!!!!

Love always,
Sawyer (aka Simon #6) Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Lisa Cook who adopted Lucy from Labs4Rescue
Hi Jennifer,

I was thinking that I had never told you how Lucy came to be with us. It's a sweet story. I told you that we've had two other dogs before Lucy. Emily was our golden retriever. We had her for her whole life. Then after she died we got Sophie, a rambunctious beagle. She was too unpredictable with our children and we found her a new home. My husband is not a dog lover, never has been. After Sophie he swore we'd never have another dog. Fish maybe, dog, no way! I love dogs but with three children, a dog was, in my mind, just something I didn't have time for.

Our daughter, Rebecca, who's 7, wanted a dog SO bad. But her dad was firm, no dog! I told her that if she really wanted a dog then she'd have to pray and ask Jesus to send the right dog at the right time to our family and also ask Him to help Daddy to want a dog too. She prayed EVERY night. Not long after she started praying this prayer, I started feeling like I would like a dog again. I mentioned it to my husband thinking he'd veto it immediately. Instead, he agreed that we could start looking at the shelter for an adult dog who was good with children.

We went to our local shelter which only had about 15 dogs at that time and many of them were unsuitable for our family. Becky was hopeful that something would work out but we kept telling her that the right dog just wasn't at the shelter. Then I found Labs 4 Rescue online, and Lucy. My girls were SOOOO excited and it's been true love ever since. She certainly was the right dog at the right time. But I was thinking that the story didn't end when we got Lucy because the true miracle of it all is how much my husband loves her. We all love her so much. She is the answer to a little girls prayers and a real angel!

I just wanted you to know. Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Lisa Cook Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Gordon, the Lab who was adopted by the Brozowski family
Hi Aunt Cathy:

It has been three years ago today that you brought me to my new home. I've put on weight and grown older, and I can be a big lazy mush. But I have never been happier. I love my mommy and daddy, sleeping, playing with squeeky toys, walks, belly rubs, giving kisses, and my backyard. Thanks a million for helping me get here.

My mommy and daddy thank you, too. Tyler went to college and has no time for them anymore. I'm all they have left! It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

Gordon Brozowski Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Alice Cassotta who adopted Sassy (now Gracie) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Virginia and Katie!

Just had to let you know your little Sassy (we changed her name to "Gracie" and she knows it already) is adjusting very well. She is a joy to have around!! She makes me laugh all the time. She is high energy and playful but when she settles down, she is soooooooo affectionate and lovable. Everyone is in love with her. We had tons of company the weekend we got her and she was a huge hit! We're going to start obedience training on 1/2/07 although she already knows come, sit and stay (well, most of the time). She has met some of the neighbor dogs and plays well with them. I brought her to Petco and gave her a bath and she tolerated that well. I can't believe it's only been a little over a week since we brought her home - it's like she's always been with us. Thank you so much for all of your help expediting the process and bringing her into our lives! What a wonderful Christmas gift! One of our friends said Gracie got a "forever home" for Christmas and I got a little angel (well, at least when she's sleeping!!)

Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!!
Alice Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Sandra Scoville and Kim Webster who adopted Midnight #6 (now Mack) from Labs4Rescue
We have had Mack since March of 2005. And can't imagine life without him. He is such an amazing young pup. He turned 2 years old on Halloween night this year!!!

If you look into his eyes you can see right into his heart. He is so passive, gentle, loving, and goofy that no matter the day, good or bad, he can get a chuckle out of us. When we come home he gently puts your sleeve or hand in his mouth, walks you over to the couch and wants a hug- yes, I mean a hug!! You sit down and he sits down and he puts is head against the couch and on your shoulder. Its a great way to come home let me tell you!!! Then that's it- he lets you do what you have to. Of course, he watches closely!!

He has soooo many dog friends that come over for play dates and sleepovers. We are Dog Groomers and that has helped in Mack's circle of friends. They run and swim together. Play and sleep together. And his social skills are great. He also has plenty of feline friends to boot!!! Yes, he has kitty friends too!!!

We are currently working with a Dog Whisperer in our area to help us with Mack and some of our clients. Mack still thinks "Come" is a game! Other than that he listens to everything else just fine. He's so proud when he walks on a leash. Like he has no worries. We are intending to train Mack to become a companion to visit nursing homes and hospitals.

Well, thanks for letting me share a little of Mack's new life with you. I am thankful to LABS4RESCUE for allowing Mack into our life- because he is so wonderful!!!

Happy Holidays!!!
Sandra Scoville and Kim Webster of Plymouth, CT Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Mary Paterno who adopted Charlie from Labs4Rescue
Good Morning, Ladies....

I hope this note finds you both well! I'm writing on this almost one year anniversary of Charlie's "hand off" to let you know that he is still the sweetest dog in the world and has yet to meet someone he doesn't love! We have fattened him up some (the danger of living in the Paterno household!), and he is the proud graduate of obedience school. He still loves to sleep (although he grudgingly accompanies me on my 5 a.m. walks!), and he's still shy of the laminate floor (which explains the "lily pad" throw rugs throughout my kitchen and hallway!). Thank you again for bringing us together; he has been the perfect addition to our empty nest! Keep up the good work, and enjoy the photos!

Mary Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Charlie #17 the Lab, who Jon and Holly Webster adopted from Labs4Rescue
Hi Ann and Donna!

It's been a little short of a year since Labs4Rescue took me in. My family left me in my crate way too much. So much so that I have weak muscles in my hind legs. They didn't want me anymore which made me sad. But you took me in and put me in a doggy day care so I could make friends and learn how to be a dog!

One day a family came to meet me and they had a little boy in a carriage. I was so happy to play with them. When they were leaving, I jumped into the basket under the carriage, I wanted to go too! Lots of people came to visit me and wanted to take me home. But this one special family REALLY wanted me, they knew I was the right dog for them. I was supposed to go to a home that had another dog but, this special family had just lost their beloved German Shepherd, so there were no dogs in the house. But my friends Ann and Donna at L4R gave the family a chance and I'm so glad they did.

I got to go home with this family and they worked with me just as they promised Ann they would. I used to be very afraid of men so I would cower and tinkle every time my Dad came home. You would never know that now by the way I snuggle in his lap every night! My family takes me to the dog park all the time. I have lots of new friends and my hind muscles are getting stronger by the day! I even graduated obedience class and came in second place in the "stay" competition! My Mom is even thinking of signing me up for flyball next year!

I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for all the work you do to save dogs like me! My family loves me very, very much and I love them too. I'm so glad you rescued me and took a chance on my family!

Love, Charlie (#17)

P.S. Incase you didn't know, I live in a 2 family house. My Mom's cousin lives upstairs and she adopted Taylor #17 (his name is Guiness now)! He was very sad and skinny when he came to my house. But now he is happy, healthy and best friends with me and my brother Jonathan. Thanks L4R for saving him too! Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Kirsten Spadafora who adopted Jolie from Labs4Rescue
Hi there! We want to thank you all again for blessing us/letting us have Jolie as the newest member of our family. She is so good, sweet, smart, cute, etc. She is settling in very well and we couldn't ask for a better dog. We are having fun loving her up, taking her for walks, playing with her, teaching her some basic commands (which she is picking up so quickly and enjoying the food rewards she gets for sitting, lying down, and coming when called), and lying with her on the couch. She is a little overwhelmed by the yard but is getting more comfortable every time we go out. We introduced her to some neighbors and kids today and she did really well after a warm up period. She is also doing great with Ashley and Ashley is so happy to have a doggy friend again! We know Jolie has been through a lot of changes in her first 5 months but because she was treated so well and lovingly by the people who cared for her, she is doing great and loves to be wherever we are. Labs4rescue is a great organization and we are so glad to be a part of it and that we were able to adopt from you. We are so thrilled to have her! Here are a few pictures of the adorable Jolie. We will be in touch and please feel free to email us or call us to check in on her. Take care.

Kirsten Spadafora Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Eva Kercado who adopted Allie Glenda (now Cocoa) from Labs4Rescue
Glenda (and Labs4Rescue family),

I hope this email finds you and your family well. Not sure if you will remember me, but I adopted "Cocoa" AKA Allie Glenda. Thought I would update you a little...

I ended up picking up Allie Glenda Girl June of 2004, shortly thereafter (July 11, 2004) my husband was called to serve our country in Iraq. Al spent his entire year tour of duty in the "Triangle of Death," working on the first elections in Baghdad. He is a LT Colonel in the US Army.

I can not begin to tell you how my Allie was like an angel from above, although I had just got her, it was like God moved His hand for her to come to me exactly when she did. Watching the war on the TV became so painful that often times I had to turn it off... only to find myself tuning back in with hopes of possibly catching a glimpse of my husband or to make sure that the bomb did not hit where he was stationed. At times it became too much and in my moments of weakness, Allie would come to my side when she heard me crying and lay her head on my lap. She was telling me she cared and she was there for me.

Allie is the greatest companion a family could ask for. As with any good lab she fetches until the person throwing is too tired to throw anymore, she lies underfoot in the kitchen as I prepare meals; I think half hoping to catch something mid air and the other half just wanting to be in the same room as me. She is gentle, kind, faithful and true.

My husband returned from Iraq (Thank God) and he has now been home for a year, Allie of course has made fast friends with Al and they have become walking buddies. How Allie manages to equally share her love is something I wish humans could learn. The kids love and play with her constantly. Her only foes are the birds and squirrels that invade our yard.

Like I said I hope that all is well with you and your family. Thank you once again for the best dog in the world. Thank you for the opportunity for us to share our lives with Allie and for helping us to add to our family in a way that has touched our lives in such a positive way. If you look up the word "Labrador Retriever" the dictionary does not give the real definition, it should simply read, "unconditional love" as the definition.

Many Thanks,
Eva Kercado Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Tara and Dave McKenney who adopted Lucee (now Gracie) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Sheila! I hope you remember me. I adopted Lucee, a 4-month old chocolate lab from your organization in late-April. We renamed her Gracie. I thought I would provide you with an update.

Gracie is truly the love of our lives. She lives like a queen in our home and we just adore her. She has started doggie daycare on the days when I'm working and my husband is traveling (2-3 days/week). She has the perfect personality for our lifestyle - active, and she's so loving.

We can't imagine being without her now and I just thought you should know that since you were instrumental in bringing her into our lives. We have talked up Labs4Rescue to everyone who will listen and are pleased with our experience.

Best Regards,
Tara and Dave McKenney Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Khandan Baradaran, who adopted Sassy#7 from Labs4Rescue
I wonder where Sassy came from every day, knowing that I will never know, knowing that I will never know who her parents were, what her siblings looked like, or what she was like as a puppy. But when we are with her, I keep thanking whatever goodness that happened that brought her to us. She is such a love, to us it is as though she had a good life before she got here, since she is so smart, so loving, so obedient. I wonder if she was well cared for before she came to you, and whether it's her gentle nature that makes her so special or the fact that she's a rescue dog. One thing is for sure, I doubt I will ever adopt a puppy again, since I love the fact that she is already past puppyhood, is calmer and more wise, and already knows so much. She came to us 'trained' to the point that I don't even think she needs obedience training so much as I do to learn what she already knows. She is just such a gem. I tell everyone that it's as though I got a drop of magic liquid, and I dropped a drop and 'poof' I got an instant dog, already trained and ready to be the best dog ever. Sassy is so different from any dog I ever had in the past, she is just incredible. Maybe it was her former home, but I'm also sure that all the love and training she got in foster care made her that much more ready, that much more perfect. Thank you so much.

