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Please Help Us With Kaylee #5's Vet Bills
Kaylee Kaylee

Kaylee Kaylee

Kaylee Kaylee
Kaylee #5 was born on 7/18/2017 under a house with her littermates. When she was 9 days old she was taken with her mom and littermates to a shelter. There she spent the next three months growing and playing like any normal pup would do or so everyone thought. One day when she was checked on, she wasn't walking normal. The techs thought maybe her littermate who was much bigger than her had hurt her somehow. They sent her to their vet for evaluation and x-rays. Based on the notes the vet stated at the time that Kaylee had right rear leg lateral patellar luxation lame left rear leg, severe lateral patellar luxation, x-ray VD pelvis/spine with stifle compression at L7 sacrum. Lumbar spine no obvious fractures and they kept her through the weekend and gave her laser treatment. Once it was confirmed by the vet that the laser treatment didn't appear to be helping they sent her back to the shelter with a recommendation of euthanizing her due to there being nothing the vet could do to help her. The shelter contacted us because she simply couldn't put such a lively, playful pup down without giving her a chance. So, we took Kaylee into our rescue and immediately took her to our vet for xrays and his opinion. He felt we should see a specialist about her hind legs because this wasn't something he really had a lot of expertise in but the important factor was for now she was not displaying signs of pain and she was walking and when it comes to running (which she doesn't do alot) she will bunny hop with her back legs together. Kaylee will need to see a specialist so that we make the best decision for her medically.

Please consider making a donation so that Kaylee can receive the best medical care possible. We expect her treatment to be $4,500 - $5,000. Thank you for your support!

For additional information or to adopt Kaylee #5 please email Shana LaPointe at

Are you looking for a great way to help one of our other Labs?
Many people are unable to foster a dog, but would still love to help one out. Sponsorship of one of our dogs makes this possible! We always have dogs undergoing heartworm treatment, boarding, or otherwise gobbling up funds! Since we are all volunteers and rely entirely on adoption fees and donations, we sometimes have to turn away dogs simply because there are not enough funds to cover their expenses. By sponsoring a dog, you can help cover his or her expenses, which enables us to ultimately help more dogs!

You can sponsor a dog by either sending a check or money order to our P.O. Box (see address below), or making an online Paypal donation.

Any amount is appreciated, and will go a long way in helping our dogs! Please be sure to indicate on your check, money order, or Paypal donation which dog you would like your donation to be applied to, and we will make sure that it goes to the right place! We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and therefore all donations are tax deductible.

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