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Labs Available for Fostering, December 7, 2016

URGENT!!! Owner Surrenders or Boarding in New England
The highest priority.
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Charcoal Charcoal 4 yr black male Charcoal is a great dog! He is good with kids, cats and other dogs so would be fine in any home. Charcoal is housebroken, crate trained and knows some commands. He has medium energy, playful, nut not hyper. Charcoal can be shy at first but soon warms up. Deb
Danny Boy Danny Boy 3 yr black male GORGEOUS BOY! Danny has some fear aggression issues but not initially and not with his people. The one on the other end of his leash is his mom and dad and he feels he is to watch after them. He is a super loving guy..likes to get into your lap..very devoted and playful with his family. We are looking for a lower traffic home with not so many people in and out. Would you like to meet Danny? He is in boarding in CT. They all love him and we have a trainer that has met him and will meet with you as well. He really likes Danny and thinks he will be a great boy. Keri
Fritz Fritz 2 yr yellow male Fritz is a fun dog with a great personality. He is full of life and loves a good romp or to play fetch in the back yard. He is good with other dogs and walks pretty well on a leash. He is a great dog in need of a new play to lay down. Boarding is no place for any dog, never mind a young active Labrador. Ann
Ice #3 Ice #3 2 yr black male Ice is an awesome dog, but needs some help. He is good with other dogs, housebroken, knows commands and is crate trained. He has had some basic training and will sit on command and wait to be fed when told and will need a foster that will continue with this routine as he has a tendency to guard his food. Ice also needs help learning how to greet people when they come into the house as he sees it as his job to protect the home and family. Ice has so many great qualities and just needs some help to make him perfect. He is affectionate, smart and loyal and will be worth the extra effort! Deb
Lulu #11 Lulu #11 18 mo yellow female Lulu is a sweet girl and is good with kids. She will run with her owner or foster family and she loves the ball. She is a quick learner and knows her basic commands and is eager to please. Ann
Max #73 Max #73 1 yr yellow male Max is a beautiful golden retriever/labrador mix. He is full of life and is great with other dogs and he also lived with a cat. Max is heartworm positive so he needs a home to help him get thru his heartworm treatment. He is currently in Milford, CT. He is a wonderful dog and only weighs in at 30 lbs. Ann
Parker #22 Parker #22 11 yr choco male ***SENIOR***Parker is a great dog, you would never know he is 11 years of age. He needs a loving foster family that is willing to take care of him until an adopter is found. He is a very nice dog, has all of his house manners and so wants to please. All he needs is some leadership to show him and guide the way. Can you open up your heart and home to help Parker until his furever home is found? Ann
Labs that can be chosen to foster and arrive on the December 17, 2016 transport
Dog Name Photo Description Considerations Contact Contact email
Adelaide #2 Adelaide #2 2 yr black female Adelaide has medium/high energy but settles down well and has some training. She is good with other dogs but would be better without cats. Adelaide is playful and would enjoy kids. She is housebroken, crate trained and walks well on leash. Deb
Alexis #5 Alexis #5 3 yr black female Alexis is a sweet girl who has come a long way while in boarding! She is anxiously awaiting a home so she can meet potential adopters. Alexis would prefer to be the only dog in her house. She is housebroken and crate-trained. Alexis is great with people and loves absolutely everyone she meets! Please consider helping her get one step closer to her forever home. Shana
Baxter #18 Baxter #18 8 mo black male Sweet and happy golden/lab cross young pup. Baxter has not had any accidents indoors when supervised and he is crate trained. Keri
Charlie #63 Charlie #63 1 yr black male Charlie is a sweet boy and not very big at 45-50 lbs. He would do well at one of the events to find his home. He gets along well with my dogs and he loves to ride in the car. Marla
Happy #10 Happy #10 1 yr black female Happy is a Happy girl! She is housetrained, good with dogs, cats, children. Keri
Jayke Jayke 5 yr black male Sweet, gentle Jayke is a medium-sized loving black lab ready for a home. Jayke is approximately 5 years old and on the smaller side for a lab. Jayke is crate-trained and housebroken. He is incredibly loving and loves attention. He is great with all people he meets and is patient with other dogs. Jayke loves to play, and enjoys standing in his doggie pool on warm summer days! He also loves treats and likes to sit in your lap. Please consider opening your home to him this holiday season! He has waited very patiently for a home! Shana
Juicy Juicy 3 yr yellow male Juicy is a gentle giant. He is very sweet and loveable. He loves everyone and gets along well with all my dogs. He can climb any fence so he must be on a leash at all times when outside. He loves to walk and is responsive on the lead except when he gets excited and he pulls a little. If I scold him it hurts his feelings and he tries hard not to pull. He is a great dog and one I will greatly miss. Marla
Leah #5 Leah #5 4 yr black female Leah is a good girl and gets along well with the male lab she is kenneled with. She walks well on a lead and is good in the crate. I think she would show well at one of the adoption events. She has not gotten a lot of attention maybe because of her color. Marla
Leona Leona 6 yr choco female Leona is a super sweet pup. She is older but still has some energy and enjoys her walks and exercise. Leona is good with kids and other dogs. She is housebroken, crate trained, walks well on leash and knows some commands. Deb
Parker #23 Parker #23 5 yr black male Meet Parker #23, a super sweet 5 year old black lab weighing approximately 55 lbs. He is well-mannered, social with people and eager to please. He responds well to a strong pack leader. While Parker has had a sad start, being abandoned, we have promised him a lifetime of happiness in his forever home. Parker has not yet met other dogs or cats. He is crate-trained and housebroken. Please consider fostering this sweet boy, as boarding is no place for a gentleman! Shana
Samantha #14 Samantha #14 10 mo yellow female Samantha is a sweet girl that needs a bit of direction. She needs to be in an individual foster vs a boarding kennel so she can continue her basic training. She is full of smiles and tail wags. She isn't a shy girl by any means. Samantha needs you, can you help her? Keri
Spot #2 Spot #2 1 yr black male Spot is a fun pup who gets on well with other dogs and would be good with kids. He is playful, but not hyper. Spot is housebroken, crate trained and knows some basic commands. He has a great temperament and excellent personality! Deb

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