Khandan Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Kathie Hunter who adopted Annie from Labs4Rescue
I'm calling this story "Our Annie" because it took the care and dedication of so many volunteers from Labs4rescue to find this sweet girl her "forever" home.

For the past year I had been contemplating getting a playmate for my 8 yr. old Westie rescue named Mikey. It was actually a fluke that I arrived on the Labs4rescue site (I always liked Labs but was leaning toward another Westie rescue). I scrolled down and saw Annie's picture with those sad, scared eyes and it broke my heart. When I read her bio "This sweet girl is Annie. Annie is a special needs dog in that she is extremely fearful of men and loud noises. She is not at all aggressive, just fearful. We are not sure what caused this fear, but now her foster mom and dad are working very hard to try to help her overcome her anxiety. Annie is a year old, black lab mix who is about 50-55 lbs. She is extremely sweet tempered and not at all aggressive when she is frightened. But she will cower and put her tail between her legs. She would do best in a quiet home (perhaps just female) who isn't gone for long periods of time and maybe has another dog who can help to lead her. A tall order perhaps, but Annie is well worth the effort! If you think you are that special home who can help this sweet and wonderful girl, please contact us."

I was so taken back and thought "this is written for Mikey and me." I am a 58 yr. old early retired psychiatric nurse (widow) with a dog and a very large fenced yard. I do quite a bit of volunteer work but I'm only away for short periods. I had A LOT of contacts with Penny (her foster mom) and Barb (co-coordinator for this area) but I was afraid Mikey might not get along with Annie because of some of his past behavior with other dogs. Here's where another "Angel" from Labs4rescue saved us.

I met Jennifer at an adoption site just down the street from my house (talk about fate!). I was telling everyone that would listen about Annie and showing her web site pictures and trying to gain insight into Lab behavior. Jennifer, her husband Mike and I had a nice long conversation and she offered to loan me a crate to get Annie. I called her about a week later and she came to my house within three hours with the crate but most of all she brought Athena (her Lab rescue) because Athena is so calm and is agreeable with all the other dogs. I was so scared and holding a very tight lead on Mikey. He acted aggressively and Jennifer advised me to loosen the lead, I was hesitant to do this but she reassured me that it would be O.K. and most of his behavior was because he was picking up on my fear. Jen and I talked for a long while and then I asked her if we could go in my backyard and put them together off lead (I only had this confidence because I knew that Jen could judge and take control of the situation if it went bad). Well we did and it was such a beautiful site to see my precious Mikey and Athena running and playing together. Then Jen told me not to worry, that Mikey and Annie would get along very well. Before this I was nervous to have Mikey meet Annie but now I was just excited.

On the day I was to meet Penny in the commuter lot of my old home town (another coincidence), there was our Annie sitting in the back of Penny's Subaru looking so serene and confident as she watched the other dogs with the transport crew (it was heartwarming to see all these people receiving their wonderful Labs!) When I saw her I almost cried--she is so beautiful inside and out--none of the pictures could show her gorgeous black shiny coat and the elegant way she carries herself. She and Mikey got along well and my niece Bonnie and I brought her home. This was the best part --she was not shy with my niece and I, she gave a big kiss right away. When my nephew arrived I was concerned because of her fear of men, but guess what she came over to him and after he petted her a couple of times she was kissing him too. She hasn't been that way with all men and seems to be the most cautious with older men. I don't know what happened to that poor sweet girl in the past, but I understand those shelters be very bad for a sweet sensitive girl like our Annie.

She has greatly improved on her shyness and is less fearful of loud noises and objects that are new to her. I have enrolled her in obedience classes at the Humane Society (they're more used to dealing with dogs that have been abused). If all goes well I hope she will become a Therapy dog for the elderly. Her behavior reminds me so much of the abused women that were my patients in Psych (they also were lacking in confidence and fearful of many things) and with enough time, guidance, love and patience I truly believe she will reach her full potential and be able to use her God given talents. She is one of the most loving dogs I've ever had she just needs confidence, which she is gaining everyday.

Despite her circumstances as a very young puppy she has been fortunate that all of us have cared so much for her (especially her foster mom Penny who said she wouldn't give her up unless she could find the perfect home for Annie. She would even give up fostering (which is truly her talent) to keep Annie rather then send her to a home she wasn't sure was right for her. This is an example of how committed the Labs4rescue volunteers are---they are diligent about making the correct matches for the people and the dogs. They even do a home visit to be sure it's right for their Labs. In some cases they even allow you to foster the dog for two weeks before you adopt.

Barb called me the next day after receiving Annie to see how everything was and I told her "forget the fostering, I'm adopting her today, any problems that may arise Annie, Mikey and I will work through together--you'd have to tear her out of my arms to get her back." There haven't been any real problems just JOY! To see Mkey and Annie chasing each other around the yard, playing (and competing) for the ball, getting into trouble with our neighbors dogs through the fence and my sister who was doubtful about Annie has been captured by the "Annie" charm (Annie can't stop kissing her when she comes to visit) and my sister isn't even used to Big Black Dogs!

The road ahead may be a lot of work for Annie but I have a philosophy that when someone helps to change your life for the better you owe it to society to give something back. What Annie will give back as a Therapy dog is all the love she's been blessed with from her Labs4rescue "Angels." Everyone knew she was a precious gift from God to be treasured not discarded. That's why she is "Our Annie."

Kathie Hunter Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Sue Beebe who adopted Haley Hansen (now Haley) from Labs4Rescue
Dear Labs4Rescue,

It's been about 1 year since we adopted Haley Hansen (A.K.A. Haley, Haley Jean, H.J.) at the age of 19 months and it seems as we've had her forever. We've always had purebred lab puppies before purchased from breeders but I can assure you that we are now true L4R converts. Our 10-year-old lab, Tessa had died a few years ago and the kids had been begging for a dog. We just built a new house and I didn't want to go through that puppy stage again. The kids found the L4R web site and began searching for the perfect dog. They quickly found Haley's picture and badgered me into reading her story. As soon as I looked at her picture I knew that this was the girl for us. We submitted the application and crossed our fingers, hoping that we would have a chance to get Haley. We quickly heard from Haley's foster mom Ann, and arranged for a visit that same afternoon. Haley was waiting for us at the door with a ball in her mouth. We talked with Ann and took Haley for a short walk in the rain. Haley became our girl four days later and we couldn't have been more pleased.

Miss Haley had led a short but unhappy life. She had a couple of different owners who didn't understand the needs and energy level of a young lab. She was crated, kenneled and unfairly disciplined. But that has all changed. Haley lives the life of a queen. She has never seen the inside of a crate since we've adopted her. Her initial high level of energy was quickly channeled into more appropriate activities such as ball and Frisbee chasing. She will still snitch illegal items at times but she pretty quickly tires of "the game" and allows us to retrieve the snitched item. She loves the freedom of the invisible fence around our property. She takes her job of official squirrel and turkey chaser quite seriously as any good lab would. Haley also spends a good part of the day catching up on her beauty sleep like the true Diva that she is. One of her favorite spots is the living room sofa where she usually lies on her back stretched out about five feet long. She also loves to sun bathe in front of the sliding door or snooze on one of the kid's beds. Miss Haley loves to be the center of attention and will usually plunk her Labby butt down smack dab in the middle of what ever is going on.

Over the past 6 months Haley has started to show some early signs of arthritis. We've found that she does better with short, frequent periods of exercise rather than long, strenuous periods. We give her an occasional aspirin when she's in pain but we may need to switch to a prescription eventually and our vet has her on a weight loss regime. She's only about 4 or 5 pounds overweight but that can make a big difference with bad hips. She was too thin when we adopted her and we've all enjoyed spoiling her with frequent treats and goodies and now she's a bit too plump!

Every night when I kiss Haley good night, I thank her for coming to live with us. I still feel sad thinking of what our poor girl went through before we found her and brought her home where she belonged. Our family would like to thank Labs4Rescue for doing what they do best, rescuing dogs in need. We'd like to encourage anyone who is thinking of acquiring a new dog to think about a rescue dog. There are some many wonderful dogs in need of a good home. I know that we will never again be "doggy snobs" and purchase the "perfect puppy" from a breeder because we found our "perfect dog" at L4R.

Haley's Mom, Sue Beebe Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Georgette Miller who adopted Willey (now Riley) from Labs4Rescue
I recently adopted a yellow lab from LABS4RESCUE, and felt the need to write a letter of recommendation! I would like to compliment them on their devotion and teamwork that shows so well in this organization. If you are thinking about a Lab or any dog Please consider Labs4rescue. I had so many questions, my dog was all the way from Louisiana, I live in NY, and they answered each and every question I had. Via email/or phone...they gave me the perfect fit for my family and it shows. It was very exciting to pick him up! My main concern was him getting along with my other 3 dogs and children, one of which is autistic, and he DID GREAT! All these dogs are in foster homes which makes it wonderful to get an idea about the true 'temperament' of the dog! He was socialized so well, is gentle and wonderful. Please consider a rescue, there are so many out there in need of what a family can give, and Labs4rescue is a great organization that can help you all the way! Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Cora Costa who adopted Kristy from Labs4Rescue
We adopted Kristy (came from Louisiana) from Labs4Rescue in January 2006 for a companion for our lab Otis we have had since a puppy. She had gone through quite a lot of misery in her life prior to coming into our home. She has been the most incredible addition to our family. She is the best dog and gets along with Otis like 2 peas in a pod. We are so in love with her & we are having double the fun with 2 of them. I wish I could adopt every dog that needs a home.

The experience with Labs4Rescue has been so positive and wonderful since day 1, that we will continue to promote this organization to everyone I speak with who is looking for a pet. We are always happy to help.

Cora Costa Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Jennifer Coleman who adopted Tara from Labs4Rescue
Labs4Rescue is truly a wonderful organization. I adopted a chocolate lab mix in the beginning of this past December. The journey to find her and bring her home was amazing and unlike any other adoption experience. Tara has also brought so much to myself and my other dog, a golden. Aside from the many joys that Tara has brought, the Labs4Rescue Organization has also inspired me.

It is the most caring, honest and organized rescue organization I have ever dealt with and I constantly encourage others to consider adopting from them. The society of Labs4Rescue Volunteers, Adopters and Fosters is obviously committed heart and soul to these animals.

Best of Luck!
Jennifer Coleman Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Jordan Cannady who adopted Sera Ann, a nine year old senior Lab from Labs4Rescue
Hi Sheila,

I meant every word I said, I met Deb in Ct. at the drop off and - what a peach! I just can't get over what a kind and sincere bunch y'all are.

I'm sure this is no surprise to you but I want to take a minute to describe the setting to you. There was a large panel truck loaded to the max with crates. A ramp leading down to the ground and a cluster of expectant folks waiting for dogs at the bottom. As each dog came out, the look of joy on each and every person's face was unbelievable. As each dog came out, a large envelope was passed out with the medical records. On the outside was the dog's name in bold marker pen and the dog's picture. Simultaneously, an adorable bundle of goofy lab puppy came bounding down the ramp as an envelope was held high in the air with a happy go lucky "goofy lab puppy face" on the front. I wish you could have heard the laughter as that dog raced down the ramp into the waiting arms of the delighted owners. I almost cried. If happiness could be bottled and sold, this would be the place to gather it up.

