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Labs Available for Fostering, July 30, 2014

URGENT!!! Owner Surrenders or Boarding in New England
The highest priority.
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Ariana #2 Ariana #2 8 mo yellow female Sweet Ariana is ready for a foster home and she says "pick me!" Ariana is a petite yellow lab, and does well with other dogs, children and has begun to play nicely with cats! Ariana is crate-trained and housebroken. She is a bit shy when she first meets you, but once she settles in, her cute little wiggly personality comes out! Please consider fostering her! Shana
Bowen Bowen 3 yr yellow male Bowen is very sweet and loving dog.  He is good with other dogs and older kids, merely due to his size. Ann H.
Charlie Bear Charlie Bear 4 yr yellow male Charlie is a lovely boy with a great personality. He gets along with kids, cats and other dogs. Very sweet and playful. Ann H.
Jack #39 Jack #39 9 mo black male Jack is a cutie pie - 9 mos of age and is good with kids and other dogs. He is still a pup so still full of energy. Ann H.
Jericho Jericho 5 yr yellow male VACATION FOSTER needed 7/23-8/2. Jericho gets along well with other dogs and is a very friendly boy. He is medium activity and loves people. He has been an easy foster for me. Marla
Marley #22 Marley #22 2 yr yellow female Marley is a sweet girl who loves to run and play. She would do best with a 5' fence or invisible fence. She is full of kisses for her humans and she gets along well with other dogs. Marla
Labs that can be chosen to foster and arrive on 08/09/14 transport
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Bama #5 Bama #5 5 yr yellow male Bama is wonderful. He gets along well with all my other dogs and he loves to be with people. He is good with kids too. Marla
Benny #5 Benny #5 8-10 yr black male Benny is house trained and crate trained. He is very responsive to training. He walks well on leash and sits on request. He is treat motivated and he really wants to learn. Benny loves toys!!  Jennifer
Brody #13 Brody #13 2 yr chocolate male Brody is eager for a foster home so that he can meet potential families. He is a sweet boy, playful and great with other dogs. Brody is crate-trained and housebroken. Please consider helping him out this holiday season! Shana
Grace #18 Grace #18 1 yr black female Grace gets along nicely with other dogs. She loves ice cream and Kongs with peanut butter. She loves rides in the car and going for walks. Gracie is doing really great with her house training and she needs a foster home really bad! Debbie
Lace Lace 1 yr black female Lace is an awesome girl with medium energy. She is great with other dogs and would do well with kids. Lace is playful, but not hyper. She enjoys all toys and is also a big fan of cuddles. Lace is housebroken, crate trained and knows some basic commands. Deb
Leonard #2 Leonard #2 5 yr black male Leonard is a 5 year old sweet labby boy who is a big boy at near 100 pounds. He is a active boy who loves to play, he especially likes stuffed toys to carry around wherever he goes. He loves belly rubs and long walks. Leonard will do well in a home where he gets exercise. He loves kids of all ages Debbie
Lilly Belle Lilly Belle 3 yr black female Lilly is urgent as her present foster down here in LA. has a family emergency. Lilly is in danger of being returned to the shelter soon. Also she picks and chooses her dog friends, so I did not check the "Good with other dogs" Otherwise an awesome girl and deserves to move forward in her quest for a forever home! A foster in the NE would provide that for her. She is ready to go, just say the word! Sheila
Monte Monte 1 yr choco male Monte is a wonderful boy with an excellent temperament and personality. He is fine with other dogs but is not much of a player. Monte is very smart and picks up on new routines and commands very quickly. He is housebroken, crate trained and knows some basic commands. Monte's favorite things are playing ball and swimming Deb
Nicholas #6 Nicholas #6 7 yr black male Nicholas is a sweet lab boy who is estimated to be 7 years old and approximately 55 pounds. He loves being petted, likes to play and has a moderate energy level. Nicholas loves ice cream and going for car rides. He is house trained and crate trained. He would love to be your foster and friend. Debbie
Onyx #14 Onyx #14 3 yr black female Onxy is a beautiful pure bred lab who loves the water and gets along great with other dogs. She loves people too. She can scale a fence with no hesitation so she will need an electric fence, wooden fence or walked to potty. Marla
Peso Peso 1 yr black male Sweet Peso would love a foster home so he can meet potential adopters! He is completely crate-trained and housebroken. He is sweet and lovable, and good with other dogs. Please consider helping him out! Shana
Sugar #18 Sugar #18 11 yr yellow female Sugar is as sweet as her name. She is completely housebroken and can be trusted to be left home alone. She is great with other dogs, kids and very well mannered with cats. Sugar does not require anything other than food,leisurely walks and love. She is a wonderful girl! Deb
Treyton Treyton 1 1/2 yr black male Treyton is patiently waiting for his forever home, and he'd love a foster home to help him get one step closer! At 1 1/2 years old and 60 lbs., Treyton is playful, goofy and always up for a some fun! He is crate-trained and housebroken. Shana
Puppies that can be chosen to foster and arrive on 08/09/14 transport
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Chicago #2 Chicago #2 4 mo yellow male Chicago is your typical Lab puppy- fun, happy and smart. He has started to work on housebreaking and learning some basic commands. Chicago is good with kids, other dogs and the perfect age to introduce to cats. His favorite things are snuggles and playing ball. Deb
Jules Jules 5 mo choco female Jules is a very sweet, easy going puppy. She is great with other dogs and good with kids. Jules is very gentle and has medium energy. She is crate trained and has been working on housebreaking and basic commands. Jules is an awesome pup! Deb
Mallard Mallard 4 mo black male Mallard is a sweet lab mix puppy. He loves attention. He is a typical lab puppy. He is energetic and very playful. He gets along well with other dogs. He is crate trained. Mallard would love the chance for his forever family to meet him. Cindy
Tokyo Tokyo 4 mo yellow male Tokyo is a sweetheart! He is a typical Lab pup that loves to play and be loved on. Tokyo is good with other dogs, kids and the perfect age to introduce to cats. He has started to work on housebreaking and learning basic commands. Tokyo's favorite things are toys and people. Deb

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