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Labs Available for Fostering, December 6, 2017

URGENT!!! Owner Surrenders or Boarding in New England
The highest priority.
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Lizzy #7 Lizzy #7 2 yr black female Lizzy is a happy girl that will do best as an only dog. She LOVES people and would be a great running partner. She needs someone who is a leader and can work with her to find her forever home. Marla
Labs that can be chosen to foster and arrive on the December 16, 2017 transport
Dog Name Photo Description Considerations Contact Contact email
Abe #11 Abe #11 3 yr yellow male Abe is a sweet boy and gets along well with other dogs. He rides well and has not been any trouble at all. He was stray and took up at someone's house so we don't know background. They would have kept him had they not had so many already. He has been a good boy for me to foster. I think he would do great at one of the events. Marla
Casper #5 Casper #5 2 yr yellow male Casper is a small boy and is very sweet and shy. He seems to think he is in trouble when you first meet him, but once he knows he is safe he opens up and is very friendly. Marla
Koko #3 Koko #3 5 yr choco female Koko is sweet and gets along well with other dogs. She has an old injury to her shoulder and needs to see Dr. Palmisano in Norwalk, CT. I am looking for someone in that area who would be able to take her there to have her shoulder checked out. She is crate and house trained. Marla

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