Sera Ann came out, a little shy but with that strong tail waving back and forth like a fan blade. She went up to every dog in the place and there wasn't a bit of aggression on either side. I was surprised at how small she seemed, only because I'm used to my big ol' Dash. Mind you, I wasn't the least bit disappointed, just surprised.

As we left she hopped right up in the back seat of the car and laid down, completely relaxed. Home was 1 1/2 hour drive away not counting a few water and go for a walk stops (which she loved.) I talked to her a lot. I reached back to her every few minutes and she gave my hand those wonderful lab kisses. About a third of the way, she decided she needed to ride up front with me.

The meeting with Dash took place in our backyard and went smooth as a gravy sandwich. Sera Ann went into the yard, went about three yards and then flipped over and let Dash check her out. From that moment on, we haven't had a bit of trouble with the two of them. The only problem we've experienced so far is that Sera Ann, the 9 year old runs circles around our 7 year old couch potato. Also, he can't quite understand why Sera Ann insists on emptying out his toy barrel, sleeping on each of his 3 beds when she has a perfectly good bed of her own and hogs both of the bones we bought for the two of them. Not that Dash was taught to share. He just isn't used to someone 3/4's his size with twice his gusto for all of the swell stuff in the house!

So far we've learned that Sera Ann loves toys, loves running around the house loves snacks, loves going out in the backyard, asks to be let in by butting up against the door instead of barking like Dash does, follows me around like a shadow, doesn't have a shy bone in her body, will sit on command - especially if their is a biscuit involved, has learned that Dash always gets a biscuit when he comes in the house from the backyard therefore, so does she! Oh, and did I mention that she figured out that although there are two perfectly comfortable dog beds upstairs in our bedroom, Dash's on Irene's side of the bed and Sera Ann's next my side- Dash never sleeps in his bed, not when there is room for an 86 pound (excuse me, make that 76 pounds - did I mention that much to Dash's dismay, his dieting and the Pilate's tapes have paid off) between Irene and I. We woke up this morning and found Sera Ann comfortable nestled around our feet at the foot of the bed. I've got some mixed feelings however fair is fair and I'm well aware of the fact that Sera Ann, just like Dash, will keep careful track of who gets what perks in the world of dogdome at the Cannady home.

Today will be the first day the two of them will be on their own in the house. We tried to close off whatever rooms we could but there is still some room for mischief. Dash has always, from the very first day, been extremely well behaved. Not a bit of counter surfing, no tearing apart of anything, no accidents of any kind. We plan on being understanding but will wait and see how it goes.

Obviously, the beginning of the "trial" period was very good and my hope is that it will continue with no bad surprises. I have taken lots of pictures and they will be forthcoming.

From what I've seen so far, I can't begin to imagine what in the world would cause someone to give up such a sweet dog after 9 years. It's a strange world we live in. I'll keep you posted and thank you again!

Jordan Cannady Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Allison Bannon who adopted Maggie #21 from Labs4Rescue
I just wanted to let you all know that Maggie has adjusted wonderfully to her new home. I am very grateful she has become a part of my life. It was definitely love at first sight. She has a great personality and she has made many friends here in CT. I also will be happy to speak to any prospective adopters about labs4rescue. Thank you kindly for introducing me to a new best friend.

Allison Bannon Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Laraine and Ned Gaunt who adopted Sadie from Labs4Rescue

We are delighted to say that Sadie is a wonderful dog! She is loving, friendly, and easy going. She has settled in well to our home and is getting to know our neighborhood and even met some of the neighborhood dogs. We don't have a fenced in yard so we've been doing a lot of leash walking which is fine - getting us in shape. She has not had any accidents in the house and happily goes into her crate at night and if we have to go out.

We have been very impressed with the operation of Labs4Rescue. Your organization is obviously interested in finding good homes for your dogs and we are very happy we discovered your website. Our home visit by Wendy was also very helpful and I'm sure we'll stay in touch with her to let her know how Sadie is doing.

Thanks for sending Sadie to us.
Laraine and Ned Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Karen Ferguson who adopted Simon #6 (now Sawyer) from Labs4Rescue
Hello Ladies,

It has been 6 months since I brought Sawyer (Simon #6) home. I know you get a lot of e mails and have many dogs go through your organization and I hope this email is welcome amid all the others. I just wanted to share my excitement with the people who brought Sawyer into my life.

He has been going through obedience training and will be graduating next week and taking the Canine Good Citizen test in a few weeks. Today our trainer said instead of going into Advanced Obedience with us he would really love to train Sawyer for Pet Therapy. I took this as quite a compliment and am VERY excited to say I have decided to peruse that with him once he gets his Canine Good Citizen.

Thank you both so much for all you have done for these dogs and the people who love them.

Karen Ferguson and Sawyer Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Demi Fischer (Burlington, VT), who adopted Sir Charles from Labs4Rescue on February 21, 2004
Two years ago on February 21, my husband and I met the transport in Wallingford, was a very cold night and the transport was quite late - late enough that we took the opportunity to take a nap in the car! We had decided to adopt Sir Charles, a large chocolate labbie, and I must admit, I was a bit concerned about the whole process of adopting a dog I had never seen in person!

Charlie got off the transport toward the end of the process, and when I saw him, all my concerns melted husband still teases me that the second I saw him, I said, "I hope that's him, because I love him already." He got in the car and slept all the way home - all 4.5 hours...not a peep out of him.

Inexperience with a rescue dog brought a few rough patches, like when he lifted his leg in the dining room at Mother's Day dinner attended by my in-laws (who don't like dogs), but with the support of Cathy and Sheila and the trainer (I forget her name), and after going to Basic Obedience class (and graduating with honors, I might add), he made slow but steady progress toward being the dog we all love today. It was over a year before we could leave him out of the crate when we left the house. He still occasionally counter surfs, but the good news is that now he feels safe enough to do some naughty stuff...

Charlie is a galoot - that's the perfect word for him...he flops around when he lays down, and he falls off the couch periodically. He eats like a lab (my Jake doesn't - he's a picky eater, if you can believe that!), and he would retrieve his ball until he dropped if we let him! His disposition is sunny and he makes us chuckle.

When we got him, he was a bit skinny and his coat was dry and lightly chocolate; now he is straddling the line between being the perfect weight and not - but who of us doesn't have that problem, especially in Vermont in February? His coat is shiny and dark chocolate. His eyes are very soulful. In short, he is the most gorgeous chocolate lab I have ever seen!

Charlie has turned out to be my dog...if I am in the house, he is at my side or in my lap. He has helped me get through a lot over the last two years and I love him so much, my friends get sick of hearing about him. He reminds me of me sometimes, maybe that's why we bonded so tightly.

I want to thank all of you for bringing Charlie to us...we all love him and he is flourishing under that love. He is our gift from Labs4Rescue and we cherish him.

The work you all do is so important and so wonderful...thank you.

Demi Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Dawn and Randy Bruneau, who adopted Farley from Labs4Rescue
We had family up for a long weekend, they just left today, they have two children 4 & 7 who have not been exposed much to dogs. Because of this they opted to stay at a hotel just in case. Well, the hotel stay only lasted one night because as soon as they got to spend some much needed time with a great dog, Farley, they did not feel the need to stay anywhere else but our house! We have had Farley for a year now, he is 1 1/2 year old lab/hound from your Labs4Rescue. He is so gentle with our children and others as well, he has great manners and impressed the family to the point that when they are at the point in their lives that they are ready for a dog they will seek out Labs4Rescue! Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Christina Byrne, who adopted Kristy Ann (now Savanah) from Labs4Rescue
I had graduated the summer before from college, and I had been working for almost a year when I decided to adopt a dog. I started my search on-line, because there are many resources such as to be found. When I saw a picture of the fluff ball they had given the name Kristy Ann, I fell in love. She was so cute from the tiny picture I saw. So I decided to start to process of adopting her if I could. She was being fostered by a group of volunteers called Labs4rescue. They are made up of people all over, particularly on the East Coast who foster dogs of any lab descent and of all ages. Then they are posted on Petfinder to find homes for these loveable animals that have come from all walks of life.

Savanah came from Tennessee, and after I filled out an application, got in touch with the foster mother, and finally had a home visit by a volunteer of the group, a previous adopter who was contacted and asked to help out who lived in my area. Once we were accepted, Savanah got to travel on an overnight ride in a crate which was put with many other dogs in crates in a horse trailed, and driven overnight by a volunteer up to New England where stops were made and animals were given to their new owners. When I brought her home, she was so scared and tired after that long drive up. But after a few hours giving her loving attention and treats, she started adapting to our family. I was living with my parents at the time, so they were able to help and enjoy the experience of a new puppy. She is 10 months old now, and I don't know how I could have ever been without her. She has fallen in love with New England Winter weather, and loves to play and lay in the snow. She makes me laugh everyday, and I feel younger for it. Thanks Labs4rescue for giving me the chance to save a young puppy and give her a good life, and thanks for giving me her, she fills me with so much love and joy everyday.

Christina Byrne
New Fairfield, CT Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Hughie, now Chance, to his brothers Louie and Dewie, and friends
Oh boy! What an exciting night I had Louie and Dewie. Guess who I got to see again?? Aunt Ginny! Yes I did!!!!!!

Mom told me that there was a fid (furry kid) coming up with Aunt Virginia and his new family could not meet the transport because of a prior commitment, (whatever that is). I guess it's like when I came up, mom and dad could not be there cause they were out of town so Donna volunteered to take me overnight.

Well, anyway, everyone knows who Aunt Virginia is right? She was the Angel who pulled me and my two brothers from a kill shelter the day we were supposed to be killed. She saved us all and now we all have a wonderful FOREVER HOME and FOREVER FAMILY.

Aunt Ginny was as happy to see me as I was to see her. She said I am Handsome! She seemed kind of proud of me. It gave me such nice warm feelings inside to see her. We couldn't visit long cause they had more fids to take to Connecticut to meet their foster and forever families. I wish I could have gone in the truck to tell them all how lucky they are that Labs4Rescue is taking care of them.

The good part is that we got to bring this big guy named "MOBY" home with us. Mom said his new family will pick him up Sunday. Moby was very good in the car and slept all the way home. I tried to tell him everything would be ok cause he was gonna meet someone who would love him forever, but he just kept sleeping.

When we got home mom put us right out in the yard so we could get to know each other. It was late at night so we didn't get too much play time. Mom said Dad had to get up at 4:00 am for a bus trip with the school wrestling team. Moby made himself right at home, found the water and food dish and helped himself. After we got our treats we went to bed. I'm good as sharing so when Moby decided to lie down on my bed, I let him. That is my spot cause then mom can reach down through the night and touch me. I slept on a bed at the end of mom and dad's bed and Pippi, of course, slept on her bed. She thinks she is a princess and does not share as well as I do. Actually there is another word for Pippi but I am not allowed to call her that! We were all very good and went to sleep. Through the night Moby and switched places a few times but we were VERY GOOD mom said.

When we woke up mom let us go outside in the yard. Moby is not used to stairs so I had to teach him to go up and down the stairs. He is a fast learner.

He listens real good too. When he saw mom get the treats when we came inside he sat. When mom told him to go lay down he did. He's a little grabby with his treat, so mom told him to be gentle and he was. He was probably afraid I would take it from him.

