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Top Ten Reasons to Adopt a Black Lab:

10. They are so easy to find in a snowstorm!
9. If you like to wear jeans a lot, black fur doesn't really show up as much as yellow!
8. Black and white photography is so much fun!
7. Their coats are so shiny and their teeth look whiter on a black background!
6. You and your new black lab will make a great fashion statement, as all the new hot collars look great on a black background!
5. You never know if they've been rolling in mud!
4. Makes a game of hide and seek in the dark, oh so challenging!
3. More likely to scare off a bad guy, before they lick the intruder to death!
2. You look so chic and accessorize so easily with a black lab. They match that little black dress or black pants that go with everything!
1. Walking a black lab makes you look 10 lbs thinner!

On a serious note, black Labs are the last adopted and are the first to be put to sleep...based on coat color alone. Please help change this. At Labs4rescue we say "Save a BLACK Lab, have a friend for life!"

For more information on "Black Dog Syndrome" please see The Black Pearls of the Dog World.

MSNBC article: Black pups face doggie discrimination.

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