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Labs Available for Fostering, October 26, 2016

URGENT!!! Owner Surrenders or Boarding in New England
The highest priority.
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Boudreaux #5 Boudreaux #5 5 yr yellow male ***SHORT TERM FOSTER*** Boudreaux will be arriving on transport on October 29th and needs a short term foster for one week. Hi adopter lives in Warwick, NY and can pick him up on November 5th. Deb
Danny Boy Danny Boy 3 yr black male GORGEOUS BOY! Danny has some fear aggression issues but not initially and not with his people. The one on the other end of his leash is his mom and dad and he feels he is to watch after them. He is a super loving guy..likes to get into your lap..very devoted and playful with his family. We are looking for a lower traffic home not so many people in and out. Would you like to meet Danny? He is in boarding in CT. They all love him and we have a trainer that has met him and will meet with you as well. He really likes Danny and thinks he will be a great boy. Keri
Lulu #11 Lulu #11 18 mo yellow female Lulu is a sweet girl and is good with kids. She will run with her owner or foster family and she loves the ball. She is a quick learner and knows her basic commands and is eager to please. Ann
Max #72 Max #72 1 1/2 yr yellow male ***SHORT TERM FOSTER*** Max has an adoption pending and is scheduled to arrive on October 29th but needs a short term foster, preferably in MA, for one week. Please let us know if you can help! Deb
Noah #14 Noah #14 9 mo choco male Noah is a beautiful dog and needs a foster home. He is an aim to please dog, very sweet, no aggression, he just needs a little help with his manners. All he needs is someone to give him some guidance to be the great dog I know he can be. Ann
Penelope #8 Penelope #8 2 yr yellow female Penelope is super friendly and gentle. She is good with other dogs and is fine kids. She is a beautiful dog who is playful, eager to please and has a very nice temperament. Ann
Sunny #27 Sunny #27 1 yr yellow female Sunny is a typical young Lab that needs some help with training. She needs work to stop her mouthing on people and also needs a foster home where she can really exercise. She is completely housebroken and loves her crate. Sunny also walks well on leash and rides well in the car. Sunny is good with other dogs so a foster home with a canine sibling that can teach her would be great. Deb
Titus #2 Titus #2 5-6 yr choco male Titus is a sweet, lovable male chocolate lab that is in need of a foster home. He gets along well with other dogs, would love to have a friend to jog with or a fenced back yard to run and play. He is very friendly and social. Titus' owner is surrendering him because he cannot give him the proper exercise he needs. Titus is good with people including kids. He is good in the car. He knows basic commands sit and stay. He is housetrained and crate trained. Please consider fostering Titus. Cindy
Labs that can be chosen to foster and arrive on the November 5, 2016 transport
Dog Name Photo Description Considerations Contact Contact email
Juicy Juicy 3 yr yellow male Juicy is a gentle giant. He is very sweet and loveable. He loves everyone and gets along well with all my dogs. He can climb any fence so he must be on a leash at all times when outside. He loves to walk and is responsive on the lead except when he gets excited and he pulls a little. If I scold him it hurts his feelings and he tries hard not to pull. He is a great dog and one I will greatly miss. Marla
Kramer #4 Kramer #4 8 yr black male Kramer is a really sweet boy with the hound bark. We think he is lab/hound mix. He get so excited when it is time to eat or he sees me for the first time every day. He likes to lay around and snooze, but also enjoys being with his family. Marla

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