He likes my rawhide chips. He hasn't played with any of my toys yet though, just the Marrow bone and my chips.

Mom calls him "Sweetheart!" YUK......

I think his new family will really like him. I do.

Mom was very happy to see Aunt Virginia. They hugged a lot. Mom is so happy that we were saved by her and that she got to adopt me. Aunt Virginia took a picture of me too. Mom forgot her camera, but next time she will have it so dad can take a picture of Aunt Virginia, mom and me.

Aunt Virginia is happy for all of us, not just the three of us, but all of us who find good homes. Mom said, "God Bless people like Aunt Virginia. Not too many people recognize or appreciate all the work that goes into these rescues."

Thank you Aunt Virginia, and all the others who work so hard to take care of us and find us Forever Homes.

Louie and Dewie, I told Aunt Virginia Hi for you too and that you guys are lucky too, to have good, loving homes. But I think she knew it.

Happy Holidays to all.....ADOPT A LAB AND HAVE A FRIEND FOR LIFE.

Chance ( formerly HUGHIE) Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Nina Insardi, who adopted Zach #3 from Labs4Rescue
Dear Labs4Rescue,

I just wanted to write and provide you with an update on one of your recent adoptees - Zach (#3).

Zach is doing great and is the best dog ever! He has adjusted very well to his new home and his new routine, and everyone who meets him comments on what a "good boy" or "sweet boy" he is. As his new mom I can attest to that. He is a fantastic dog.

Zach goes to doggy day camp during the week while I am at work, and he loves it. He is the star camper. All the counselors love him, and he gets along great with the other dogs - large and small. He just wants to play all the time so that is a great outlet for him. He loves to get a toy or a bone in his mouth and play "chase Zach." We play this game quite often at home, and I chase him all around the house but of course, I never catch him. Apparently it is his favorite game at camp too. He LOVES attention, and he gets a lot of it. His big tail wags furiously whenever someone just says his name.

Zach's favorite toy is a purple BIG MEAN KITTY doll, and he carries it with him all over the house. It is also his favorite "chase" toy. He already chewed one ear off which I had to surgically reattach. It is pretty worn and slobbery, but he loves it. He looked pretty nervous when I threw it in the washing machine recently, but all is well! BIG MEAN KITTY survived intact.

By the end of a day spent running around at day camp, Zach is so tired that he just falls sound asleep after eating dinner (dinner is a priority, and Zach is never too tired to eat - he is a BIG boy). He eats his dinner first and then thinks he is entitled to some of mine too. He could be totally stuffed but is always ready to eat more. He especially likes cheese, but he will come running any time he hears me in the kitchen to see what he might scavenge. He is not a particularly picky eater!

Sleeping is also a favorite pastime of his and is done wherever he can stretch out. He is allowed on the furniture so that gives him a lot of options (I am such a lenient mom). Although he has his own big cozy bed, he seems to prefer mine. He is a big bed hog, but that's okay with me even though he snores like a freight train sometimes. I am sure I will be happy on a cold winter's night to have my nice warm cuddle bug next to me.

Anyway, I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how he is doing and to thank everyone involved with Labs4Rescue who helped take care of Zach before he arrived home with me. He is a super-friendly, sweet, laid back, extremely well-trained dog, and I can't imagine not having him in my life. I also can't imagine anyone having given him up. He has certainly caused me to change my priorities, and I look forward to seeing his sweet face every night when I get home from work.

Thanks especially to Glenda who fostered him in Tennessee and to Bethany in Connecticut and to all the volunteers who are working so hard to help dogs like him. I am telling everyone about your organization.

Thanks again for the great work you do!

Nina Insardi Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Lesley Cruz, who adopted Teddy from Labs4Rescue

I was just emailing Teresa, my new lab's foster Mom how impressed I am with this organization and I wanted to pass it along to you as well. Despite the fact that you are in one location, the foster Mom is in another, and the home visit person is in yet another location, this process has been absolutely seamless. I am so impressed with the amount of communication that has taken place since day one as well as the professionalism from everyone involved. I also love how you even sent articles to help with the adjustment of our new labbie - wow!! I've been telling so many people about the great experience I've had with all of you -- I even bought two license plate frames for further "advertisement." : ) Thanks so much for everything! I truly appreciate it!

Lesley Cruz Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Zeke, who the Clark's adopted from Labs4Rescue
Dear President of Labs4Rescue,

I am a 6 year old chocolate lab who was saved by your organization. I would like to thank and recognize the people who were involved in helping me to find my new Mommy and Daddy.

Ann Hilchey was my adoption advocate and she really loved me and worked very hard to find me a home. When my new Mommy and Daddy wrote to her to ask questions about me she said, "He is just a big, old, gorgeous purebred chocolate lab! He is a fabulous boy and he has so much to give! He is a wonderful dog and deserves more than what he is getting. He is very handsome and has absolutely NO issues. I am so excited for Zeke-you are going to love him!" She kept telling the people who wanted to be my Mommy and Daddy such wonderful things about me that they just couldn't resist adopting me!!! I grew to love her in the time I knew her-she is sooooo nice and she just loves doggies! I thank God that she came into my life to help me when my Mommy and Daddy wanted to give me away. I was a very sad boy and she came to my rescue and worked very hard to find a new home for me. She did all of this out of kindness and love for me-she didn't get any money for all of her efforts in my adoption. I want to thank her(I would give her many kisses if she was here) and I want to tell her I will always be grateful to her for saving my life.

Kathy Smith is the lady who did the home visit with my new Mommy and Daddy. She came to visit with her yellow lab to see if my new Mommy and Daddy would pass inspection. She asked them lots of questions about why they wanted me and how they would treat me if I came to live with them. She did all of this out of love and concern for me. I want to thank her for traveling all the way from Dover, NH, to York, ME, to visit and check out my new Mommy and Daddy. My adoption couldn't have happened without a home visit.

Deb is the lady who notified my new Mommy and Daddy about when and where I would be arriving after my transport. She sent e-mails and updates to my Mommy and Daddy so they could make plans for my arrival in Newington, NH. Thank goodness she loves doggies and works as a volunteer-my Mommy and Daddy wouldn't have known where to pick me up without her help.

Rocky and Virginia are the ladies who drove me in the box truck to Newington, NH, to meet my new parents. What would I have done without them? I am very blessed that they love doggies so much that they travel often to transport dogs like me to their forever homes.

I am such a lucky dog. I have been in my new home for 8 days now and I feel like I'm in heaven. I never could have found my Mommy and Daddy without these wonderful people who give so much of themselves to help us dogs. I will be grateful to you always and forever-you are so sweet and wonderful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My new Mommy and Daddy are so much in love with me. They hug and kiss me and tell me they will love me forever. I have had many trips to the beach to walk and play ball and I go for a walk every day. They told me they are very blessed to have me in their life. My Mommy tells everyone we meet that they got me from Labs4Rescue and we will always be advocates for all the other doggies who need homes. My Mommy and Daddy keep telling me that I am their forever dog-I guess that means that I will always be with them. Now I need to thank God that I will never lose my Mommy and Daddy because they will love me forever. I also thank God for these wonderful people who helped me to get to York, ME.

I love you all,
Ezekiel Clark, alias Zeke#6 Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Zeke, who the Clark's adopted from Labs4Rescue
Hi Everyone,

My name is Zeke and I am a six-year-old, 75 pound, purebred chocolate Labrador retriever. My Mommy and Daddy are moving and they decided not to take me and my 7-year-old sister, Madison, with them. We were very sad to hear this because we thought they would love us forever. We didn't know what we were going to do without a Mommy and Daddy to love and take care of us.

My sister found a new Mommy and Daddy in upstate New York, lucky girl, but I still did not have anyone. Then, I found out I was also going to have a new Mommy and Daddy who said they would love me forever and never give me away.

On Friday, 10/21, I was put in a crate on a box truck in New York with lots of other dogs. I had to sleep there that night and I was scared without my sister and family. A nice lady who drove the truck slept in the truck with us and tried to make us feel safe.

The next morning, 10/22, we left New York to ride to Connecticut and then to New Hampshire. I was alone in the crate and very sad and scared. I couldn't begin to imagine where I was going or whom I would meet when I arrived in Newington, NH. It was a long ride for me and we finally arrived at 2PM. The nice lady who drove the truck took me out of my crate and introduced me to a man and woman who petted me and hugged me and told me they would love me forever. The lady said, "Hi, Zeke, I'm your new Mommy" and the man put a leash on me and took me for a walk so I could go to the bathroom (what a relief).

The man put me in his car and I went home with my new Mommy and Daddy. When I went to my new house I found lots of toys, food, and a nice warm doggie bed-all for me. It will take me awhile to adjust to my new Mommy and Daddy and stop missing my sister but I am giving my Mommy and Daddy lots of kisses to let them know I love them for caring about me. I guess I am one of the luckiest doggies in the whole world. I can tell they think I am wonderful and we have been spending a lot of time bonding together.

My new Mommy is very nice and she calls me Zekie-poo!! I told her she could call me that in the house but not outside where I would be embarrassed. I need people to know I am a macho dog.

My new Daddy is really cool and he calls me Zeke. He knows I am sweet and lovable but he treats me like a real boy. I love to ride in the car and walk with him.

My new official name is Ezekiel but you can call me Zeke or Zekie-boy. I have to have a name from the Bible because God must have been watching over me to help me find this new wonderful home where I will live for the rest of my days.

My new parents found me at I am soooooo happy they searched the net to find a new doggie or I might be out on the street right now. If you need a lab please search here because there are hundreds of labs who need homes. If you want any other kind of doggie you can search on and put in the breed you want. We want and need your love.

I am going to be the best boy and make my new parents very proud of me. I am very thankful they wanted to love me and share their life with me when I needed them. I hope my sister is as happy as I am. I can't write to her because I don't know her address but we won't forget each other.

I hope I can meet all of you in the future and show you how wonderful, sweet, handsome, loving and happy I am.

Ezekiel Clark, alias Zeke Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Cara and Robert Vanacore, who adopted Trina from Labs4Rescue
Dear Cathy:

I would like to take the time to say thank you. A little over a month ago our family adopted Trina, a beautiful black lab who was about 6 months old.

She has become the perfect addition to our family. Recently, my husband Bob has had to be away for work. Having Trina with me has been a comfort. We have had our ups and downs with crate training and getting her housebroken in a new home, but I wouldn't trade a day of that.

Thank you again for helping complete our family. Trina is the "baby" of the house and she knows it. We couldn't be happier.

Cara and Robert Vanacore Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Douglas Long, who adopted Shoney (now Duke) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Cathy,

My name is Douglas Long. I live in Fairfield CT and recently adopted "Shoney" (now "Duke") from your organization. I wanted to write and thank all of the caring volunteers that work for your organization. I had a wonderful experience with each and eveyone of them and it seemed that each volunteer was even nicer than the last which I thought was an impossibility.

I particularly wanted to thank Sheila for her warm disposition, caring ways and helpfulness. I will be happy to recomend your organization to anyone that I know who is looking for a nice dog to call their own. "Duke" is now warming up to me and my other dog "Peanut" and quickly becoming part of the family. Your screening methods and patience are the correct blend and in my case made for the perfect match. I am nothing but delighted in my choice and now have someone new in my life to both love and get love from.

