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Labs Available for Fostering, February 15, 2017

URGENT!!! Owner Surrenders or Boarding in New England
The highest priority.
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Betsy #11 Betsy #11 5 yr choco female Betsy is a sweet, lovable lab that needs a foster home. She does not get along with all dogs so should be the only dog in the home. She loves belly rubs, knows commands, comes when called. She loves being around people and will be your shadow. She is housetrained and crate trained. Please consider fostering Betsy Cindy
Danny Boy #4 Danny Boy #4 3 yr black male GORGEOUS BOY! Danny has some fear aggression issues but not initially and not with his people. The one on the other end of his leash is his mom and dad and he feels he is to watch after them. He is a super loving guy..likes to get into your lap..very devoted and playful with his family. We are looking for a lower traffic home with not so many people in and out. Would you like to meet Danny? He is in boarding in CT. They all love him and we have a trainer that has met him and will meet with you as well. He really likes Danny and thinks he will be a great boy. Keri
Kirby #7 Kirby #7 1 1/2 yr black male ***URGENT*** Kirby is having his second orthopedic surgery this week, and his current foster is going on vacation. Kirby needs someone near the Hartford, CT area, to pick him up after surgery and foster him until his previous foster returns from vacation. He is an awesome boy, who would do well in most homes. He won't need much exercise, so should be an easy foster. Keri
Lizzy #7 Lizzy #7 2 yr black female Lizzy was adopted and is being returned. She will need someone who can work with a strong dog and show her who the leader is in the home. She would do best in a home with no other dogs. Marla
Parker #22 Parker #22 11 yr choco male ***SENIOR***Parker is a spirited 11 year old choc labby boy. He loves to be outside, with his people. He is good with other dogs, is lovable and affectionate. He just wants to be with his people and is an easy going dog. Ann
Smokey #12 Smokey #12 9 mo choco male Smokey was surrendered by his owner for personal problems. His demeanor during intake was loose and wiggly. He has no aggression whatsoever, is playful, full of life and needs some activity. He's a fun loving dog, good with kids, house trained and loves his toys. Ann
Labs that can be chosen to foster and arrive on the February 25, 2017 transport
Dog Name Photo Description Considerations Contact Contact email
Alexis #5 Alexis #5 3 yr black female Alexis is a sweet girl who has come a long way while in boarding! She is anxiously awaiting a home so she can meet potential adopters. Alexis would prefer to be the only dog in her house. She is housebroken and crate-trained. Alexis is great with people and loves absolutely everyone she meets! Please consider helping her get one step closer to her forever home. Shana
Jayke Jayke 5 yr black male Sweet, gentle Jayke is a medium-sized loving black lab ready for a home. Jayke is approximately 5 years old and on the smaller side for a lab. Jayke is crate-trained and housebroken. He is incredibly loving and loves attention. He is great with all people he meets and is patient with other dogs. Jayke loves to play, and enjoys standing in his doggie pool on warm summer days! He also loves treats and likes to sit in your lap. Please consider opening your home to him this holiday season! He has waited very patiently for a home! Shana
Logan #11 Logan #11 8 mo choco male Logan is a sweet boy and gets along well with all my dogs. He is good on the lead and loves to ride in the car. He is a typical puppy though and likes to get into things. I think he would do well at one of the adoption events. Marla
Oliver #17 Oliver #17 9 yr yellow male ***SENIOR***Oliver is a low key slow moving boy who loves nothing better than to lay around and sleep. Oliver has one leg that will not bend and arthritis in his hips so he needs meds twice a day. He gets along well with all dogs and loves everyone he meets. Oliver will need to go to one of the events to find his home. Hopefully the right person will see how sweet he is and allow him to live out his life with them. Marla
Parker #23 Parker #23 5 yr black male Meet Parker #23, a super sweet 5 year old black lab weighing approximately 55 lbs. He is well-mannered, social with people and eager to please. He responds well to a strong pack leader. While Parker has had a sad start, being abandoned, we have promised him a lifetime of happiness in his forever home. Parker has not yet met other dogs or cats. He is crate-trained and housebroken. Please consider fostering this sweet boy, as boarding is no place for a gentleman! Shana
Peaches #8 Peaches #8 3 yr yellow female Peaches is a sweet heart. She LOVES to play so would love someone who can play with her. She will throw her bowl in the air using it like a toy. She rides well and gets along well with other dogs. I think she would be a big hit at one of the adoption events. Marla
Trixie #13 Trixie #13 1 yr choco female Trixie is a super sweet girl who loves her people. She has found herself back in the system as she does not get along with one of the other 3 dogs in the home. Trixie is housebroken, crate trained and knows basic commands. She has medium energy- playful, but not hyper. Deb

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