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Labs Available for Fostering, June 21, 2017

URGENT!!! Owner Surrenders or Boarding in New England
The highest priority.
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Amie #2 Amie #2 2-3 yr choco female ***TEMP FOSTER*** Amie will need a temporary foster home from June 21st to July 7th. Amie is a very sweet lab, low to medium energy level. Gets along great with other dogs, loves attention. She has a wonderful temperament. She is housetrained and crate trained. Cindy
Cooper #41 Cooper #41 7 yr yellow male Cooper would love a foster home while he awaits his forever home. He would prefer to not go into boarding. At 30 lbs. and 7 years old, Cooper is completely housebroken and crate-trained. Unfortunately his owners can no longer keep him and he would like to be the only pet in his home. If you can offer him a quiet home, please let us know! Cooper thanks you! Shana
Dixie #36 Dixie #36 10 yr yellow female Meet Dixie #36, a sweet 10 year old 75 yellow lab looking for a foster home so she does not have to stay in boarding! Dixie is completely housebroken and crate-trained. She is very trustworthy in the house and no longer requires a crate. She is quite content to lay on a dog bed! Dixie enjoys going for walks and swimming. She would prefer to be the only dog in the home. She loves her humans and needs her people to be the pack leaders and in charge. Dixie knows many basic commands. She would be a very easy foster! Please help her out- no senior should be in boarding! Shana
Duck Duck 3 yr yellow male Duck has unfortunately found himself back looking for a new home as his family have fallen on some hard times and need to re-home him. Duck is great with other dogs and kids so would do well in a home with canine and human siblings. He is housebroken, crate trained and knows some basic commands. Duck loves his exercise and really enjoys playing fetch. He is a great dog and would fit well in any home! Deb
Hunter #38 Hunter #38 11 mo yellow male This little guy is a love bug. He was surrendered due to personal reasons but is a real cutie. He is energetic and loves to play. Good with other dogs and lived with a child. Ann
Jax #9 Jax #9 3 yr choco male Jax lived with another dog in the home and is good with them along with kids in the family. He is a beautiful boy, full of life and loves to play. He is house trained and is very smart and is a fast learner. Ann
Joyce #2 Joyce #2 2 yr black female Joyce has found herself back in the system as her adopters decided they do not have time for a dog. Joyce is low maintenance and would be a good first time foster. She is good with kids, cats and other dogs. Joyce is housebroken and knows commands. She ha low/medium energy and is very calm. Deb
Lizzy #7 Lizzy #7 2 yr black female Lizzy is a happy girl that will do best as an only dog. She LOVES people and would be a great running partner. She needs someone who is a leader and can work with her to find her forever home. Marla
Shiloh #6 Shiloh #6 3 yr black male Shiloh has lived with children 5, 6 and 13 and is gentle with them. Shiloh lived with two other dogs and was good with them. He is very playful and loves to play with other dogs. Shiloh is a friendly affectionate dog with a big personality. Hs is very energetic and enjoys going for a run and lots of exercise. Ann
Labs that can be chosen to foster and arrive on the July 1, 2017 transport
Dog Name Photo Description Considerations Contact Contact email
Boudin Boudin 2 yr black male Boudin is a super sweet guy with medium energy- playful, but not hyper. He is good with other dogs and fine with kids so would do well in any home. Boudin is housebroken, crate trained and knows some commands. He is a very easy going dog and adapts to new situations easily so would be a great first time foster! Deb
Colt #7 Colt #7 2 yr black male Colt is an awesome boy! He LOVES kids so would enjoy a family with children. He is also good with other dogs so would be fine with a canine foster sibling. Colt has medium energy- likes his playtime but also know when to relax. He is housebroken, crate trained and knows some commands. He's a very easy going boy! Deb
Houdini #2 Houdini #2 5 yr yellow male Houdini is a cute and funny little guy. He gets along well with other dogs and loves to ride and go places. Houdini will need an electric fence or a wooden fence. He also could be walked to potty. I think he would do well at one of the events. Marla
Joey #24 Joey #24 5 yr black male Joey is a super sweet boy! He has had training and walks well on leash and knows some commands. Joey has medium energy- likes to play but also likes to relax wit his people. He is housebroken, crate trained, gets on well with other dogs and is good with kids. Joey is an easy dog and would be a great first time foster. Deb
Lee #8 Lee #8 2 yr choco male Lee is a great lab. He is good with everyone he meets. Lee is social, well mannered and affectionate. He plays well with the other dogs and is very friendly. He has a medium activity level. He is crate trained and house trained. Lee would love the chance for his forever family to meet him. He is good on the leash and in the car. Please consider fostering Lee. Cindy
Nabisco Nabisco 8 yr black male ***SENIOR***Nabisco is a sweet older boy who just loves being alive. He always has a smile on his face. Nabisco is around 8 years old and gets along well with my dogs. He is a big boy at 80 lbs since his favorite thing in the world is to eat. I think he would do well at one of the adoption events. Marla
Pocahontas Pocahontas 10 mo black female Pocahontas is a very sweet young girl who was dropped at the shelter because her family moved. She loves to play and gets along well with all my dogs. I think someone would fall in love with her at one of the events. Marla

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