Best wishes always,
Douglas W. Long Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Sherri and Joe Minkle, who adopted Theo from Labs4Rescue
When we decided we wanted to adopt a big chocolate lab with a big heart, we weren't sure if we would be able to find a perfect match. After looking through lots of descriptions of dogs on, we came across the picture of a big chocolate lab with the goofiest smile we'd ever seen. We knew we had to meet him! He had been rescued from a shelter and was living with a Labs4Rescue foster family in Connecticut. That weekend we drove down from Massachusetts to meet this big guy eager to see if he was as cute in person.

Our first visit happened kind of like the Jerry Maguire movie when Renee Zellweger said "You had me at hello." As soon as we saw him we fell in love. He had a wonderful temperment, a heart of gold and was a big cuddly teddy bear. The only question was what kind of medical care he was going to need. He had a limp when he was found as a stray and was in the process of being evaluated by Labs4rescue's veterinarians. A few days after our visit, we were relieved to find out that he had a torn ligament in his knee that was able to be repaired by surgery! Labs4rescue scheduled his surgery and after a week with his foster family he came home with us! We did therapy with him to help heal his knee, kept his activity to a minimum while he healed and the rest is history.

Theo is a wonderful dog. He fit right into our routine almost immediately and from the moment we got him home he seemed to figure out this was his "forever home." He's friendly, loveable and very easy going. He hasn't had a single accident and can be left alone in the house while we are at work without any worries. Playing ball, riding in the car and swimming in the local pond are his favorite things in the world! In fact, it's nearly impossible to resist playing a game of fetch with him because you can't help but see the joy in his big brown eyes when he's playing ball. However, he's not all play... he's on constant "watch" for any squirrels outside and he seems to consider it his "job" to find a new stick in the yard to bring back to us every morning. We'll have no problem finding kindling wood for the fireplace next winter... Theo has that job under control!

The first comment from anyone that meets Theo is "Wow! He's BIG!" Then next they always say.. "He's so good, too!" We make sure to emphasize that we adopted him from a rescue group and there are tons more GREAT dogs available at shelters and rescue leagues just like him. When we went looking for a dog our goal was to find a big chocolate lab with a big heart. What we ended up with is a new best friend that brings us companionship, smiles and laughs every single day. A perfect match.

Sherri, Joe and Theo Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Cheryl Morin, who adopted Foley (now Bailey) from Labs4Rescue
We adopted a black lab, Bailey (formerly Foley), about a month ago. The process was quick and easy and yet very safe and secure for our dog. Through Labs4Rescue we were able to find Bailey who is a perfect match for our family. He is such a special dog and is so loving to our Golden Retriever (Rosie), our children as well as my husband and I. He filled the lonliness that filled Rosie's heart. You see, about 11 months ago we had to put our other black lab to sleep due to a severe tumor he had on the front of his brain. Rosie loved him very much and grew quite lonely without her partner. My family also was left with a hole in our hearts. About a month or so ago we started looking for another lab. Petfinder put us in contact with the Connecticut Labs4Rescue and it was there we found Bailey. We fell in love right away. Bailey has been a wonderful addition to our family and has brought us a lot of love, comfort and joy. We are so greatful to Petfinder and Labs4Rescue for bringing us together. Thank you! Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Janine and Erik Sloth, who adopted Gypsy from Labs4Rescue
Janine, Gypsy and I would like to wish you a Happy Anniversary. We just wanted to tell you how happy we are to have been a part of your wonderful organization. Gypsy has been the best dog anyone could have ever wished for!

Thank you for all that you and Labs4Rescue do. Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Cheryl Morin, who adopted Foley (now Bailey) from Labs4Rescue
We adopted a black lab, Bailey (formerly Foley), about a month ago. The process was quick and easy and yet very safe and secure for our dog. Through Labs4Rescue we were able to find Bailey who is a perfect match for our family. He is such a special dog and is so loving to our Golden Retriever (Rosie), our children as well as my husband and I. He filled the lonliness that filled Rosie's heart. You see, about 11 months ago we had to put our other black lab to sleep due to a severe tumor he had on the front of his brain. Rosie loved him very much and grew quite lonely without her partner. My family also was left with a hole in our hearts. About a month or so ago we started looking for another lab. Petfinder put us in contact with the Connecticut Labs4Rescue and it was there we found Bailey. We fell in love right away. Bailey has been a wonderful addition to our family and has brought us a lot of love, comfort and joy. We are so greatful to Petfinder and Labs4Rescue for bringing us together. Thank you! Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Donna Skotz, who adopted Joy (now Molly) from Labs4Rescue
She is the BEST dog I ever had...and I have had a dog for 62 years.

She came home and had supper and I gave her a bath....didn't like the bathtub. She is all that you said, doesn't jump, doesn't bite, doesn't bark, low key, loves my 4 year old fact, she even lets her lead her around with the leash and never pulls or anything. Just stays right close to her. Walks well with me without pulling. I will be working some commands with her, which I am sure she will learn quickly. She sits when asked,...we are learning "Stay."

She loves people and particularly being in the kitchen whenever anybody goes there. She sits in hopes of getting something to eat...which she loves to do. She will try to get up on the sofa once in a while when we are sitting there, but one push down and she stays. She sleeps in her new bed and loves to sleep in the sunlight. She goes into her kennel at night to sleep, but she will probably get invited into my bedroom on her other new bed to sleep there with me after a week or so of the kennel. I want her to get used to being in it.

I live on a very little pond, which she discovered and went literally "diving in off the side of the lawn. She was very peaked when she saw the resident two ducks we have and was prepared to go in after them, but we had her on a leash, so she couldn't get in the water. We have many geese that come to visit and walk up on the lawn, so hopefully, they will find a new place to go, as they are noisy and very dirty little critters.

Molly (new name) loves to play ball and brings it right back to you. She loves people, wags her tail all the time, and judging from the kitchen and sofa habits, I think she must have had all the luxuries of a good life. I'm afraid someone might be missing a wonderful dog, for whatever reason she left her home. But it is definitely my gain.

I will recommend you personally and Labs4rescue every opportunity I get. I think you did a wonderful job of assessing her, which cannot be easy when she was not living in a home environment.

Again, thanks soooo much for all that you do to help these dogs. Where would be all be without your timeless efforts? Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Eric and April Shearn, who adopted Random (now Quincy) from Labs4Rescue
Hi Cathy,

Hope all is well. I just wanted to send a belated thank you to you and Labs4Rescue.

Almost 2 months ago, we adopted Quincy (formerly Random) from Louisiana. It was such a tough decision to review your website daily and try to limit ourselves to choosing only one dog but we instantly fell for Quincy. That first day in Wallingford, I brought our 2 year old female lab Harley with me for the company and to meet her new 'brother.' It was such an amazing sight to see the camper and van show up with floor to ceiling dogs whom we knew were going to loving new homes.

Although the initial introduction was a little rough for Harley, Quincy was a real love-he just sat in the car on the way home and kept trying to kiss us. It was so sweet! He has been that way ever since. He is such an easy going dog who has adjusted really nicely to our home. From what his foster mom had told me, he was primarily an outdoor dog so I was a little concerned about how he'd transition to being an indoor dog. Well, I definitely needn't have worried. He spends his days with his 'sister' on one of the beds or on the couch happily snoozing.

They play so well together and he has definitely been good for Harley. They love to chase each other all around the backyard-he is so fast that he's prompted Harley to drop a few pounds as she tries to keep up. He is a welcome addition to our family.

Thank you for all of your help,
Eric and April Shearn
Monroe, CT Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Susan Ingham, who adopted Jazzy from Labs4Rescue

Just wanted to let you know that Jazzy is doing very well. Her follow-up blood test for the heartworm was negative and she has received both of her Lyme vaccinations. She LOVES to ride in our vehicles. She enjoys walking but the riding gets her excited. She literally jumps in the air and spins in circles when she sees the leash come out. It is funny to see this 75 lb lab taking off in the air. She loves people and all she wants is love. In fact, she is right behind me now lying down. I am the only human in the house right now so she is not letting me out of her sight. I want to thank you and all the folks involved in our adoption of Jazzy. We recognize the hard work and we appreciate the fact that Jazzy is a perfect match for our family. Vicky, her former foster mom and I have exchanged a few e-mails because we agreed that we would keep in touch periodically. I just sent an e-mail last week and she told me about her latest "foster pup." My family has noticed how well-mannered Jazzy is and we know that is not an accident. It is from the nurturing that she has received along the way and it has paid off. We thank all of you at Labs4Rescue and we would certainly recommend your organization to anyone looking for that special dog.

Susan Ingham Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Mary Lou (Penny) Williams, who adopted Hughie (now Chance) from Labs4Rescue
I've shared my whole life with dogs of various breeds and lost my Doberman, with whom I was lucky to share 13 years of loyalty and love to Wobblers Disease in Nov. 2004. I thought it would be nice to "Rescue" a dog in memory of Shane, my Doberman, and looked at Petfinder on the Web. I came across Labs4Rescue on the Petfinder web site and found "Hughie," a black lab mix puppy. In no time at all we had been approved and told "Hughie" would be ours. The first thing I did was to rename him "Chance," for obvious reasons. Chance came into our lives and into our hearts February 20th. He is so sweet and so well behaved and such a joy. He will start obedience classes this week. He loves the snow and loves being close to us. He has a basket full of toys and a huge indoor kennel to spend his time when I can't be here. When he is past his puppy stage he will no longer need to be in a kennel when we go out. He has been great in the car, on trips shopping, etc. He also got a clean bill of health from my Vet after he arrived here. I had him Micro Chipped while I had him at the Vet for security. He was up to date on all his shots as well as being neutered when he arrived here. Chance is about 4 months old and 31 pounds and growing everyday, in size and in our hearts. I can't thank Petfinder and Labs4Rescue enough. I also intend to do some volunteering for them when I can. Thank you Petfinder for helping people find the right pet! We certainly did! Back to top Back to top.

A Note from Elizabeth Foster, who adopted Gradey from Labs4Rescue
Hi Kerri and Deb,

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful work you do. What an emotional experience that was yesterday in Wallingford, CT. All the people standing there with their empty leashes eagerly awaiting their new family member! Gradey is settling in amazingly well. I can see myself doing this again in the not too distant future. You are making a difference in so many creatures/peoples lives. Just wanted to acknoweldge my deepest appreciation.

Betsy Foster Back to top Back to top.

A Note from David Brown, who adopted two dogs from Labs4Rescue, on his experience as an adopter, foster and volunteer
Dear Cathy,

Having worked as a volunteer with your organization for the past year or so I have seen some wonderful sites. Being an adopter, foster home and conducting home visits I have seen the excitement and love that the labbie bring both to their forever families and to the dogs. This past Saturday was the highlight of my Labs4Rescue experience. I was awaiting my latest foster, Bo #3, to come off the transport. One of the transport drivers saw that I was awaiting Bo, who was right up front, to come off the truck. He offered to get Bo but I chose to watch all of the other dogs come off so I could see the excitement in the faces of the forever families. Then a gorgeous black lab came strutting down the ramp with all the confidence in the world and seemed to know that he was going to a wonderful home. The transported shouted out, Newbie, who is getting Newbie! I took a step back and said Newbie, he has been featured on the front of the Connecticut web page for weeks. Newbie looked days away from death but Erin took in Newbie and his foster mom Leslie nursed him back to health and he is one of the most handsome dogs I have ever seen. I am not sure of the name of Newbie's new mom and dad but you are saints. It it wasn't for the dedication of the rescuers who comb the high kill shelters and rescue these loving animals, our lives and the lives of these dogs would be incomplete.

