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Labs Available for Fostering, December 24, 2014

URGENT!!! Owner Surrenders or Boarding in New England
The highest priority.
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Cutty Cutty 4 yr black male Cutty is ready for a foster home so he does not have to go into boarding. His current family can no longer keep him. Cutty is a very well-behaved boy, housebroken and crate-trained. He loves his people and is great with children! Shana
Daisy #49 Daisy #49 7 yr black female Daisy is in need of a foster home as her owner has to surrender. Daisy is an L4R dog and her family have fallen on hard times and can no longer keep her. She is housebroken, can be trusted to be left home alone, good with other dogs, cats and kids. She is a sweetheart and just loves attention. Daisy would be a great first time foster. Deb
Duncan #10 Duncan #10 1 - 1 1/2 yr black male Duncan is a very nice boy who loves to retrieve. He's good natured and knows his basic commands. The best way to his heart is the tennis ball! Ann H.
Ferrin Ferrin 7 mo black female Sweet Ferrin, 7 months old and 45 lbs. is eager for a foster home. She is housebroken, crate-trained and a total lovebug! Ferrin is great with kids, cats and dogs. She promises to be an easy foster! Please consider helping her get one step closer to her forever home. Shana
Louie #15 Louie #15 3 1/2 yr yellow male Louis is a big boy at 95 lbs. He has a nice temperament and good personality. Ann H.
Labs that can be chosen to foster and arrive on the January 3, 2015 transport
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Bama #6 Bama #6 1 yr black male Sweet and goofy, Bama is ready for a foster home as he patiently awaits his forever home. Bama is crate-trained, housebroken and a fun-loving lab! He is fine with the other dogs he has met and great with children. Please consider helping him out! Shana
Brody #13 Brody #13 2 yr chocolate male Brody is eager for a foster home so that he can meet potential families. He is a sweet boy, playful and great with other dogs. Brody is crate-trained and housebroken. Please consider helping him out this holiday season! Shana
Indigo #3 Indigo #3 2 yr black female Indigo (or Indy as she's sometimes called) has been in a Southern foster home since July. I think she is being overlooked and would get more attention if she moved on to New England where should could meet potential adopters. Mary Linda>
Kirby #6 Kirby #6 1 yr yellow male At 50 lbs. and 1 year old, Kirby is a perfect size! He is sweet, lovable and great with everyone he meets. He loves to play with other dogs. Kirby is crate-trained and housebroken. He is eager for a foster home so he can meet all the potential families that are inquiring about him! Shana
Mindy #6 Mindy #6 6 yr yellow female Mindy is a sweet girl who loves nothing more than to eat. She is a bit overweight because of her love for food. She has not been a problem for me to foster. Marla
Oscar #13 Oscar #13 2 yr black male Oscar is the guy I can put with any new lab I get in. He has been kennelled with 3 at once and was good. He loves to run and play and would do best with exercise. His coat almost looks chocolate, but so dark he mostly looks black. Marla
Tobey Tobey 1 yr black male SUPER SMART, SWEET & UNIQUE! Tobey we believe is a Black Labrador Retriever/Great Dane cross. Tobey is a wonderful labbie boy, sweet, affectionate, attentive, and smart temperament; all great qualities of both the Labrador and the Dane. Tobey has longer legs than the average Lab, his fur is slightly shorter, ears are slightly bigger and floppy, and he wags his tail and smiles all the time. He loves all people and loves to play with other dogs, toys, go for walks on lead, and he knows the command to "sit." Tobey is crate trained and house trained. Tobey has been waiting for a forever home and he needs your help to get one step closer by moving to a foster home so he can find his family before the holidays. Can you please help Tobey? Edee
Puppies that can be chosen to foster and arrive on the January 3, 2015 transport
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Toby #31 Toby #31 6 mo choco male Toby is a sweet shy boy who loves to play with other dogs. He tries really hard to please and has been an easy boy to foster. He really needs to go to an event to find his new home. Marla

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