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The Cost of Owning a Lab
Everyone loves Labrador Retrievers (especially Lab puppies) and the companionship that they bring to our lives. However, puppies do not stay small forever and a Labs' companionship does come at a price. This member of your household has requirements and other needs such as licenses, food, training, equipment, grooming supplies, toys and medical care. There is also the time required to care for, raise and play with your Lab. No dog of any breed will thrive in isolation.

Adoption of Labs from Labs4rescue is our mission. But it is equally important that anyone adopting a dog from Labs4rescue be fully aware of the annual and incidental costs of owning a Lab. Below are examples of some average costs you are likely to incur while raising your Labrador retriever.

License Required cost is more for intact dogs.
All dogs adopted from Labs4rescue are altered.
$5 - 20
Control Collar, leash and ID tag $20 - 50
Food (estimated annual) Good quality food that has less fillers (for 50 lbs. dog) $325 - 750
Grooming Brush and nail clippers or professional grooming $35 - 250
Toys, etc. Toys, chew toys and treats $100 - $300
Furniture Kennel or dog bed $50 - 200
Training Obedience school $75 - 300
Veterinarian Care Spay or Neuter Healthier pet and avoid adding to the surplus of dogs.
Included in all adoptions from Labs4rescue.
$50 - 225
Shots (annual) Rabies vaccine is required by state law.
Distemper, bortadella, parvo, and Lyme disease vaccines are recommended (consult your veterinarian).
$50 - 175
Booster shots
(younger than 4 months)
Puppies are very prone to infections as they lose the immunity they received from their mothers. $175 - 250
Office visits Accidents, infections, general health problems, plus annual visit $100 - 225
Medication and treatment Labs4rescue requires all adopters to provide monthly Heartworm preventative. $75 - 1,500
Minimum Annual Cost $1,060
As you can see, there is a wide range of costs. Puppies will require a greater investment of time and money than mature dogs. Of course, there will be additional costs if your Lab becomes ill. Most veterinarians' offices have information about pet health insurance, which can greatly reduce your costs if your Lab has health problems. Some Pet Health Insurance Companies include: VPI Pet Insurance and 24PetWatch Pet Insurance.

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