For those who are wanting to adopt your first dog or think that a second or third dog would be "to much trouble" just go onto the websites and follow some of the stories. If this peeks your interest, stop by when a transport brings these wonderful animals and see first hand the joy of the dogs and new dads and moms. Then you need to sit back and think that these dogs would have been killed if it wasn't for people like you.

Dogs are a life changing addition to your family, when you are down they will always be there to love you. They do not judge you, talk down to you or care if you are in a bad mood, all they want too do is love you and make you happy. Continue the great work and I encourage all who can do something for Labs4Rescue to volunteer some time.

David Brown
Branford, CT Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Kim Champion, who adopted Saxon from Labs4Rescue
Hi Deb,

It's been two weeks since we picked Saxon up and we just wanted to say Thank you. We just love him - he's perfect!!!! It's like he has always been a part of the family. I want you to know that I have put him into puppy school and we met some other family's that adopted through labs4recue and we all have the same opinion that all the volunteers are special people doing a wonderful service.

We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Saxon and the process we went through to get him.

Thank you and Kind Regards,
Kim Champion Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Valerie Sejko, who adopted Charlee from Labs4Rescue
Hi, Cathy! Happy Holidays to all We couldn't resist sending you an update photo so you can see why everyone is amzed at our beautiful little rescue girl. She continues to melt hearts and draws crowds at the park, beach and boardwalk. Charlee doesn't just go home - she makes an exit with her fans (usually lots of kids) chanting "Bye, Charlee" - and she loves every minute of it!! She is an Alpha female who loves meeting each and every dog and does not discriminate against size or color - although she seems drawn to black dogs especially and has quite a number of suitors (she enjoys playing the field, but Daddy is her number one guy).

We are so happy that we found your group and want to send you all our thanks and appreciation for your energy, enthusiasm and commimtment to giving labs a happy, healthy life (I'd happily add "pampered" since they deserve some extra love with the ordeals they go thru before you place them).

Charlee breaks hearts wherever she goes and people love hearing about the Rescue and learning about the process. We hope many more homes open up for the pups and we will always be grateful for finding this beauty to love. She has grown strong and healthy and has a gorgeous coat. This Christmas will be a happier one with Charlee in our lives and we owe it to all your efforts.

Bless you - each and everyone - we send our love and appreciation from Valerie, Michael and Charlee. Have a happy, healthy holiday and New Year! Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Barbara Giordano, who adopted Moon from Labs4Rescue
Since a child, I've always wanted a "yellow dog." The Labrador Retriever breed is so sweet and smart. It is no small wonder the Lab has become America's number one breed of choice. My husband and I wanted our children to have a puppy to grow with. We also wanted a companion for our resident chocolate Lab who is 7 years old with a loving disposition. My husband and I decided long ago when we adopt/rescued Snickers, our chocolate Lab, we'd never purchase a puppy from a pet store due to the fact that most of the dogs are bred out of puppy mills with no concern for the well being of the animals. We knew of and began our search for a yellow dog puppy through them. We didn't fully expect to find a young puppy of our choice. After a short time of searching on the Petfinder site, we saw a puppy who appeared to fit what we were seeking in a dog. We had no idea how well of fit it would be. We received a 12 week old, male, yellow Lab pup. Our puppy was born in the South where euthanasia is standard practice in the animal shelters. Our sweet Labbie boy would've been put down if not for the caring people who run Labs4Rescue and work in partnership with Petfinder to place the dogs in loving, forever homes. We our grateful for the efforts of the rescue people and the work they do. We have a great dog whom we named "Moon." Moon has a forever family in a very loving home. Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Timothy McDonald, who adopted Hunter from Labs4Rescue
Just wanted to send out a quick note to thank everyone for their help in finding us a beautiful Labrador (Hunter) and bringing him to us with such kindness and professionalism. The interaction with all of you has been a wonderful experience and I hope you all continue in the great effort in finding these beautiful animals homes.

Hunter is adjusting better then I could have ever imagined. He has found a new favorite spot on the couch, even though we thought we wouldn't let him on the furniture but just can't say no to him, and seems to be very comfortable with his new surroundings. He has had a lot of visitors over the weekend, family and friends, and seems to love just about anyone willing to rub his ears for a bit. He had a bath on Sunday and a home visit from the vet and looks great. I'll send out a picture as soon as I get some good photo ops.

Thanks again to everyone, a great team effort!!! Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Cathy and Jack Keeler, who adopted Autumn from Labs4Rescue
Dear Joan,

Thank you for your email about our new lab, Autumn. She is thriving extremely well with us here in Connecticut. My mom is home during the day with her while my husband and I are at work. She has an apartment downstairs in our house, so they are good company for each other.

The Labs4Rescue organization, along with Liz Morrison that we worked with via email to select Autumn have been most helpful. We are very impressed. The transport was unbelievably organized where we met Deb who was also great.

Thank you for your inquiry regarding our adoption.

Cathy and Jack Keeler Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Nancy Woodruff, who adopted Colby from Labs4Rescue
Our new pup is super! Colby has become a quick member of the family. Our three children love him and he is adjusting well. He is a snuggly little guy and likes to curl up in our laps when we sit on the floor. Don't know what we will do when he is full grown!!!! He is already 22 pounds and is growing before our eyes. He has figured out how to bark at the door to go out which makes us very happy!!! All in all, he is an absolute perfect dog for the Woodruffs!

Nancy Woodruff Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Patty and John Tzetzo, who adopted Tate (now Baxter) from Labs4Rescue
Our lab that we adopted on August 21st of this year, "Tate" who is now affectionately known as "Baxter" is the best addition we ever had to our family. He is absolutely the best dog. No one can get over how sweet and gentle he is and he just adores us. We naturally adore him also and can't give him enough love and attention. He enjoys running and playing AND eating! He is a nice 73 pounds, has a nice shiny coat, good teeth and is heartworm free. He loves other dogs, any and all people he comes in contact with of ALL ages, and even tolerates our snobby cats whom we've had for 10+ years! We will be taking him us to Buffalo, NY for Thanksgiving weekend when we visit family as there is no way we'd ever leave him behind if we had to go somewhere! We invested in a bigger vehicle to accomodate him better as well as to fit in all our additional baggage, etc. for long trips.

I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that and to thank you for helping us adopt such a wonderful animal. I can't say enough about the good work you people do and I recommend your name at every opportunity to anyone who will listen when they tell me they are looking to adopt a dog. Thank you for saving Baxter's life and for kind of "saving ours" as well . . .he is such a joy to have in our lives!

Thank you again.

Most sincerely,
Patty and John Tzetzo Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Richard Bennett, who adopted Nigel (now J.D.) from Labs4Rescue

You may not remember me with all the boarders and adoptions you take care of. My name is Richard Bennett. My wife and I adopted Nigel, now known as J.D. the chocolate lab around 2-1/2 when we got him last November. He's been here about a year. He's the greatest friend, lovable, cats don't bother him. I also have a green yellow tipped amazon parrot who is out of his cage on his platform a lot. J.D. sniffs him and walks away. We have an old (15) cat that he loves. He's been great with children especially our five grand kids, never growls, loves playing with his girlfriend Sadie May (my youngest daughters labradoodle). They go nonstop when shes here, I get tired watching them. J.D. is wonderful, he loves riding, is totally housebroken, loves his own dog bed we got for him. Occasionally I'Il go to the bedroom and there they are on the bed sound asleep. I'm so glad we saved him and in return got a new family member to love. Someday we may adopt another friend. Thank you for helping him to stay alive through your hospitality so that he wound up in our home.

A friend,
Richard Bennett Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Ruthanne Normand, who adopted Kayla from Labs4Rescue
Hi Joan,

I can't thank the Labs4Rescue organization enough for bringing Kayla into my life. She is such a wonderful, sweet companion and she keeps me laughing all the time with all that puppy energy. She has alot more energy than I do, I can tell you that. But we are having great fun together and I am just so proud of her for transitioning so nicely and I think she knows that this is her forever home.

I was so happy with the way everyone was so helpful and the delivery of Kayla to me went so smoothly. Thank you again for all your help. I was always be indebted to you for finding Kayla for me.

Ruthanne Normand Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Liz Jones, who adopted Will #4 from Labs4Rescue

We adopted Will (#4) on October 2. The beginning was a little rough...he needed a TON of attention and wasn't too happy with sharing my husband and I with our 12 month old son. We were sure he'd be fine without a crate when we left the house...boy were we wrong! No more than an hour out of the house and he'd gotten into the trash...and it was EVERYWHERE! Our son's high chair cushion, ripped to shreds! BUT, we soon got him a nice homey crate, some rawhide bones to keep him busy and happy when we were gone and it worked like a charm!! Now, a few weeks later he's totally settled in. He doen't need the CONSTANT attention, loves his crate (even goes in it when we're not looking) and he doesn't even budge when our son climbs on him or pulls his tail. We all love him so! He's been a wonderful addtion to our calm and so loving. Wonderful with visitors and other dogs. He stays with us at all times when out for leash needed! THANKS LABS4RESCUE!! We'll be making a lot of referrals to you!!

Liz Jones Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Tammy Stemen, who adopted Jett from Labs4Rescue
Hi Joan,

We are thrilled to have Jett. He is wonderful. He has adjusted quite well I believe and appears to be very happy with us. As happy as we are with him I would say. He was exactly as Labs4Rescue described. We feel very fortunate to have him. Thanks to Labs4Rescue for helping us find a new member of our family that fits in so well.

Tammy Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from the Bluestein-Cavanaugh Family, who adopted Zena from Labs4Rescue
Liz & Courtney,

As the summer starts to wind down I wanted to send you both a thank you and an update on how things are going. Zena has been such a source of fun & enjoyment for Brendan and I. She has adjusted so well to her new home and truly seems happy. We just love her so much and don't quite remember what life was like before she came home with us.

Zena had her first swim last week in Maine. We spent about four days hiking, relaxing, swimming, etc. and she loves it up there! Between the car ride and a place to run she was in heaven!

Liz, the info you provided us prior to Zena's arrival was instrumental in her adjustment. The crate is absolutely necessary during bad weather and fireworks (i.e. the Republican convention in NYC put on quite a fireworks display and Zena was ready to dig herself into the hardwood floors).

Zena has such a distinct personality and sense of humor. She is stubborn at times, but loving. Loves to crawl into bed between us every night around 4:30 AM, will flop on her back if she does not want to do something, and wants full attention and all eyes on her the majority of the time. She even has a morning routine...stretches, yawns, dives head first into her bed and then licks my face until I'm up!

Well I hope the summer went well for the two of you and that other families are having the luck we are with their adoptions. You were both great throughout the process, thank you! If there is anything we can do to help Labs4Rescue please let us know...we are more than willing to donate our time, energy, money, etc. into a great organization.

Brendan, Michele and Zena Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from the Cappello Family, who adopted Boomer (formerly known as Ross) from Labs4Rescue
I wanted to thank you so much for helping in the adoption of Boomer (formerly Ross). Everyone at Labs4Rescue was wonderful... so kind and so incredibly generous of their time and spirit. I admire you all. Please pass on this message to all who help in the rescue of these beautiful animals.

Boomer has been with us for two months now, and it seems like he's been part of the family for years. He is a wonderful dog. He can sit, give a paw, and he comes when he is called (all within two months!). We are in the process of training him to get the newspaper at the end of the driveway in the morning. He is learning quickly. He is smart - so smart that I think he might have us fooled with his cuteness and lovability.

He's gained about 5-8 pounds since coming home with us (he was a skinny little peanut!). He's cured of the Heartworm Disease, thanks to you and our vet (who remarked how lucky we were to get such a nice dog!). He's got some nice weight to him now and his coat is incredibly shiny.

Boomer has been having a lot of fun, and has been providing a lot of fun for us. He's been to the beach (as you can see), he goes walking a lot, he's been swimming in the lake, he plays fetch like a maniac, he goes to soccer games, he goes to baseball games. As a matter of fact, that's where he was able to convince another family to adopt one of his friends from Labs4Rescue. He's a perfect Poster Child and a wonderful testimony to the program. We love him beyond words.

Thank you again.
Joann, David, Mitchell, Caroline, and especially Boomer! Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Mary Lynn Freedman, who adopted Pokey (formerly known as "Presidential Pup" George) from Labs4Rescue
Just wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU for bringing Pokey, a.k.a. George, to us. He is an absolutely perfect puppy who house trained in about 3 weeks! He sleeps through the night and loves playing with the neighborhood dogs, especially a French Mastiff pup, Darby, who is exactly his age. He is getting used to trips to the dog park where the big dogs rule and the little pups follow. Everyone who meets Pokey is immediately in love with him and Dave and I had no idea how fun owning a puppy would be. It's true that it is a lot of work, but every minute is worth it. This puppy is simply awesome and we love him so much. Thanks to all of you at labs4rescue for making the adoption process so smooth and easy, as well as rewarding! Let us know if a reunion with his litter is ever planned, we'd love to be a part of it!

Thanks again,
Mary Lynn Freedman Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Chance the black Lab, who was adopted by Jennifer and Chad Baker
Dear Miss Lisa,

It's been a year since I arrived in Connecticut to be with my new mommy and daddy, and let me say it's been great! I have a big back yard to play in and kitties to chase in the house. I go for lots of rides in the car and eat tons of cookies, (because I'm a good boy). My mommy and daddy take me to doggy daycare so I can play with other dogs and its lots of fun. (So much so I sleep for 2 days.) I want to thank you and everyone else who took part in giving me a second chance at a better life. It takes special people like you with big hearts to help all these dogs. Keep up the good work! Take care.

Chance Baker Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from the Fortugno Family, who adopted Puck (formerly known as Matthew) from Labs4Rescue
Dear Courtney,

We just wanted you to know that Matthew, now Puck (as in hockey), arrived safely in Connecticut last night! Everyone is finally in bed after their first full day together, and are they all tired! Matthew is the one of the sweetest, happiest, and cutest dogs we have ever met! When he got out of the van he looked so scared, but my older son gave him his orange training toy and he instantly became his best friend! When we got home we lit up the whole property and played with him for a long time. He loves frisbee and fetching balls and playing chase, my youngest one even made him play duck duck goose! He really doesn't care about the orange toy much because my kids are keeping him very occupied.

I can't believe what a great dog he is, we absolutely love him and my kids are fighting over who he likes best! One funny thing we learned is he is afraid to go up and down stairs and in and out of cars, but he did get braver as the day went on. He has already been to Petco on an outing and on a hike at a park and has been incredibly well behaved and loved by everyone he meets! We just can't believe how lucky we are to get a dog with such a wonderful personality, we waited so long for this and it was defintely worth it! Thanks again for all your help and for bringing Matthew to us he truly is a gift.

Pete, Janie, Juliana, Petey and William Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Denise Cimino, who adopted Abby #2 from Labs4Rescue
Hi Courtney,

I wanted to thank you for your assistance with Abby #2's adoption. Due to your swift response to my email, Abby was adopted in 1 day after 1 spoke with Gina. I had filled out an application for [another] rescue and the only way to get it to them was snail mail. That was nearly 3 weeks ago. On Saturday 7/24 as I was in the parking lot waiting for Kyle to pull up, when [the other rescue] finally contacted me to discuss my application. So bravo to you and all the wonderfully dedicated people at Labs4Rescue who work so hard at placing these wonderful animals as soon as possible. Abby was everything I was told she would be. Gina had her spit shined and polished with a new collar, harness, and new leash on life!

Thank you again,
Denise Cimino Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Sue and Griff Jones, who adopted Duke from Labs4Rescue
We just want to say thank you to everyone who made it possible for us to adopt Duke (our chocolate lab puppy we adopted in May). Everyone at Labs4Rescue was so kind and helpful. You are all doing wonderful work because labs are such special dogs. Duke is such a wonderful dog. He loves people and all other animals. We take him to a puppy playgroup once a week so he can play with other dogs. He LOVES it. We also take him out with us as much as we can because he is so gentle and lovable, (we are thinking of taking classes with him and certifying him as a therapy dog so he can visit our local nursing homes). We eventually want to adopt another lab through Labs4Rescue. We even thought about fostering but I don't think we would be able to give up a foster lab.

Thanks again.
Sue and Griff Jones Back to top Back to top.

A Letter of Reference from Deb Henchel, who adopted Lucy (formerly Bebe) from Labs4Rescue
I wanted to thank you for letting us adopt Lucy (Bebe). She is very healthy, and was everything that her foster mom said she would be. We can tell that she had been loved by her foster mom and the rescue group. She gets a long very well with our four cats. She was fostered with thirteen cats, and she literally ignored ours when she arrived at our house. She is a chewer, but we worked our way around that by watching what she goes for (, pens and pencils), and keeping those things out of her reach.

My advice for prospective adoptive families is to go with Labs4Rescue. We lost our purebred German shepherd to hip dysplasia and spinal miopathy, and we were very cautious over adopting an older dog (a year and a half) who had been abandoned. The beauty of Labs4Rescue is that the animals live in foster homes until they are domesticated. This allows the foster parents to learn about the quirks of the animals personality, and they can match them up with yours. I also found that the foster parents and group were very honest about the dog's history. Ours was abandoned, and we were told about whether the others had a history of abuse.

We are from New England, and we had a moment of guilt over adopting a dog from the South, versus our own state. My advice to anyone with the same thoughts is to remember that the South is a high kill area for Labs, and there are only so many southern homes that can adopt them.

Labs are hyper, but it is nothing that can't be worked with with a little bit of patience. It is true about closing off rooms for the first couple of does help. Having a cage is also effective. She sleeps with me, but it only took a couple of mornings in her cage (screaming when we left her) for her to understand that there were consequences for her mischievousness.

Thank you very much for all that you have given us.
Deb, Ruth Anne, James, and Jackie from New Haven, CT Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Danielle (age 15) and Jason (age 10) Rivera, who adopted Dudley from Labs4Rescue
Dear Miss Glenda,

Dudley is the perfect dog for our family! He's very gentle and loving. He loves when we rub his belly. He hasn't had any accidents in the house and loves following me (Danielle) around. Once in a while I let him sleep in my bed with me. I take him to the park a couple of blocks from my house almost every day. Thank you so much for letting us adopt him. He's part of the family now and we love him very much!


Dear Miss Glenda,

Thank you very much for giving us Dudley. He fits perfectly in the family! He loves when we rub his belly and then he follows us after. He's very playful and loves to play tug'o'war with me. He went in the pool once and laid on the top step. We walk him to parks a lot and other people pet him because he is so gentle. He doesn't like being alone so we play with him as much as we can. THANKS AGAIN.

Sincerely yours,
Jason Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Janice and Jim Toomey, who adopted Lakyn from Labs4Rescue
Hi Liz and Cathy,

Today is the 4th of July and it is also Lakyn's month anniversary with us. So I thought I would write to give you an update. She has settled in so well. We can tell she knows she is home now. Though she loves to be with us she now feels secure enough leave us in the living room and go to bedroom for a snooze on our bed. At first she always had to be right next to one of us.

Lakyn's cough has cleared up and she is the picture of health. Everyone at our vet's office adores her. They have complemented on her beauty and her calmness. They also think she was a wonderful choice for us.

Lakyn absolutely loves people. She is always giving kisses. She is so good when someone comes to the house. She just goes and sits at their feet, looking at them with her big brown eyes so that they will pay attention to her. And who couldn't respond to her sweet face.

She has been such a good girl. Since the second night when she decided it would be fun to get into the kitchen garbage she has been a perfect angel. She has complete run of the house.

She loves riding in the car and going places. If we just pick up our keys, she dashes to the door and sits wagging her tail waiting for her leash.

She is beginning to learn how to play. At first it seemed very strange to have a lab that does not know how to chase a ball. It is funny to look at her face when you throw a ball and say "go get it." She tilts her head as if to say "you want me to do what?" If we point in the direction of the ball she runs at top speed to that end of the yard, turns around and runs back and then sits at our feet with the ball still where it landed when it was thrown.

As you can tell this wonderful dog has made her way deep into our hearts. Lakyn has been a wonderful addition to our family. Already we can't imagine our lives without her.

Again I want say thank you to you both and everyone from Labs4Rescue. You were all wonderful in helping in our search for the lab that was perfect for us and then once we found her, in getting Lakyn to us. We truly appreciate how you found someone to overnight her since we could not be there on delivery day. It was so nice of Susan to be willing to overnight her for us. We will always be grateful to all of you. When we are out with Lakyn we always tell people how we got her and tell them what a wonderful organization Labs4Rescue is. We will keep you posted on Lakyn's activities.

Janice and Jim Toomey Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Nicole and David Martel, who adopted Henley from Labs4Rescue
Dear Labs4Rescue,

We just wanted to say "thanks" for giving us such a special gift! We adopted Henley in early May and it feels like we have had her forever. She is truly a special dog - she's so goofy, but just the sweetest thing ever. There's never a moment that she isn't happy, wagging her tail, or giving us her big goofy smile. Thanks to Henley, we no longer need an alarm clock in the morning - she is up and ready to go for her morning hike at 5 am every morning! We just love her, and so does our 3 yr old black lab, Noah. The two of them are like two peas in a pod.

We were so impressed the adoption process through Labs4Rescue. Anne was so helpful in giving us information on Henley, and went out of her way to make special arrangements for Henley's foster care. She really made us feel 100% comfortable with the whole process, and we can't thank her enough for all of her efforts. Kara and Adam were generous enough to open their home to Henley and foster her for a week. They took such good care of her, and we can't thank them enough either.

Seeing all of the dogs come off the trailer and go off to their forever homes was a sight we will never forget - it was truly incredible to see so many happy faces and wagging tails.

Thanks to all of you for saving so many labbie lives - with all of the chaos in the world, it is so nice to see good people doing good things!

Thanks again!!
Nicole, David, Noah and Henley Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Casey (formerly MJ) the yellow Lab, who was adopted by Mary Kneeland
Dear Liz,

Thank you very much for not making me go back to the shelter and taking good care of me till I got to my new home. I really didn't like it at the shelter. I was happy when you took me home but I didn't really like all the other dogs, I wanted you to myself. At any rate, I love my new home and my parents love me!

We went camping this weekend and I was very good (as long as they don't leave me!) I didn't even have to be tied up most of the time cause I just stayed close by. Everyone says how cute I am and well behaved (as long as you don't leave me!) but I'll get better in time as long as I know I can stay here forever. I also went to a lake but I'm not ready to go swimming yet, I have to learn, maybe if my mother goes swimming I will learn quick so I can be next to her! I don't know how to catch a ball yet but if they throw it boy can I run fast, I run so fast when I get to the ball I do tumbles till I stop and always bring the ball back! I'll learn to catch too pretty soon.

My mother mowed the lawn the other night and I made sure she did not miss a spot, I followed her back and forth and back and forth it must have been thirty times. I was tired after that! She thought it was very funny!

Well thats all for now I'm just waiting for my parents to come home, I'm in this stupid crate and I really don't like it, I have two red marks on my nose from hitting the cage. I am told I will be able to come out when I can accept that they have to go to work and will come back later for me, but until then I am in the stinky crate better know as Casey's Place.

Thanks again,

Casey Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Ilene and Ken Feuerberg, who adopted Shayna (renamed from Curley) from Labs4Rescue
We adopted Shayna (renamed from Curley) a month ago and just want to tell you she is a gem! She is so sweet and gentle and very mature for 1-1/2 yr. old! She has become an integral part of our family. Our 6 yr. old son and 8 yr. old daughter just love her and she goes everywhere with us! She follows me everywhere in the house and lets me know with her beautiful brown eyes that she knows we saved her. We want to thank everyone who volunteers with Labs4Rescue and tell you what a wonderful organization you have. Keep up the good work! Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Christian and Julie Tjagvad, who adopted Toby from Labs4Rescue
Just wanted to let everyone know Toby is doing great! He's settling in nicely. Today, he spent alot of time in the yard getting to know his new territory. Last night (his first with us), we set up his bed in the kitchen and put a gate in front of the door. Toby did not seem to like that, so he jumped the gate and hopped into our bed. He's so funny! Due to lack of space in our bed, we set up his own bed in our room. He slept all night, too. He's such a good boy! So we'll keep him in our room with us. He just loves being around people! He also loves the car. We took him for a ride tonight and he loves sticking his head out the window. But he's doing great and we could not be happier. He's a joy to have around the house. Thank you all for what you do for dogs like Toby! Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Andrea Russak and Dan Sadowski, who adopted Smokey from Labs4Rescue
We recently adopted Smokey through the Labs4Rescue organization. He was being fostered in CT after an arduous journey from Alabama where he was run over in his owner's driveway and left there because his owner was late for work. Some wonderful person from the rescue organization took him in and once he was well, sent him on his way to CT where he found his way into our hearts and home. He was in a wonderful foster home prior to our adoption and was so lucky to have such a caring foster family. When we saw his picture on the Labs4Rescue website and heard his story, it was love at first site. We knew in our hearts that this was a very special dog and we couldn't wait to adopt him. Smokey has turned out to be the love of our lives. He is our first "child" and we are both completely smitten with him. He is just the most loyal, happy, friendly dog and what a cuddler. He just loves to have his belly rubbed and to curl up next to you and go to sleep. He has two little idiosyncrasies that only a mother could love but that is exactly why I must share them with you. When he is totally relaxed and cuddled up with you he will lick your face or arm, but these are no ordinary licks. They are very slow and careful. Sometimes he falls asleep mid-lick and just rests his tongue on your arm until he is aroused from sleep again. The second thing is that we call him our little truffle pig. When we are out for a walk and he finds something interesting to smell he grunts and it sounds just like a little pig... I laugh every time he does it and it always brings a smile to my face. We just can't thank Labs4Rescue enough for this amazing dog!! We also want to thank Jane, our foster mom. She was amazing and gave our little friend the second chance he needed to find a special home of his own forever. Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Nancy Kersten, who adopted Emma from Labs4Rescue
Thanks for doing such great work. We adopted our Lab (Emma) through you and got her on Easter Sunday this year. She's a great dog and an important member of our family. Even though we've only had her for 2 months, I can't imagine waking up in the morning without seeing that happy face and tail waggins. Keep up the great work you do! Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Dawn and John Pelazza, who adopted Sugar from Labs4Rescue
Hi Justine,

Glad you got the order/donation/pictures. We are happy to give support any way we can to such a great organization.

Sugar has added so much to our lives. I truly would have been lost without her these past few months. Since getting her in March I have had a run of "bad luck"--my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at age 63, my sister--in-law with breast cancer at age 42 and my mom (57 years old) had an aortic aneurysm rupture and she went into cardiac arrest in front of me at the hospital due to their misdiagnosis. This was all in a six week period! Fortunately they are all doing okay, especially my mom.

Sugar has been a godsend in that she comforted me instinctively when she knew I was at my wits' end. She also gave me something to look forward to when I got home. She is such a love that I wish I could tell you how many of our friends offered to "babysit" her. The funniest offer was a big, burly fire marshal friend of John's who offered to take her to work with him during the day. (Sugar is actually never alone during the day as we have my husband's mom and grandma living with us but that is another long story!).

Sugar has also done a lot for our social life. We live in a very "Norman Rockwell" suburban neighborhood and since we have gotten her, we know more neighbors than in the 2 years I lived here before getting her!

We look forward to wearing our t-shirts and we are always encouraging people to explore your website. Sugar is a walking advertisement and we make sure we tell folks where she came from and how great your organization is. The t-shirts will help reinforce that I'm sure.

Take care.

Best regards,
Dawn &: John Pelazza Back to top Back to top.

A Letter of Reference from Ericka Barnes, who adopted Comet from Labs4Rescue
Hi Lisa,

I am one of the adopters.. I adopted Comet last Christmas, when he was but 8 weeks old. He was part of a litter of 7, all named after Santa's reindeer, found in a box over the fence at the shelter. I am attaching a picture taken at the shelter right before we got him, as well as a recent one of him at 7 months. Though a typical naughty puppy, he is a very happy dog who gets along so well with people and animals! As newlyweds, we indeed treat him as our "baby."

I have nothing but high praises for the folks at Labs4Rescue. When my husband and I decided to rescue a dog, I surfed the internet for a "black lab" and found their website, and soonafter found myself inquiring and emailing with very friendly volunteers who educated me on the adoption process. They were very thorough too as they made calls to my vet and landlord, as well as conducted a home visit, to ensure that the dog was going to a good home. With every correspondence, it was quite obvious that their volunteer work was fueled by their passion to save every dog that they can save. They work so hard to get these dogs into forever homes! We believe so much in their cause that we are in the midst of volunteering as well: my husband is out conducting a home visit interview at this very moment, and we will be submitting an application for fostering.

Feel free to contact me if you have further questions. Good luck!!

Ericka Barnes
Middletown, CT Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Heather Romano, who adopted Hudson from Labs4Rescue
Just a quick note to say thank you for bringing such a sweet yeller feller into our lives. He's just the best boy! He has settled in so nicely and is just a big lover! He's incredibly smart and sweet and is so good with the girls. He also enjoys playing with his new doggie brother. He's having lots of fun running around his big back yard and playing fetch and just trying to keep up with the girls! We are so happy to have him with us now and forever. He adds so much joy to every day. Thanks again for all of your hard work to bring Hudson to us! Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Kent the Lab, who was adopted by Kathi and Steve Lozzi
Hi Miss Liz and Miss Sheila:

I love my new home. Kathi and Steve take me everywhere. I went to Cape Cod beach and chased some seagulls. Those seagulls won't be back anytime soon. This weekend we went for a hike to a great reservation right near my house. There were lots of other dogs but none as lucky as me! I have so many new toys and bones, I can't even begin to count them. I have a pillow right by the fireplace in the livingroom and another one in my bedroom. I think they really love me. Everytime I turn around I am going for a walk in my new neighborhood or for a run. Can't keep up with them.

Thought you might like to see a picture of me. Don't I look happy?

When you are in Boston next time, give us a call. I would love to show you around my new forever home.

Kent Lozzi Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from The Sims Family, who adopted Will from Labs4Rescue
We are the proud parents of chocolate lab Will, now known as Scout. He is absolutely wonderful and it feels as if he's always been part of the family. He has a wonderful disposition, is very smart, very playful and he is a joy to have around. He is a complete mush and calm and well behaved around alot of people. We took him to the Memorial Day Parade today and he lay at our feet licking our toes! Scout met many new friends at the parade and now that he's finished with his shots, we'll venture out for some longer playdates.

Scout had a rough transition (2 days of diarrhea, but no parasites or worms) but he is now doing great and putting on weight. Our vet couldn't get over what a sweet calm puppy he was during our visit. We have a trainer coming to the house Thursday night to work with us, right now he knows a few commands and has been housetrained. Scout had a great foster home with Gina who laid an incredible foundation for us. We can't thank Labs4Rescue enough for bringing him into our lives! Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Sally and Dick Dutton, who adopted Halo from Labs4Rescue
Thank you all saving the life of our most wonderful new dog Halo.

She got off the "dog bus," climbed into our hearts and immediately unpacked her suitcase to stay forever. Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Kim, Chris and Travis Glenney, who adopted Jessie from Labs4Rescue
Thank you all for helping to bring Jessie to us. She was "family" the instant we saw her and we look forward to sharing many years together. I think she rescued us as much as we her.

Seeing that van unload all those beautiful dogs (we'd take them all if we could) and their waiting families was one of the most emotional sights we have ever witnessed. Until tonight it was just a website and emails. Now we have seen a rescue mission in action. I am so glad we found you. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. We are there to join the cause when you need us. Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Ilene, who adopted Ace from Labs4Rescue
I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know what a great job everyone connected with Labs4Rescue has done in bringing ACE to us. The transport went smoothly and Ace is a wonderful, wonderful companion. Everyone, from our neighbors (who want a dog from Labs4Rescue) to my vet admires his gentle disposition, calm demeanor, and gorgeous looks! He is a great family member, in love with the world, and even two cats who consider him an intruder. He's a blessing and a beautiful dog who came to me just at the right time! THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!! Back to top Back to top.

A Thank You Note from Louise Taylor, who adopted Bucky from Labs4Rescue
We adopted our yellow lab/golden retriever mix, Bucky, through Labs4Rescue this fall. We could not be more pleased. Our 15 year old Golden had passed away this summer and we desperately wanted to find another dog, but we were sure that we did not want a puppy and definitely wanted a lab or golden mix. By using PetFinder we found Labs4Rescue. I have never met a more committed caring group of people in my life. Every step of the way they helped us make our choice and definitely went the extra mile to be sure that the fit would be good both for Bucky and for us. Our primary concern was that any dog that we got would be kid friendly as we have a 6 (at the time 5) year old son who has had a calm, patient dog his whole life. It was very important to us that our new dog be good with kids. The ladies at Labs4Rescue went to great lengths to "kid test" Bucky to be sure that he would be good with kids. He passed with flying colors, but by being able to have a real conversation with them about our concerns, our concerns became their concerns and a good match was made.

Bucky was healthy and in excellent physical shape when we got him, despite having been found as a stray in Alabama. The extra time and care that Labs4Rescue puts into being sure that the dogs are in good physical and mental shape before adoption really makes a difference.

The people at Labs4Rescue really CARE about the outcome, for the prospective owners and for the dog being placed. This makes the process much better for both parties in my opinion. Back to top Back to top.

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